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Michigan United States #131 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
630 ft.
Grand Rapids, MI

587 ft.
Bridge over Grand River
A bridge carries US Route #131, across Grand River, in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan,
623 ft.
Access : Grand Valley St. Univ.
Access to, Pearl Street NW, Grand Valley State University-Robert C.Pew Grand Rapids Campus, The Grand Rapids Public Museum, is one of oldest history museums in the United States, Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium located within the Museum, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, located just across Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan, David D. Hunting YMCA, John Ball Zoological Garden, an urban park located on the west side of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, The John Ball Zoo, houses a variety of animals from around the world, It is a significant regional attraction,
610 ft.
Interchange : Interstate Hwy #196
Interchange on to Interstate Highway #196, This highway forms the outer circle around the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the west side of the city.
610 ft.
Exit 87 : Belknap Park
Exit 87, Leonard Street NW/US #131 Bus., Belknap Park, Cornerstone University, an independent, non-denominational Christian liberal arts and professional studies institution teaching the trinitarian belief in the triune God and the literal interpretation of the Bible, Frederik Meljer Gardens & Sculpture Park,
627 ft.
Exit 88 : Richmond Hills Park
Exit 88, Ann Street NW, DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center, (formerly Grand Rapids Stadium), a 4,416-seat multipurpose arena in Walker, Michigan, Bricks Park, Richmond Hills Park, Comstock Riverside Park,
623 ft.
Exit 89 : Interstate Hwy #96
Exit 89, Intersection Interstate Highway #96, University of Phoenix, Berlin Raceway, a 0.438 mile long paved oval race track in Marne, Michigan, lies nearby along Interstate Highway #96,
659 ft.
Exit 91 : Comstock Park
Exit 91, West River Drive NE, Comstock Park, a prosperous suburban community within the metropolitan Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fifth Third Ballpark, a baseball stadium located in Comstock Park, Michigan, just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kent District Library, AJ's Family Fun Center,
728 ft.
Exit 95 : Belmont, MI
Exit 95, Community of Belmont, Michigan, Scott Lake, Little Pine Island Lake,
840 ft.
Exit 97: Rockford, MI

843 ft.
Exit 101 : Sparta, MI
Exit 101, 14 Mile Road NE/Michigan Highway #57, Community of Sparta, Michigan, lies west off US #131, The Porter Hollow Embankment and Culvert lies just off US #131 on the east. It is now a stone bridge and trestle that crosses Stegman Creek along the White Pine Trail in Algoma Township, Michigan.
846 ft.
Exit 104 : Cedar Springs, Michigan
Exit 104, 17 Mile Road NE, Community of Cedar Springs, Michigan, a city in Kent County in Michigan, Red Flannel Festival, a festival held here annually in Cedar Springs, Michigan, Cedar Springs Public Library, Morely Park, Pine Lake, Rogue River State Game Area, Wilderness Airpark, Long Lake Park, Kent City, Michigan, a village in Kent County in Michigan,
899 ft.
Exit 110 : Sand Lake, MI
Exit 110, County Line Road, Community of Sand Lake, Michigan, a village in Kent County in Michigan, Kent District Library, Sand Lake, a namesake lake lies nearby, Gordon County Park, Sealey Lake, Bradley Lake, Gould Lake, Ware Lake, Gidding Lake, Upper Lake, Middle Lake, Cook and White Lake located nearby.
958 ft.
Exit 114: Pierson, MI

866 ft.
Howard City Edmore Rd : Howard City
Michigan Highway #82, Howard City Edmore Road, Howard City, Michigan, a village in Montcalm County in Michigan, located within Reynolds Township, Reynolds Township Library, Bills Lake, a lake located within White Pine Trail State Park, along Michigan Route #82,
889 ft.
Junction: MI Rte #46
Exit 120 to Junction of Michigan Route #46/Howard City Edmore Road
915 ft.
Exit 125 : Morley, MI
Exit 125, Jefferson Road, to Morley, Michigan, a village in Mecosta County in Michigan, Morley Pond, Hardy Dam Pond, Hardy Dam, (or Hardy Hydroelectric Plant) a dam and powerplant complex on the Muskegon River in Big Prairie Township, Newaygo County, Michigan, lies west off US Route #131, within Newaygo State Park, Sandy Beach County Park, Brady Lake, located nearby.
971 ft.
