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North Carolina United States #21 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
2365 ft.
Virginia/North Carolina State Line
Virginia/North Carolina State Line on the west bank of New River, This is where US Route #21 enters North Carolina from Virginia, and runs south/southeast to Charlotte, North Carolina, where it crosses over to South Carolina.
2388 ft.
Nile Road : New River Campground & Canoe
Nile Road, to New River Campground and Canoe, located just off US Route #21, near New River.
2736 ft.
Junction : US #221
Junction US Route #221, to Community of Stratford, North Carolina,
2933 ft.
Whitehead Street : Sparta, NC
Whitehead Street, State Route #18, Sparta, North Carolina, a town in Alleghany County, North Carolina, Alleghany Memorial Hospital, Wilkes Community College, Gap Civil Township, a township in Alleghany County, North Carolina, within which the town of Sparta, NC falls.
2740 ft.
Bridge over Little River
Little River Crossing, A bridge over Little River carries US Route #21
2628 ft.
Glade Valley Rd : Glade Valley, NC
Glade Valley Road, Glade Valley, North Carolina, a community located in Alleghany County, North Carolina,
2684 ft.
Intersection : Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Byway
Intersection, connected with interchange to Blue Ridge Parkway, The Blue Ridge Parkway, a National Parkway and All-American Road in the United States, noted for its scenic beauty, It is a designated National Scenic Byway and All-American Road, Little Glad Millpond, Doughton Recreation Area, a recreation area located southwest off US Route #21,
2854 ft.
Cherry Lane Rd : Cherry Lane, NC
Cherry Lane Road, Cherry Lane, North Carolina, a community located in the Cherry Lane Township of Alleghany County, North Carolina,
2795 ft.
Ridge Road : Roaring Gap, NC
Ridge Road, Golf Club in Roaring Gap, Camp Cheeno Lake, Lake Louise, Roaring Gap, North Carolina, a community in the Cherry Lane Township of Alleghany County, North Carolina,
2976 ft.
Old Gap Rd : Stone Maountain
Old Gap Road, Stone Mountain Road. Stone Mountain is the focal point of Stone Mountain State Park. It is a granite dome of exposed quartz diorite to granodiorite of Devonian age, which has intruded into the gneiss of the Precambrian Alligator Back Formation. Some of the best rock climbing in North Carolina is done on this mountain. The park's creeks and streams are excellent brook trout fishing locations. It is a designated National Natural Landmark.
1480 ft.
Traphill Road : Traphill, NC
Traphill Road, to Traphill, North Carolina, a rural community located in Wilkes County, North Carolina, located in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. Nearby Stone Mountain State Park is one of the most popular state parks in North Carolina.
1371 ft.
Thurmond Road : Thurmond, NC
Thurmond Road, Thurmond, North Carolina, a community in western Surry County, North Carolina, Mitchell River flows nearby in the north.
1375 ft.
Old Hwy 21/Pleasant Ridge Rd. : State Rd, NC
Old Hwy 21/Pleasant Ridge Road, to Community of State RD, North Carolina, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church,
1332 ft.
Mt Pleasant Church Rd : State Rd, NC
Mt Pleasant Church Road, This Road makes a loop on US Route #21, Community of State Road, NC Mt. Pleasant Church Road, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church,
1325 ft.
Country Club Drive : Crestwood Memorial Park
Country Club Drive, Crestwood Memorial Park, Cedarbrook Lake, are popular for golf, tennis, and swimming among the people in and around the area. Poplar Springs, North Carolina, a small community in Surry County, North Carolina,
1109 ft.
CC Camp Road : Pleasant Hill, NC
CC Camp Road, to Pleasant Hill, North Carolina, a community in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Elkin Dialysis Center, Elkin Reservoir. To the east/northeast lies Elkin Municipal Airport, a public airport located northeast of Elkin, North Carolina, along CC Camp Road.
866 ft.
Yadkin River Crossing
US Route #21 and concurrent Interstate Highway #77 cross Yadkin River over a bridge at Jonesville, North Carolina.
991 ft.
Exit 82 : Jonesville, NC
Exit 82, Intersection NC Highway #67/Winston Road, Jonesville, North Carolina, the oldest town in Yadkin County, North Carolina, a typical "Interstate town". Elkin, North Carolina, a town in Surry and Wilkes counties in North Carolina, along the Yadkin River. Elkin City Park, Elkin Village Shopping Center, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Willowbrook Lake, a lake located along State Route #268, on the east side of the US #21/I-77 combine. Burch, or Burch Station, North Carolina, a small community along the Yadkin River in the Marsh Township of Surry County, North Carolina.
1115 ft.
Junction : US Route #21 Business
Junction US Business Route #21, to Jonesville, North Carolina, a town in Yadkin County, North Carolina, Arlington, North Carolina, a former town which merged with Jonesville, North Carolina. At this Junction, US Route #21 leaves Interstate Highway #77 ending concurrency with it.
1135 ft.
