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Arizona United States #70 Highway Guide

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Lordsburg, NM
Lordsburg was once a stop on the Butterfield Stage Line. It is a popular rockhounding area for semi-precious stones. Shakespeare Ghost Town, on the National Historic Register, is located 3 miles south of Lordsburg, and was once a mining boom town. Scheduled tours are available & regular tours every other weekend. Steins Railroad Ghost Town, once a Butterfield Stage Station, is located 16 miles west of Lordsburg. Tours are available 7 days a week. NOTE: We have been informed that the Steins Railroad Ghost town attraction is presently closed - Aug 2010
AZ State Line

Duncan, AZ
Hometown of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rockhounding area for fire agate. Prehistoric horses & turtles unearthed nearby.
State & BLM Lands
Primitive road going south provides access to state & BLM lands.
BLM Land
Primitive road going north provides access to camping & hiking on BLM land.
Parks Lake
Take Huckleberry Road to Parks Lake. The exit onto this road is approximately 3 miles east of Slick Rock Wash on Hwy. 70.
Historic Marker
'In memory of 2 of many pioneers who brought law, order & safety to the Gila Valley. Lorenzo & Seth Wright were killed 1 mile north of this spot by Indians who had stolen 45 horses from early settlers. While pursuing the Indians they were ambushed December 1, 1885.'
Hwys. 70 & 191 Join

Historic Marker
'In 1846 General Kearney's 'Army of the West', guided by Kit Carson, followed the Gila River from New Mexico to the occupation of California in the Mexican War, thus opening the southern snow free route to the Pacific coast.'
Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area (RNCA)
At San Jose, take the paved road north to the Gila River & RNCA. Attractions include cliff dwellings, historic homesteads, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep & over 200 species of birds. Popular area for river floating, fishing, hunting, hiking & camping.
Pinaleno Mountains
Travel south to Tripp Canyon for hiking. View of Blue Jay Peak east of Safford at 8,839' & Mt. Graham southeast of Safford at 10,717'.
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness (ACWA)
Take Klondyke Road to the Aravaipa Valley. At the intersection with Aravaipa Road, go left to the ACWA. Wilderness area includes the 11 mile long Aravaipa Canyon. Spectacular scenery, wildlife, desert fish, desert bighorn sheep & hundreds of bird species live within the 1,000 foot canyon walls. Expect primitive recreational opportunities. View of Holy Joe Peak at 6,145'.
Santa Theresa Wilderness Area
Access through Indian Reservation Road 20 at Fort Thomas. This area is known for the geologic landmark 'The Black Rock' - spiritually significant to native Americans. Recreation permits from the San Carlos Apache Indian tribe are required before entering, and permission from private landowners must be obtained as well. View of Mt. Turnbull at 8,280' just east of Bylas.
Historic Marker
Original site of Camp Thomas. Established in 1876 to keep Geronimo on farmlands by the Gila River.
Town of Geronimo
Now deserted, Geronimo was home to two infamous characters. James Addson Reavis, 'the Baron of Arizona', tried to steal 12 million acres of prime Arizona territory by forging Spanish land grants. 'Doc' Richard Flower sold a bottled cure-all with a high alcohol content.
San Carlos Indian Reservation
The reservation is home to approximately 10,000 Apaches living on 1,834,783 acres. Hunting & fishing are allowed by permit only. San Carlos Lake, the state's largest, is popular for state record crappie & catfish, as well as the Coolidge Dam. The San Carlos Apache Cultural Center is located in San Carlos, the reservation headquarters. The reservation operates one of only 3 peridot mines in the world. View of Mt. Turnbull at 8,280'.
Gila River & Hwy. 70 Cross.
San Carlos Lake Recreation Area east of Gila River.
Globe, AZ
A mining town since the late 1800's, Globe has ties to a number of gunfighters - one being the illustrious Pearl Heart, the West's only known female stagecoach robber. FLOSBE's (four legged organic soil building engineers, i.e., cows) are another claim to fame. Grazing cattle are used to revitalize steep hillsides once depleted by mining, creating the illusion of cattle standing sideways while grazing. Besh-Ba-Gowah, a prehistoric Indian ruin, can be experienced just as the residents did 700 years ago. A 30 stop Walking Tour Map of Globe is available at the Chamber of Commerce. View of Pinal Peak at 7,848'. Hiking/biking in Pinal Mountains. Hwy. 70 ends in Globe.