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Virginia United States #211 Highway Guide

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Route 211 Begins in Warrenton, Virginia
Rt. 211 originates at the intersection of Rt. 15, Rt. 29 and Rt. 211 in the historic and scenic town of Warrenton, Virginia. Take the Rt211 Business spur that winds its way through the historic center of Town for antiques and a sense of the old town. Stay straight ahead on the combined 15/28/211 if you want to move through quickly. It takes a little attention to get on 211 West...just keep an eye out for the Burger King on the right, then take the next right and you'll be on Rt. 211 West.
The Rt. 211 West Exit
From the start point, Rt 211, Rt 29 and Rt 15 all cover the same road. Just after you pass the Burger King, you'll see signs for Rt. 211 WEST and Luray. Take the exit and you are on your way.
Historical Marker
Rt. 211 and the entire area were prime Civil War maneuver areas. Union and Confederate troops rushed through here for the 1st and 2nd Battles of Manassas, as well as for the Shenandoah Campaigne. There are many historical markers along Rt 211 highlighting many of those maneuvers, as well as historical farms, homes and plantations that once dotted the countryside. Most of them are gone now, but the markers remind us of what was and when.
Historical Marker

Unicorn Winery -- Winetasting along the way
Just about 8 miles WEST of Warrenton you'll see a distinctive sign featuring a cluster of grapes. These signs indicate a nearby winery and will be accompanied by the name of the winery or followed shortly thereafter by another sign naming and pointing the way to the winery. Here, the sign is for the Unicory Winery, which is located 1.2 miles off Rt 211 on Rt. 622. The tasting room is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as most federal holidays.
Historical Marker

Amissville, VA
Keep an eye about the 13 mile mark for the Gray Ghost Winery. Tastings are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and most federal holidays. Check out their calendar of events on their web site
Historical Marker

