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Maine State #3 Highway Guide

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City of Ellsworth, Maine. - Junction of U.S. Highway #1
Maine Route #3 is called the The Maine, Acadia Byway. which accesses Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, ME. on Mount Desert Island, ME. For additional information see attached link.
City of Ellsworth, Maine.
Junction of U.S. highway #1 & #1A. North east access to communities of West Sullivan, ME. - Sullivan, ME. Ashville, ME. South west access to communities of East Orland, ME. - Bucksport, ME. For Highway travel north or south via U.S. Highway #1 - See Road Map Highway Travel Guide U.S. Highway #1 - Lincolnville, ME. to Calais, ME - Historic Route #1 for driving directions

City of Ellsworth, Maine.
Juction of Highway U.S. Highway #1 & 1A - To the east, on the corner, is the Roman Catholic Church. Next door are two old houses with unusual double hung windows. These windows go from floor to ceiling and can be opened at three levels.
City of Ellsworth, Maine - View from highway
This older house is equipped with double hung windows that open onto the front porch.
View from highway

City of Ellsworth, Maine
The road goes through Ellsworths shopping district past the LL Bean store and Renys (an overstock store with quality goods for reduced prices).
North access to U.S. Highway #1 - Photo View from highway
(third set of traffic lights ) Rte 1 bears east and continues on for about 130 miles to the Canadian border at St Stephens New Brunswick. - Rte 3 continues straight ahead going past more shopping malls. Mardens, another overstock store, is in the last mall on the right. Continue on up a hill.
View from highway
Near the top of the hill on the west is a bird sanctuary, Bird's Acre that is open to the public.
Photo - Bird's Acre Sanctuary

Community of Trenton, Maine
The town line between Ellsworth and Trenton. Trenton, Maine is a bedroom community for both Bar Harbor, ME. and Ellsworth, ME. It is located on the waterfront mostly on Western Bay and the Union River, ME.
Junction of Rte # 204
Access to Lamoine, Maine State Park . This is a waterfront camping, picnic and beach area open to public. There is a minimal daily charge to enter. Lamoine, Maine State Park Campground: Facilities; 61 site campground; boat launching ramp; saltwater fishing pier; children's playground, hot showers, flush toilets.
View from highway - Looking at Mt Desert Island
First view of mountains of Mt. Desert Island.
-Hancock, Maine County Airport
Also known as Bar Harbor Airport, this facility has regularly scheduled flights from Boston about four times a day. It also serves many private and corporate aircraft. There are scenic flights and glider rides available.
Intersection of Rte 3 and Rte 230
West side of highway. Rte #230 serves the costal homes and follows the river back to Ellsworth, Maine.
Bar Harbor, Maine. - Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.

Thompsons land Visitor Center
Serving all the island communities.
Thompson Island, Maine - picnic area
North side of highway. Thompson Island picnic area is part of Acadia National Park, Maine and open to the public.
Junction of Rte #102
Traffic light at the head of Mt Desert Island. This is the area that the locals refer to as up island. Rte 3 continues toward the east; Rte 102 begins here and goes to Southwest Harbor, ME. and other towns on the western side of Mt Desert Island, ME. The gas station/store at the junction of these routes is called Parkadia. There is a waterfront campground at the north side of highway called Barcadia.
Knox Road
Access to Town Hill, ME. - Somesville, ME.
Point of Interest - Photo King's Creek - East view
Rte 3 crosses Kings Creek a picturesque tidal creek which is the watershed for the interior of Mt Desert Island, ME. It is a popular place to put in a canoe and quietly paddle through cattails and marshes with wild cranberries and lots of birds. The brightly colored farmhouse beside the creek is the last remaining identifiable house that was part of Alexander Hamiltons grandsons large experimental farm which he called Thirlstane Ranch. The properties were scattered throughout the island and on the mainland and were all painted red, gold and blue to identify them. His own estate was atop Hamilton Hill in Bar Harbor, MA. village, and was destroyed in the Bar Harbor forest fire in 1947.
King's Creek West view

Point of Interest - Photo Thirlstane Ranch house.

Hadleys Point Beach Road.
At Hadley Point, ME. there is a gravelly beach which is good, but cold swimming at high tide. At low tide, it is all clam flats. Clamming requires a license from the town. There is a public area for picnicking and cooking outdoors maintained by the town of Bar Harbor, ME.
Point of Interest
On the east are the remains of Hamilton Station, another part of Thurlstane Ranch used for experimental breeding of various farm animals. It is now privately owned.
Intersection of the main road to Salisbury Cove,
One of the shorefront villages on the town of Bar Harbor, ME. This is the location for the Mt Desert Island Biological research Laboratory famous for the work done on kidney function. This road loops to the shore and back to Rte 3.
Point of Information
On the west side of the highway is Hamiltons Pond. Mr. William Pierpont Hamilton, grandson of Alexander Hamilton, built the dam and created the pond as part of his Thirlstane Ranch property.
Norway Drive
Norway Drive a local road to Town Hill, ME. another village of Bar Harbor, ME. on route #102.
Intersection of Sand Point Road
Sand Point Road loops near the shore and returns to Rte #3 at mile 15.5
Entering the village of Hulls Cove, Maine

Point of Interest
Episcopal Church on the east famous for its church fair during the third weekend of July each year.