Rena Road : Swan Creek, NC
Rena Road, to Community of Swan Creek, North Carolina, Swan Creek Airport, Jonesville Golf Course Lake, located along Swan Creek Road connecting Jonesville, North Carolina.
1066 ft.
Old US Hwy 421 : Brooks Crossroads, NC
Old US Highway 42, Brooks Crossroads, North Carolina, a community in Yadkin County, North Carolina, Yadkinville, North Carolina, a town in Yadkin County, North Carolina, lies in the east on Old United States Highway 421, Hoots Memorial Hospital, Yadkin County Register of Deed,
1056 ft.
Intersection : US Rte #421
Intersection US Route #421, to Winston Salem, North Carolina in the east.
1024 ft.
Hamptonville Road : Hamptonville, NC
Hamptonville Road, County Road 1126/Petty Road, Hamptonville, North Carolina, a community located in Yadkin County, North Carolina,
1007 ft.
Lone Hickory Road : Lone Hickory, NC
Lone Hickory Road, to Lone Hickory, North Carolina, a community / area in Yadkin County, North Carolina, Lone Hickory Airport, a small airport lies nearby.
915 ft.
Houstonville Road : Union Grove, NC
Houstonville Road, Union Grove, North Carolina, a township and an unincorporated community in Iredell County, North Carolina, Turkeyfoot, North Carolina, located on the Davie County, North Carolina, a small region in rural North Carolina, lies nearby.
981 ft.
Memorial Hwy : Harmony, NC
Intersection North Carolina Highway #901/Memorial Highway, Harmony, North Carolina, a town in Iredell County, North Carolina, Gaither House in Harmony, North Carolina was built in 1850, a historic places, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Skyview Lake, Community of Sheffield, North Carolina, located in western Davie County, Clarkesville Township, North Carolina,
745 ft.
River Crossing
At the location, US Route #21 crosses a river over a bridge.
719 ft.
Bridge across a River
A bridge that spans the river here carries US Route #21 across.
827 ft.
Interchange : Interstate Hwy #77
An Interchange on Interstate Highway #77 connects with intersecting US Route #21,
801 ft.
Interchange : Interstate Hwy #40
Interchange on Interstate Highway #40, Crossroads Center-Statesville, lies nearby just off I-40, Davis Regional Medical Center, a medical Center lies just off Interstate Highway #40, at the Exit 154 near Wilson Brothers Lake Number Two.
912 ft.
Front Street: Statesville, NC
Front Street, US Route #64
945 ft.
Garner Bagnal Blvd : Statesville Municipal Airport
Garner Bagnal Boulevard, Watts Park, Trick Olimpic Racing Chassis, Winecoff Memorials, Statesville Municipal Airport, a public airport located just southwest of the city of Statesville, North Carolina, Lakewood Golf Course, Cleveland, North Carolina, a town in the Cleveland Township of Rowan County, North Carolina, lies southeast off US Route #21 along US Route #70.
945 ft.
Old Mountain Rd : Barium Springs, NC
Old Mountain Road, Murdock Road, Community of Barium Springs, North Carolina, Kenneth Raymer Lake, Lakewood Golf Course,
935 ft.
Wagner Street : Lake Norman State Park
Wagner Street, Troutman, North Carolina, a town in Iredell County, North Carolina, Lake Norman State Park, formerly Duke Power State Park, a North Carolina state park near Troutman, Iredell County, North Carolina, located on the northern shore of Lake Norman at the mouth of Hicks Creek. Boating, Fishing, Water Skiing, Swimming and Camping are popular recreational activities in the park throughout the year.
928 ft.
Intersection : Interstate Highway #77
Intersection Interstate Highway #77, Lake Norman State Park lies in the west.
925 ft.
Statesville Hwy : Mooresville, NC
Statesville Highway/North Carolina Highway #115, to Mooresville, North Carolina, a town in Iredell County, North Carolina, The city is nicknamed "Race City USA."
863 ft.
McLelland Ave : Mooresville, NC
McLelland Avenue, Mooresville, North Carolina, a town in Iredell County, North Carolina, The Pit Indoor Kart Racing, Mooresville Consumer Square, South Broad Street Row, a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in Mooresville, North Carolina, Mitchell Community College Center, Charles Mack Citizen Center, Coddle Creek, a stream/river that rises near Mooresville in Iredell County, North Carolina. North Carolina Highway #150, crosses Lake Norman of Catawba, over a bridge in the west, off US Route #21.
846 ft.
Fairview Rd : Lake Norman Reg.Med. Center
Fairview Road, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, Centre Presbyterian Church, Session House and Cemeteries, a historic church, built in 1776, in Mount Mourne, North Carolina, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
807 ft.
Exit 31/Langtree Road : Lake Norman
Exit 31/Langtree Road, to Lake Norman, Little Captiva Beach,
764 ft.
Bridge over Lake Norman
Bridge over Lake Norman, This bridge carries US Route #21/Interstate Highway #77 combine across, near the Lake Norman Harbor,
771 ft.
