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Washington State #4 Highway Guide

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Junction of WA SR 4 at Interstate-5, Exit #39 in Kelso, WA
State Route 4 (SR 4) from Longview to Cathlamet, WA is part of the Lewis & Clark Trail Scenic Highway. As it winds along the Columbia River, it is among the most beautiful drives in the country.
Kelso-Longview Tourist Information Center
The Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce and Mt. St. Helens Tourist Information Center is located at the north-east corner of the junction of I-5 and SR 4 (105 Minor Road). Stop by to learn anything you'd ever want to know about things to see in the beautiful area.
Three Rivers Mall
The Three Rivers Mall is at the south-west corner of the junction of I-5 and SR 4. It has a movie theatre, along with Bon Marche, J.C. Penney, and Sears as its anchor stores.
Cowlitz County Historical Museum
Covers the history of Southwest Washington. See a log cabin build in 1884, a 1925 Model T truck, and lots of other great exhibits.
The Kelso Train Station
Turn south on Pacific Avenue (just before the bridge), go 1/2 mile on Pacific Avenue, and then turn west on Ash. Kelso Station, formerly known as the Kelso Burlington Northern Train Depot, underwent an extensive renovation in 1994. The photo is of a bronze sculpture displayed inside the station.
Kelso Bridge Farmer's Market
Sundays, May through September. A large variety of vendors, plus entertainment. Located under the Allen Street Bridge. Instead of following the signs to SR 4, just stay on Allen Street and there will be signs to the Market.
The Bridge on Cowlitz Way
As you travel west on SR 4, follow the signs for SR 4. From Allen Street, you'll turn right on 4th, then left onto Cowlitz Way, which then takes you on the bridge over the Cowlitz River. After going over the bridge, stay to the right, and follow the signs to SR 4/Long Beach. You'll end up on Ocean Beach Hwy, which is also SR 4.
Longview's Civic Center Area
Turn south on 15th Avenue (SR 433) and go .3 mile and turn southwest on to Washington Way. This is the Civic Center. Popular places to visit include the Hotel Monticello, the Library and its Rose Garden, and Nutty Narrows Bridge - a tiny bridge over Olympia Way for squirrels (see the photo)!
Downtown Longview
Turn south on 15th Avenue (SR 433) and go .4 mile and turn east on to Broadway. Go 2 more blocks to Commerce. This is Downtown Longview. Popular attractions along Commerce Street include Merk's History room, the 'Big Benjamin,' the world's largest steam whistle, the Long-Bell Factory Bell, the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts, art galleries, antiques, and charming eateries.
Farmer's Market, Downtown Longview
Wednesday afternoons, June - August at the corner of Broadway and Commerce.
Lower Columbia College, Downtown Longview
Turn south on 15th Avenue (SR 433) and go 2 blocks - LCC is on the west side of 15th Ave. Go 2 more blocks to Commerce. Founded in 1934, LCC is one of the state's first community colleges. The beautiful campus has grown over the years to 25 buildings on 35 acres, including the Center Stage Theatre.
Lake Sacajawea, Longview
Bordered by Kessler Blvd on the east and Nichols Blvd. on the west. Lake Sacajawea, a 60 acre lake within a 60 acre park - located in a residential area. This park is a jewel, with 3.5 miles of hiking and biking trails, a Japanese garden, 1000's of trees, many gardens, picknic areas, and playgrounds. Take time to enjoy this park!
Fred Meyer Shopping Mall
Located on the north side of SR 4 at 32nd Avenue. Other local stores, services, and fast food restaurants are in this area.
Walmart Shopping Area
Located on the south side of SR 4 at 38th Avenue. Other local stores and services are in this area, also.
Hanley's Summer Produce Market
Located on the south side of SR 4 at 42nd Street. Hanley's is a seasonal produce stand, from about May through October. They carry fresh produce from local farmers in Washington and Oregon.
Coal Creek Road - Turning North
(SR 4, Mile Marker 55.2) Coal Creek Road is considered the western border of Longview. Turn north on Coal Creek Road for a fun drive through a rural, forested area. Homes on the this road border the creek and many are picturesque, hobby farms on 2-5 acres.