Episcopal Church at Hulls Cove
Point of Interest - Old Schoolhouse, Hulls Cove
The old schoolhouse, now restored and used as a community center and dance hall.
Point of Information
Grand view of Frenchman Bay, ME. and Hulls Cove, ME.
Intersection of Rte #3 and the Crooked Road - View of Hulls Cove and Frenchman Bay
The Crooked road was supposedly built with no straight runs so that you would always be looking at the woods and the views and not the road itself. Cherished by local residents, there was disappointment when the State straightened some of it. You can still see where they cut off the famous curves.
Access to Acadia National Park, Maine
This lane will take you to the main entrance of Acadia National Park. There is a Visitor Center at this entrance and you can enter the Loop Road scenic drive from this point. There are many other entrances to the loop road farther along on Rte 3. This 27 mile scenic drive loops from Hulls Cove through the Park, along the ocean and back to Hulls Cove, ME. with several access points along the way. There is a $20.00 toll fee (2006) which is good for a week. Those with Golden Age passes go free. This is a world class scenic drive and should a part of every visitors experience in Acadia.
Point of Interest
The Bluffs is the local name for this magnificent section of Rte 3. The view is ever changing and always spectacular. The close islands are called the Porcupines the Indian legend is that a giant was angry and threw the porcupines into the bay where they still look like porcupines, but are now islands. There is a great glacial boulder, called balanced rock, on the waterfront. The giant supposedly threw this after the porcupines, but missed.
Point of Interest
To the west- look at the beautiful three arch bridge made entirely of local pink granite stones. This crosses Duck Brook which begins at Eagle Lake, and is a major watershed for much of the eastern part of Acadia National Park. The scenic Loop Road crosses over the bridge. This bridge was built by Rockefeller in 1948 after a disastrous fire destroyed 1/3 of Acadias forests and 200 structures in the village of Bar Harbor. He took advantage of the destruction to finish the Loop Road and bring it to Hulls Cove (which you just passed through).
East access to the Ferry Terminal for the Cat
The Cat, is the high speed ferry to Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada. It covers the 93-mile ocean distance in about 2? hours. of course time is needed; to load the boat, unload it, and go through Customs each way so the real time is nearer 4 to 5 hours.
Bar Harbor village, Maine - West Street
Bar Harbor village, is an official Historic District section of town which leads to the town pier and the beginning of the historic Shore Path a 1 mile walk along the shore (past Balanced Rock) to lower Main Street. There are three exit paths along the way that take you up to Maine Street.
Bar Harbor village, Maine - Cottage Street
one of the local business streets.
Junction of Rte #233
Rte 233 which cuts westerly across the Island, through some of Acadia Park. It goes past the Golf Course, under another pink granite bridge, past Eagle Lake, the Mt Desert Island High School, and intersects with Rte 198. Turn east onto Mt Desert Street (still Rte 3). This is part of Bar Harbors Historic Corridor and is lined with former summer estates (from the 1800s); these estates (which were commonly called summer cottages) have survived the 47 fire and are now used as bed and breakfast inns.
Intersection with Holland Avenue
Holland Avenue (which cuts across the village to West Street)
Mira Monte Inn
North side of Mt Desert St Mira Monte Inn, a former summer cottage now a popular inn with two acres of award winning gardens.
Point of Information
19.8 to 20.1 The Roman Catholic Church is at Ledgelawn Avenue and Mt Desert St; in the next block is the Episcopal Church, (full of historic windows), YWCA, the Library, The Congregational Church, and the Abbe Museum of Indian Culture. The Village Green is located at the junction of Rte 3 (Mt. Desert St) and Main Street. Turn south on Main Street.
Mt Desert Island Hospital
On the marked street to the east. It has a very good emergency medical center.
The Athletic Field
Continue past the Athletic field on lower Main Street .8 mile to the junction of Rte 3 and Schooner Head Road. Schooner Head Road follows the shore and ends at the Scenic Overlook over Schooner Head, MA.
Junction of Schooner Head Rd
Bear southwest on Rte 3 past the Jackson Memorial Cancer Research Laboratory. This world famous research lab offers visitor hours in the summer. Note the stunning view of Dorr Mountain, elevation 1270 (west) and Huguenot Head (731)and Champain Mt (1058) (east) as the road winds through the pass between them.
Access to Sieur de Monts Spring Nature Center in Acadia Park
Sieur de Monts Spring Nature Center in Acadia Park (trails up Dorr Mountain and Kebo Mt (407) begin here). The Wild Gardens of Acadia is located here and displays all the native plants of Mt Desert island, ME. in a compact area with paths and informational signs throughout.
Point of Information