Exit 131 : River Ridge Resort
Exit 131, 8 Mile Road, to River Ridge Resort, located on the western banks of Muskegon River, along Michigan State Route #20, Community of Stanwood, Michigan, a village in Mecosta County, Michigan, located within Mecosta Township, Cain Field, a small airport, Rogers Dam Pond, located nearby.
827 ft.
Bridge over Muskegon River
A bridge that spans Muskegon River carries US Route #131 across,
1037 ft.
Exit 139: Big Rapids, MI
Exit 139 to Michigan Route #20/US #131 Business Route
1014 ft.
Exit 142 : Roben Hood Airport
Exit 142, 19 Mile Road, Northland Drive, Roben-Hood Airport, a public airport located northwest of Big Rapids, Michigan, a city in Mecosta County, Michigan, Community of Paris, Michigan, a community located within Green Charter Township, a charter township of Mecosta County in Michigan located on the Muskegon River.
1102 ft.
Exit 153: Reed City, MI
Exit 153 to intersection of US Route #10
1129 ft.
Exit 159 : Austin Lake
Exit 159, Aushton Road/11 Mile Road, to Austin Lake, Beaver Dam Lake, Todd Lake, Lincoln Lake, Robinson Lake, Indian Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Round Lake, are lakes located nearby.
1198 ft.
Exit 162 : Le Roy, Michigan
Exit 162, Mackinaw Trail/14 Mile Road, to Le Roy, Michigan, a village in Osceola County Michigan, located within Le Roy Township, Community of Luther, Michigan, a village in Lake County in Michigan, Hillsdale College's G.H. Gordon Biological Research Station is located here in this township.
1220 ft.
Exit 168 : Tustin, MI
Exit 168, Marion Road/20 Mile Road, to Tustin, Michigan, a village in Osceola County of Michigan, Center Lake, Diamond Lake, Hewitt Lake, located on the west side of the US Highway #131 nearby.
1342 ft.
Exit 176 : Stone Ledge Lake
Exit 176, Intersection Michigan Highway #55/115, Stone Ledge Lake, a lake located along MI Highway #115, Lake Mitchell, one of two lakes in Cadillac, Michigan that are joined together by the Clam Lake Canal, near Mitchell State Park located northwest of this intersection along MI Highway #115.
1407 ft.
Exit 177 : Lake Cadillac
Exit 177, S Mitchell Street/US #131 Business, to Lake Cadillac, McGuire's Resort, a golf resort located nearby. Cadillac, Michigan,
1391 ft.
Exit 180: Cadillac, MI
Exit 180 to MI Highway #55/Division Street
1286 ft.
Boon Rd : Airport
Boon Road/34 Road, US #131 Bus., to Wexford County Airport, a general aviation airport located north of the city of Cadillac, Michigan in Wexford County, Michigan, To the northeast of this Junction, located Long Lake, Round Lake, Bullhead Lake, and few smaller lakes.
1135 ft.
Exit 191/MI #42 : Manton, MI
Exit 191/Michigan Highway #42, US #131 Bus., to Manton, Michigan, a city in Wexford County in Michigan, Billings Lake, Lake Billings Campground, Manton Public Library, Manton Christian Camp, Lost Lake, and Dyer Lake located west of Manton, Michigan along MI #42 in Caldwell Township, a civil township of Missaukee County in Michigan.
915 ft.
Bridge over Manistee River
A bridge over Manistee River carries US Route #131 across, A Boat Ramp is nearby, A small sandbar island is also located nearby.
1040 ft.
Junction : MI Hwy #113
Junction Michigan Highway #113, Walton Marsh, Pugsley Correctional Facility, Headquarters Lake,
1053 ft.
W State : Fife Lake, MI
W State, MI Highway Route #186, Fife Lake, Michigan, a village in Grand Traverse County in Michigan, situated within Fife Lake Township, Fife Lake, a namesake lake lies nearby, Spring Lake, Pickerel Lake, Long Lake, Holbrook Lake, are lakes located nearby.
1020 ft.
Boardman Road : South Boardman, MI
Boardman Road, Community of South Boardman, Michigan, a community located in Boardman Township, a civil township of Kalkaska County in Michigan. In the west lies Traverse City State Forest Area, East Lake, Twentyeight Lakes are lakes located nearby.
1040 ft.
Crofton Road : Mud Lake
Crofton Road, Gregg Road, to Mud Lake, Loon Lake,
1030 ft.
Junction : MI #72/66
Junction Michigan Highways #72 & 66, Camp Grayling lies about 35 Kms in the east.
1030 ft.
