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Vermont Byway Highway Guide

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Smuggler's Notch
Start of Smuggler's Notch Scenic Route, on State Route #108 near Jeffersonville, Vermont. This scenic route passes through the area of the Mansfield State Forest and its picturesque forests and bold rock outcroppings. There are scenic pullouts and parking areas along this scenic route where rock climbing and hiking are popular activities.
Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort
Smugglers' Notch is a ski area in Jeffersonville, Vermont. It consists of three ski mountains: Morse Mountain, with terrain geared more towards families and beginners, and Madonna and Sterling Mountains, geared more towards advanced skiers and snowboarders. A narrow mountain pass which was used by smugglers many years ago brought the name Smuggler's Notch. Sterling Pond, Sterling Peak,
Smuggler's Notch
Smugglers Notch, a mountain pass in Lamoille County, Vermont, separates Mount Mansfield, Green Mountain's highest peak, from Spruce Peak and the Sterling Range. Most of Smuggler's Notch is in Mount Mansfield State Forest.
Stowe, Vermont
Stowe, Vermont. Stowe Mountain Ski Resort is located on Mount Mansfield, Vermont. Cable Car on Mount Mansfield, Vermont. Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain peak in Vermont. When viewed from the east or west, the mountain appears to be an elongated human face with clearly defined forehead, nos lips, chin (its highest point), and an Adam's apple. These features are most noticeable from the east and looking westward.
Smuggler's Notch State Park
Pullover area in the Smuggler's Notch State Park, Vermont along the State Route #108,
Mt. Mansfield Toll Road
Mount Mansfield Toll Road, Long Trail on Mount Mansfield,
Sanborn Road
Sanborn Road, Weeks Hill Road, Beaver Pond, Stowe, Vermont
End of Byway Smuggler's Notch Scenic Route
Near Stowe, Vermont, a town located in Lamoille County, Vermont, Stowe, Vermont is an all season resort town along the State Highway #108, It is near here the Byway Smuggler's Notch Scenic Route ends.