This small pond nestled at the foot of Dorr Mountain, ME. (1270) is called the Tarn. Just across the road on the southwest is the beginning of the trail up Huguenot Head and beyond to Champlain Mt. At the foot of the Tarn, another trail takes you to the Canon Brook Trail and the Ladder Trail up Dorr Mountain or across the valley to Cadillac Mountain, ME. South Ridge Trail (Cadillac Elevation -1532)
Otter Cliffs Road.
East side of highway. This takes you to Otter Point (in the National Park), and it is possible to connect with the Scenic Loop Road at the Fabbri picnic area.
Entering Otter Creek village, Maine
Otter Creek village is part of the town of Bar Harbor, ME. the other part is the town of Mt. Desert, ME.
Entering the town of Mt Desert , Maine
Mt Desert (which comprises the villages of Otter Creek, ME. - Northeast Harbor, ME. - Seal Harbor, ME. - Somesville, ME. - and Hall Quarry)ME.
Access to Acadia National Park , Maine Campgrounds
Intersection with Black Woods Campground (one of two National Park Campgrounds on Mt Desert Island, ME. the other is in Seawall, beyond Southwest Harbor on the other side of the Island (rte 102) Black Woods is open for camping all year long
Seal Harbor Village, Maine
Seal Harbor Village; many wealthy families maintain summer homes here (called summer cottages) including the Fords, Rockefellers, Martha Stewart and others. Turn west at the fountain. Just beyond is Seal Harbor beach, open to the public for swimming and sunbathing. The water is cold, but it is warmer here than in Bar Harbor. The tide drops 12 vertical feet here on the Island, so at low tide there are exposed mussel and clam flats. These heat up in the summer sun, and heat the water when the tide comes back in.
Junction of Stanley Brook Road
Stanley Brook Road follows Stanley Brook from the shore to the mountains at Jordan Pond (Pemetic-1247, Penobscot -1194, The Triad -698) and intersects with the Loop Road going back past Jordan Pond to Bar Harbor. At Jordan Pond there is parking, a restaurant (the Jordan Pond House, famous for 100 years for popovers and tea on the lawn), gift shop, and many trails which lead up the various hills and carriage roads - which meander through the hills and around several ponds going back to Eagle Lake. No automobiles or motorized vehicles are allowed on the carriage roads. Horse, bikes and walkers (skiers if there is snow) have their own roads in Acadia National Park, ME.
Access to Little Long Pond
Little Long Pond is on the north side of the highway. There is parking; and you can walk the carriage road around this pond. This is part of the Rockefeller Estate, but is open to those who stay on the roads. Across the road on the south is Bracy Cove also Rockefeller Property the high sea wall of rocks has been thrown up by storm seas.
Point of Information - Crossing Harbor Brook
There is a lovely trail which follows the brook up to the Asticou Trail (which crosses from the Jordan Pond House to Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor) There is a loop to Elliot Mt (422) which comes back to Rte 3 just up the road from here.through the woods, from the Jordan Pond.
Access to Asticou Terraces
On the north side of the highway there is a switchback trail up the cliffs to a public garden called Asticou Terraces. Take your camera the views are spectacular. There is a small museum open in the summer; two dawn redwood trees grow here dont miss them. They are just beautiful living fossils
Access to Azalea Garden
North side of highway, is the Rockefeller Japanese Garden known as the Azalea Garden. It is open to the public (the entrance is to the right on rte 198) It is designed as a spring explosion of color peaking usually in early June, but the design makes it gorgeous all year long
Junction of Maine Rte # 198
Rte 198 goes into the village of Northeast Harbor, ME. Rte 3 turns north and continues past the parking entrance to the Azalea Garden.
Point of Interest - Photo View from highway
East side of highway is a stone house, one of two gate houses constructed by the Rockefellers to guard the entrances to the carriage road system.
Point of Information
32.4 to 32.6 - More spectacular views across Hadlock Pond, ME. (which is a public water reservoir for Northeast Harbor) looms Bald Peak (974), Parkman Mountain, ME. (941) and Sargent Mountain, ME. (1375). Trailheads are located at the head of the pond. .On the west is a trailhead to Norumbega Mountain, ME. (862).
Access to parking area
Parking area for another Parkman Mountain trailhead.
Intersection of Sargent Drive
This is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. It runs right along the only fjiord in the lower 48 states; Somes Sound nearly bisects Mt. Desert Island with Norumbega Mountain rising above Sargent Drive and Acadia Mountain rising to 681feet across the waters of the sound. Continue on Rtes 3 (and 198)
Access to Mt. Desert Historical Society's Sound Museum
East side of highway. Mt. Desert Historical Society's Sound Museum is located in the old school house.
Junction of Maine Rte. #233
Access to Bar Harbor, ME. east of highway.
Point of Information
35.5 to 35.8 Go slow! There is, on the west side of highway, a panoramic view of Somes Sound and the mountains. Mt. Desert police monitor this road so watch your speed.
Junction of Maine Rte #102
Rte 3 ends at the intersection at the traffic light with Rte 102 (south to Southwest Harbor, or north back to the Trenton Bridge, ME. End of Highway Travel Guide. -e