Oak Street : Kalkaska, MI
Oak Street, Kalkaska, Michigan, a village in Kalkaska County, Michigan, Kalkaska County Library, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Kalkaska County Circuit Court, Kaliseum Recreation Complex, Kalkaska County Airport, a public airport located along Island Lake Road nearby. Kettle Lake, South Selkirk Lake, North Selkirk Lake are lakes lying east of Kalkaska, Michigan along Kettle Lake Road.
1040 ft.
Junction : MI #72/Nash Rd.
Junction Michigan Highway #72, Nash Road, County Road 612, to Blue Lake, Log Lake, Little Log Lake,
1070 ft.
Rabourn Rd : Manistee Lake
Rabourn Road NE, to Manistee Lake,
1053 ft.
Phelps Rd NE : Wheeler Lake
Phelps Road NE, Wheeler Lake, Little Wheeler Lake,
1115 ft.
Elder Rd : Peckham Lake
Elder Road, Peckham Lake, Nelson Lake. Green Lake, Henry Lake, Lake Arthur, Smith Lake, and Browning Lake are lakes located along Elder Road off US #131.
1125 ft.
State Street : Mancelona, MI
State Street, Maple Street, Mancelona, Michigan, a village in Antrim County in Michigan, located within Mancelona Township. Mancelona Public Library, Mancelona Missionary Church, Mancelona Lanes, Kingdom Hall-Jehovah's Witness, Johnson Pond, Lake of the North Airport, an airport lies east along County Highway #38, off US #131, Whispering Pines Family Campground,
1115 ft.
Junction Mi #66 : Airport
Junction Michigan Highway #66, Mancelona East Jordan Road, Maple Street, to Marcelona Municipal Airport, a public airport located north of Mancelona, Michigan,
1181 ft.
Co Rd 602 : Alba, MI
County Road 602, Alba Road, to Community of Alba, Michigan,
1250 ft.
Junction : MI Hwy #32
Junction Michigan Highway #32, to Community of Elmira, Michigan, Losey Lake, West Lake, Martin Lake, Deer Lake, and Lake Twentyseven located west off US #131 along MI #32.
1263 ft.
Junction : MI Hwy #32
Junction Michigan Highway #32, to East Jordan City, Michigan,
722 ft.
Boyne Mtn Rd : Boyne Mountain Resort
Boyne Mountain Road, to Boyne Mountain Airport, a public airport, located nearby, Avalanche Bay, Boyne Mountain Resort, a ski resort with a collection of accommodations in Northern Michigan located near Boyne City, Michigan, The Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, is the main feature of this resort, Largest indoor water park in Michigan is located here within the resort,
709 ft.
Mill Street : Boyne Falls, MI
Junction Michigan Route #75, Mill Street, Boyne Falls, Michigan, a village in Charlevoix County in Michigan, located in Boyne Valley Township on the Boyne River, Crooked Tree Library, Deer Lake, a lake lies in the west. Boyne City, Michigan, a city in Charlevoix County in Michigan located northwest on MI #75, on the southern shores of Lake Charlevoix, Boyne City Municipal Airport, Rotary Park, Boyne District Library, Veterans Memorial Park, Young State Park, a state park located in Charlevoix County in Northern Michigan at the east end of Lake Charlevoix,
679 ft.
Thumb Lake Rd : Thumb Lake
Thumb Lake Road, to Thumb Lake, also known as Lake Louise, a kettle lake located in Hudson Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan, Public access is available on the eastern shore of the lake through a park where a boat launch is also available.
719 ft.
S Shore Dr. : Walloon Lake, MI
S Shore Drive, to Community of Walloon Lake, Michigan a community located on the southeastern shore of Walloon Lake, a glacier-formed lake and the headwater for the Bear River located in Charlevoix and Emmet counties in Northern Michigan, Walloon Lake Community Church, Walloon Lake Public Library, Melrose Township Park, The Ernest Hemingway Cottage, also known as Windemere, on Walloon Lake in Michigan is a National Historic Landmark, lies nearby.
676 ft.
Northern Terminus of US #131
Junction of US #131 with US #31 at Petoskey, Michigan, a city and coastal resort community on Little Traverse Bay in Michigan, This is where US Route #131 terminates in the north (its northern terminus). Petoskey, Michigan, a city and coastal resort community in Michigan, North Central Michigan College, Curtis Park, Bear River Park, Northern Michigan Regional Hospital, Little Traverse Historical, Petroskey City Marina, located in the city of Petroskey, Michigan.