Coal Creek Road - Turning South
Turning south on Coal Creek Road leads you to the Willow Grove area of Longview. This is a diked island that you can drive all the way around in about 15 - 20 minutes. On the north side of the island are large, working farms. The south side faces the Columbia River, with beautiful summer and year-round homes.
Stella Historical Museum
(SR 4, Mile Marker 50.3) The Stella Museum tells the story of this area, when there were no roads -- just a river for transporting people and the huge logs from the local forests. Back then, before the dams or highways were built, small towns hugged the shores and were connected by the river. Many of those towns are gone now - but this museum gives you a glimpse into what life was like in those early days. Look across the highway - the mightly Columbia River shipping channel is on the south side of the road.
Germany Creek Road
(SR 4, Mile Marker 50.2) Turn north on Germany Creek Road to drive up the hill into another beautiful rural area. The road winds up and around and you can catch glimpses of the Columbia River from a higher vantage point. Down at the road is a parking area where you can stop and enjoy the scenery. Traveling west, SR 4 follows the path of the last few weeks of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Although the dams have tamed the river, much of the scenery and vegetation is similar today, since this region is still unpopulated and undeveloped. Watch for deer, eagles, osprey, and all sorts of wildlife!
Abernathy Creek Road
(SR 4, Mile Marker 48.5) Another place to stop and take a look at the river. Also, take time to visit the Abernathy Fish Technology Center, about 3 miles up Abernathy Creek Road.
Mill Creek Road
(SR 4, Mile Marker 47.7) Along this stretch, the highway hugs the river and there are lots of different places to stop and enjoy the view. This stretch is also a popular fishing spot - both along the shore as well as in a boat in the river. Don't forget to watch for the big ships as they travel up and down the Columbia shipping channel. If you look east, you may catch a glimpse of Mt. St. Helens on a clear day (like in the photo).
County Line Park
(SR 4, Mile Marker 45.5) This park is located where Wahkiakum County and Cowlitz County meet on SR 4. The park is built on the shores of the Columbia River and offers day use, RV camping, and tent camping. When you camp here, you are overlooking the Columbia River shipping channel - a unique setting. One of the most beautiful places to camp in the country. As you travel west, you'll be entering Wahkiakum County - one of the smallest counties in Washington state, with only about 4,000 people living here.
Little Cape Horn
(SR 4, Mile Marker 41.3) As you travel along SR 4 west from County Line Park to Little Cape Horn, don't forget to look on the other side of the river at the steep hillsides and basalt cliffs. In the spring, lots of beautiful wildflowers cling to these hillsides. Little Cape Horn is one area that is very popular with wind surfers. Look for them when the wind is going strong -- typically on summer afternoons.
View of the Puget Island Bridge
(SR 4, Mile Marker 39.5) Traveling west on SR 4, the Puget Island Bridge comes into view as you turn a corner (SR 409 connecting Cathlamet to Puget Island). You are almost to the town of Cathlamet. Watch for deer and elk grazing on the side of the road - especially on the hillsides along this stretch of highway.
Nassa Point
(SR 4, Mile Marker 39.4) There's a small motel here, across the road from another river area popular with wind surfers. There's a place to stop and enjoy the river scene once again.
Cathlamet - Eastern City Limits
The eastern border of Cathlamet is at SR 4 Mile Marker 36.8, where Boege Road intersects on the north side of the road. There's a group of local stores here, with two gas stations, a hamburger stand, a private RV park, and a video rental store. Cathlamet and Skamokawa(20 minutes west) are towns with lots of history. Lewis & Clark came through here in the winter of 1805. There are several sites that are marked with interpretive signs in the area. The town was established in 1846 as a trading post. Early pioneer industries were logging and fishing, and later dairies.
Skyline Golf Course
(SR 4, Mile Marker 36.8) There's a private golf course in Cathlamet - open to the public. Turn north on Boege road, go .2 miles and then turn right on Clover Street. Go about 1/4 mile to the end of Clover Street and you're at the Golf Course.
Junction of SR 4 and SR 409 in Cathlamet, WA
(SR 4, Mile Marker 35.6) State Route 4 (SR 4) from Cathlamet to Longview, WA is part of the Lewis & Clark Trail Scenic Hwy. As it winds along the Columbia River, it is among the most beautiful drives in the country. On a clear day, as you travel east toward Longview, you'll get lots of glimpses of Mt. St. Helens in the distance, along with the big ships traveling up and down the river.