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    Nova Scotia #358 Highway Guide

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    Farmland to Enchanted Bay
    Highway 358 is one the most interesting roads that you can travel in Nova Scotia. Starting in the farmlands of the Annapolis Valley, through historic towns, climbing to the Lookoff perched on the North Mountain, and then on to the enchanted Scotts Bay, NS and Cape split, NS overlooking the Bay of Fundy. A wonderfull piece of highway!
    Intersection of Highway #1 and start of #358

    Cornwallis River and Port William
    The Tides of the Bay of Fundy and the Minas Basin are legendary. At high tide at this location the Cornwallis River looks like any other river. 6 hours later the river is virtually empty. Always amazing.
    intersection of highway 341
    A short diversion down highway 341 will bring yout to a location where you can watch Eagles at the right time of year (usually winter). At Sheffield Mills, NS Eagle feedings have turned into an annual event, attracting thousands of people in a single 'Eagle Watch Weekend'. During these feedings, it is not unusual to see 40 eagles sitting in a single tree.
    Town of Canning, NS
    Very pretty little town with lots of historic houses and large mature trees. Several nice B&B's. Canning, NS; was originally settled by Acadians who were expelled in 1755 during the Acadian Expulsion. Canningn NS; was once a major shipbuilding centre.
    Base of the North Mountain
    From this point we start the climb up the North Mountain and to the spectacular Look off.
    The Look off
    You will want to spend some time here, high above the Annapolis Valley. Spectacular view of the valley and the Minas basin A popular location for a Sunday afternoon drive. Buy and ice cream cone and enjoy the summer breezes and the great view.
    intersection - gravel road to Blomidon Provincial Park
    If you want to drive 'through' the North Mountain geology, take a 10 miniute diversion down this gravel road and back. The outcrops that line this road are 200 milion year old volcanic basalt. Blomidon Provincial Park offers a 70-site campground with two picnic areas, an unsupervised beach near the park entrance, and hiking trails. A group campsite, with kitchen shelter and fire grills. Blomidon Provincial Park Hiking/Walking Trails: Jodrey Trail - The 6 km (3.7 mi.) long trail skirts 183 m (600-ft.) sea cliffs with numerous viewing stations overlooking the Minas Basin. - Look-off Trail - The 1.6 km (1 mi.) long trail offers views of the Minas Basin and Five Islands Provincial Park - The Woodland Trail winds 3.2 km (1.9 mi.) through forest habitats - The Borden Brook Trail - 3.5 km (2.2 mi.), the trail skirts a series of waterfalls.
    Great view of Scots Bay, NS and Cape Split, NS in the distance
    A view of the Bay of Fundy, NS (when not foggy) and a different world from the Annapolis Valley, NS.
    Scotts Bay, NS
    Small village of Scotts Bay
    intersection - road to beach
    Take a short drive down to the beach in Scotts Bay. Look down the Bay of Fundy. An enchanting bay of water, well known for whale watching, amazing tides, fog, and wildlife.
    coninue on to the Cape Split hiking trail. turn left and follow the signs tha say Cape Split.
    fishing boat warf
    Great photo location. Small government warf with fishing boats show very clearly the difference in the high and low tides of the Bay of Fundy.
    Cape Split Trail, NS
    The end or start of the highway. The parking lot for the Cape Split hiking trail. If you have a few (3) hours, you MUST hike to the end of this trail. It is an easy trail to walk, a bit up hill, but well worth it. The breath-taking views from the top of Cape Split overlooking the Bay of Fundy make this amoung the top 10 places to go in Nova Scotia, without a doubt. Take a lunch or a book, and lie down in the field at the end of the trail. The tides roar past the Split while the seabirds sing and fish. Enchanting! -e