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Tennessee Interstate #40 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
I-40 exit 387 Center of Knoxville
This exit is quite confusing and busy as it is the center of Knoxville. Interstates 40 and 75 meet here, and Federal highway 441 crosses near here, and to add to the confusion highways 11 and 70 runs parallel to I-40 in this area also. If you are travelling through Knoxville you would probably be better off to take the I-640 loop around town. It adds a few miles, but will probably be faster, especially during the day. -- NOTE; For highway travel south via Interstate Highway # 75 - See Road Map Highway Travel Guide I#75- Kentucky/Tennessee State Line to Knoxville, Tennessee, for driving directions.

I-40 exit 393, merging with I-640
If you are heading east I-640 is merging back into I-40 here. There has been alot of construction in this area. Keep your speed down here as the police have been really cracking down in the construction area!
I-40 exit 394
Highways 11E, 25W, and 70 merge with I-40 here.
I-40 exit 407, exit for Smokies stadium, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg
State road 66 is a modern 4 lane divided highway leading to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park via Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg.
I-40 merges with I-81 mile marker 417
I-40 turns towards the south here, heading for North Carolina. I-81 begins here, heading northeast along the foothills of the Appalacian mountains.
I-40 exit 435, Newport TN exit, intersection of 25E, and 411
Exit 435 is the intersection of highways 25E, and 411. This is one of two exits for Newport TN.
I-40 exit 440, intersection with highway 321
Highway 321 is one of two exits for Newport TN, and also goes to Gatlinburg, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. NOTE; For highway travel via U.S. Highway #321 See Road Map Highway Travel Guide - Junction of to I-75 to I-40(Near Newport) via Maryville, TN. and Gatlinburg, TN. for driving directions.


Entrance to the Foothills Parkway
This section of the Foothills parkway follows the border of the Great Smoky Mountains southeastern border. It is only 6 miles long, a really beautifull detour!! It is also a shortcut between I-40 and 321.
State lines of North Carolina and Tennessee
Welcome to North Carolina! -- Start / Finish of Road Map Highgway Travel Guide -e