Historical Marker

Scenic Countryside
This picture highlights just some of the scenic vistas you'll encounter as you continue along this Gateway to the Historic Senanandoah Valley.
Transitioning from the plains to the hills
As you can see, this section of Rt. 211 is beautiful. Imagine what it will look like come the fall color season.
Access to The Blue Rock Inn
Rt 522 intersects Rt 211 at this point. The Blue Rock Inn, located 9 miles North on Rt 522. The Blue Rock Inn, is a restaurant and pub, they also have wedding facilities.
Rappahonnak, VA. County Library
Quite an impressive edifice and a good reference source if you've got to look it up right now!
Historical marker
Stop and read about this small town first surveyed for Lord Fairfax by a 17-year-young George Washington in the 1700s, then keep an eye out for the 'business' spur of Rt. 211 that leads to this quaint village. Who'd have thought it would become world reknown as the home of the Inn at Little Washington? Yet, it's folks fly in from all over the world to sample the gourmet fare and 5 star hospitality of this once plain Jane auto repair shop!
Historical Marker on 211 EAST
Learn the story of the great plantation that survived the war but succumbed to fire...only to live again when its famed boxwoods were moved to the gardens of the National Cathederal during the 1920s!
The Blue Rock Inn
The Inn was recently bought by the owners of the Oasis Winery who have added a polo field and are hosting matches for the public. Word has it that the service and fare at their restaurant becomes more noteworthy all the time.
Sperryville, Virginia Antique Mall
You'll see the billboard advertising the mall as you approach Sperryville, but it is easy to miss the left turn onto Rt. 1003 to get there. It is not marked very well...then you may wonder how far you have to drive down the lane. Don't lose heart. It is only about a mile and they do have some good pieces from time to time.
So that is where Faith Mountain is
If you've received the mail order catalogue and wondered where the Faith Mountain company resides, you'll get you answer here. It started more on faith than anything else, built on sheer determination and serves its customers from here every day. The parking lot also provides access to other businesses in the same complex.
Sperryville, VA. Historical marker and places to eat
Turn left onto Rt 1001 and after 100 yards or so you'll find the marker recounting the early years of Sperryville, VA. You'll also find several places to get a sandwich or other refreshments.
Artist Studios
Keep an eye out for the suspension bridge that leads to the Glassworks Gallery. Sperryville, Virginia is a growing community of long-time residents and new-comers working together to keep the town growing with new experiences and ideas, while remaining a quiet break from city life as well.
Slow down for Cooter's and the General Lee
Yep, that's right...Cooter from the Dukes of Hazard has brought the General Lee to stay in Sperryville, VA. Ben may be off running for congress or helping with a fundraiser for some cause when you visit, but the General Lee is usually out and you're welcome to get pictures anytime. He also frequently hosts Bluegrass music on weekends and holidays and always has some sort of food or snack available. If the General Lee is not you cuppa tea, try the flea market just a bit up the road.
Enter the Shenandoah, Virginia National Park
The series of curves leading out of Sperryville, VA. lets you know that you are entering the mountains and the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Slow traffic keep right on the way up, and pump, don't ride, the breaks on the way down. The tree canopy closes in, the road gets steep and deer and bear are not uncommon...especially at night. Thornton Gap and the entrance to Skyline Drive are only 4 miles ahead and there is more than you'll be able to see in a month of Sundays. When the leaves start changing in October, traffic is heaviest on Friday through Monday. Plan accordingly or stay off the horn...please!
Thornton Gap, Virginia -- Enter/Exit Skyline Drive
Thornton, Virginia was a big cheese in early Sperryville days. Nowdays his namesake provides the nexus to enter or exit Skyline Drive and the watershed marking the down-hill descent into the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.
Overlooking Rt 211 from Skyline Drive
These two pictures look down from Skyline Drive which crosses Rt. 211 at Thornton Gap -- one looking East towards Washington and the other look West toward West Virginia. They were taken on a briliantly clear August morning. The humidity was low and you could see 50 miles in in any direction. If I'd had a good pair of binoculars, I'd probably have been able to see the Washington Monument...well, it was a clear day, I'm telling you!
Exit Shenandoah, Virginia National Park
This milestone marks the official boundry of the park on Rt. 211. In fact, the park meanders up and down hollows and encircles a good bit of the area for another couple of miles.
Shenandoah, Virginia National Park Headquarters
Here is a good place to stop for maps, guides, information and so on about the park.
Jellystone Park/Recreational Center
Here is a KOA affiliate for those hauling their house on their backs or pulling it along behind. Great kids activities and access to the Park.
Rt. 211 Business Spur into the Town of Luray, Virginia
The 4-lane section of Rt. 211 was built to reduce long lines of traffic that historically marked the access route for those wanting to visit Luray Caverns, Virginia. Today the Town is trying to recovery its former vigor with a streamside greenway park, Main Street revitalization, and economic development committee. You'll find a friendly welcome, food places to eat and a good country casual flow of life in the down-town area.
Intersection with Rt. 340 Business North and South
Exit South for the Towns of Luray and Stanley, or North the Guest Shenandoah River, Virginia State Park or Town of Front Royal, Virginia.
The World Famous Luray Caverns
Discovered in the 1880s, Luray Caverns is one of the most widely known caverns in the eastern United States. Open year round the guided tour takes about one hour. The temperature inside the caverns is 55F, so shoes and socks and a sweater will be much appreciated by those who feel a chill when the wind changes or temps drop below 80!
Rt. 211 Business Spur through Town of Luray Rejoins Rt 211
If you are coming in from the West, Rt. 211 Business into the Town of Luray is directly across from the enterance to Luray Caverns. Lodging, good food and a casual country approach to life invite you stop and stay a while. Plan ahead and try one of our fine Bed and Breakfasts!
Historical Marker
The marker recounts the efforts of Confederate forces to disassemble the White House Bridge before Union forces arrived in yet another of the many maneuvers during the Civil War. It also points out where the White House is.
The Massanutten Monument
You'll have to drive past the monument then turn back on the grass/gravel road to get a closer look. It was erected by discendants of those who settled the area and suffered the hardships of settling disputed territory in the early times of America.
George Washington , Virginia National Forest Visitors Center
Spread out North and South of the Visitors' Center are hiking and driving trails through the norther section of this huge National Forest. Pick up maps and hiking pointers, learn the rules of the road and plan your exploration before you start. Helpful staff, bathrooms and parking for day-trip hikers.
Town of New Market, Virginia
The Town and adjoining New Market Battlefield State Park share so much history it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Rt 211 turns onto Rt 11 and then off again quickly, so watch the signs and the traffic. The annual battle reinactment around Mother's Day each spring pull visitors in from far and wide. It is a big event and prime time for collectors and reinactors looking for items to fill out their kitbags.
New Market Battlefield, Virginia State Park
The Visitors' center provides a great place to start before venturing out on tour of the fields themselves. You'll hear all about the controversy of who did or did not participate, but you'll leave impressed once again by the great struggle this nation experienced and the trials forces on both sides faced throughout the war. The museum is well worth the price of admission and will keep any militaria buff enthralled for an two or three or more? hours!
Town of Timberville, Virginia

Rt. 211 Ends in Timberville, Virginia at Intersection with Rt. 42
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