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Kansas State #177 Highway Guide

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1017 ft.
Junction at State Highway 18
The junction at state highway 18 has a rest area on both sides. Battery Park is at the left side of Pillsbury Drive. Limited service.
991 ft.
Kansas River Bridge
Bridge over Kansas River.
1047 ft.
Junction at State Highway 18
State Highway 18 or Zeandale Rd. will take you to St. George Community,KS. Limited service.
1371 ft.
Konza Prairie Natural Area
Konza Prairie is south of Manhattan,KS. Travel 6.3 miles south of K-177 on McDowell Creek Road along the east side of the Kansas River. Hiking,scenic views, birdwatching. Camping is not allowed. Call (785) 587-0441.
1427 ft.
Junction at I70
I70 to the east side of the junction will take you across several rest areas along the way until you reach Freedom Park- this is the site of the Atomic Canon. Alongside the park is Marshal Airfield on Ray Rd. Junction City is near the park. To the right side of the junction still on I70 are several rest areas and continues to McFarland Community.
1496 ft.
Alta Vista, KS.
Community of Alta Vista. Limited service.
1486 ft.
Junction at State Highway 4
Continuing along State highway 4 will lead you to the community of Dwight,KS. Limited service.
1312 ft.
Junction at Vista del Lago, KS.
Richey Cove North Recreation Area, KS located at the junction of Vista del Lago and US Route 177. Campground, 42 campsites. For more information about this area, please call 620-767-5195.
1309 ft.
Richey Cove South Recreation Area
Richey Cove South is the southern part of the park, camping is allowed in this area while you go fishing at Council Grove Lake.
1322 ft.
Neosho Park. KS.
Take this small road at the junction of Highway 177 that connects with Lake Rd. where Neosho Park is located- camping, boat ramps, picnicing and fishing at the Council Grove Lake. Continuing on Lake Rd. there is another small road that leads to Canning Creek Cove- camping and fishing on Council Grove Lake, boating and swimming.
1234 ft.
Council Grove, Kansas
Council Grove Community in Kansas is a historic place with 24 carefully preserved historical sites. Nearby recreational parks is a haven for tourists. Washunga Days is a yearly festival that falls on June and attracts tourists everywhere.Call 800-732-9211 for information.
1240 ft.
Tall Grass Praire Reserve
Tall Grass Prairie is located at the scenic byway 177 (K-177) west of Strong City. Watch for brown attraction signs.There is no charge to visit Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve or attend any of their many programs and activities. No camping availalbe in the preserve. The closest campground is located in Cottonwood Falls at Bates Grove Park and Swope Park, 5 miles south on K177.
1220 ft.
Junction at State Highway 27
State Highway 27 willl take to Strong City and Flint Hills Rodeo Grounds. Enjoy watching rodeo, dancing or strolling through vendor booths in the historic Flint Hills Rodeo Grounds. Call (620) 273-6480.
1184 ft.
Cottonwood Falls, KS.
Cottonwood falls has parks and recreation area including Bates Grove and Swope Park.Bates Grove offers camping. There are historical sites to visit libraries and museum. Shopping malls in the business districts are open to serve you.
1198 ft.
Swope Park, KS.
The park has two golf courses, the Lakeside Nature Center, extensive sporting areas, horseback-riding trails, picnic and fishing areas and a day camp for kids. Hiking enthusiasts can venture along the hill south of the Lake of the Woods for a scenic hiking adventure.
1220 ft.
Junction at 8th St. Kansas
Chase County Airport at the junction of 8th St and US Route 177. Limited service.
1345 ft.
Matfield Green, KS.
Matfield Green,is a unique community but once a railhead for shipping cattle from the Flint Hills.There's only one commercial establishment left in Matfield a cowboy bar/cafe, but many of the area's residents are entrepreneurs, sustaining their lives through ranching, farming, art, and other endeavors. There are no schools and there is only one church.Juxtaposed against this is a mystique that brings visitors and new residents to settle in the quiet beauty of the prairie landscape.
1453 ft.
Junction at 1st St. Road, KS
Fox lake is located at the junction of US Route 177 and 1st St. Road. The lake is good for fishing. Limited service
1470 ft.
Cassoday, KS..
Cassoday is a place where travelers can stop and get the services they need while enjoying a more relaxed pace and a chance to rest before proceeding on their travels. Cassody is a popular spot for touring bicyclists to stop and camp in the city park or, if it's raining, take shelter in the church. On the first Sunday from March through November, motorcycles of any and all brands and their riders gather for the Cassoday Bike Run downtown for breakfast and to visit.
1378 ft.
El Dorado State Par, KS.
El Dorado State Park can be accessed through the junction 0f Bluestem Point Rd. and US 177 or US 177 and NE 20th St. Activities are camping,biking, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding and picnicking. Shower and restroom and laundry areas are available. Call(316) 321-7180.
1345 ft.
El Dorado Reservoir Bridge
Bridge over El Dorado Reservoir.
1385 ft.
Highway 177 Exit
Terminus of US Highway 177 at Highway 54.