Exit 30 : Davidson, NC
Exit 30, Griffith Street, Davidson, North Carolina, a town in Iredell and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina, lying along the eastern shore of Lake Norman. Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, Davidson College, a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina, John M. Belk Arena, a 5,223-seat multi-purpose arena, located on the campus of Davidson College, in Davidson, North Carolina, Richardson Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, home to the Davidson College Wildcats Football and track field teams, in Davidson, North Carolina.
817 ft.
Catawba Ave : Cornelius, NC
Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, North Carolina, a town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, The Fresh Market, Smithville Park, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Legion Park, Peninsula Club, Ramsey Creek County Park, located on the shores of Lake Norman. Lake Norman, the largest manmade fresh water lake located entirely in North Carolina,
771 ft.
Sam Furr Rd: Caldwell, NC
Junction of NC State Highway 73
771 ft.
Gilead Road : Huntersville, NC
Gilead Road, Huntersville, North Carolina, a town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville, Skybrook Golf Club, Bradford Field, a private-use airport located east of Huntersville, North Carolina, a town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Stephens Road Nature Preserve, located on the Catawba River.
745 ft.
Verhoeff Drive : Central Piedmont Comm. college
Verhoeff Drive, Central Piedmont Community College-North Campus, Huntersville Athletic Park, Huntersville Family Fitness,
823 ft.
Alexandrana Road : Alexandriana Historic Site
Alexandriana Road, Alexandriana Historic Site, Vances Twin Lakes, Beattles Ford Memorial Gardens, Auten Nature Preserve, Hopewell Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, a historic Presbyterian church and cemetery built in 1775, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, located in Huntersville, North Carolina. Latta Plantation Park, Carolina Raptor Center, Latta Equesterian Center, Historic Latta Plantation, lies on the eastern shore of Mountain Island Lake, a lake created in 1924, Interstate Highway #485 has its terminus nearby at a junction with Interstate Highway #77. Mallard Creek Community Park, Shoppers at Highland Creek,
804 ft.

Junction of NC State Highway 24/West W.T. Harris Blvd
820 ft.
NC Rte #115 ; Metrolina Speedway
North Carolina Route #115, Old Statesville Road, Metrolina Speed and Sport Center, an auto racing track located in northeast Charlotte, North Carolina on the Metrolina Fairgrounds, Griffith Lakes, Community of Rockwell Park/Hemphill Heights, Crossroads Shopping Center, The Derita Community,
741 ft.
Intersection : Interstate Hwy #85
Intersection Interstate Highway #85, Victory Lane Indoor Karting, Community of Sugaw Creek/Ritch Avenue, Tom Hunter Park, Sugar Creek District Park, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Harrisburg, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina.
676 ft.
Exitr 12 : NoDa, NC
Exit 12, Lasalle Street, Community of Lincoln Heights, Community of University Park, Community of Oakview Terrace, Community of Washington Heights, Community of Druid Hills North, Community of Druid Hills South, Atando Industrial Park, Hutchinson Shopping Center, NoDa (short for "North Davidson"), a popular arts district in Charlotte, North Carolina,
656 ft.
Exit 11/11A : Interstate Hwy #277
Exit 11 & 11A, North Carolina Route #16, Interstate Highway #277, makes a loop on Interstate #77 running around the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, The Bojangles' Coliseum, a 9,605-seat multi-purpose arena and sports venue in Charlotte, North Carolina lies southeast along State Route #27, Ovens Auditorium, an auditorium located adjacent to Bojangles' Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.
669 ft.
Exit 10B/W Trade Street : John C. Smith University

682 ft.
Exit 10A : Charlotte, NC
Exit 10A, Morehead Street/US Route #29, Charlotte, North Carolina, the largest city in North Carolina, Bank of America Stadium (formerly known as Carolinas Stadium and Ericsson Stadium), a football stadium located on 33 acre of land in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Carolina Panthers Team Store, Mint Museum Uptown, Charlotte Convention Center, The NASCAR Hall of Fame honors drivers who have shown exceptional skill at NASCAR driving, Carolinas Medical Center, Carolinas Healthcare, Behavioral Health Center, Community of Wendover/Sedgewood, Community of Cherry, Community of Grier Heights, Community of Cotswold,
640 ft.
Exit 1A/1B: Interstate Hwy #277
Exit 1A&1B to US Route #74/Interstate Highway #277
636 ft.
Exit 9A : Charlotte/Douglas Int'l Airport

682 ft.
Exit 7/Clanton Rd : Clanton Park, NC
Exit 7/Clanton Road, Community of Clanton Park, Revolution Park, Community of Southside Park, Scaleybark, a light rail station on the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte, North Carolina, Village Shopping Center, Colonial Village, Sedgefield, a neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, Ashbrook/Clawson Village, Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary, are non-profit gardens and a bird sanctuary located at 248 Ridgewood Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina,
692 ft.
Exit 6B: The Art Institute of Charlotte
Exit 6B to junction of NC Route #49
659 ft.
Exit 5: South Park, NC

686 ft.
Exit 4 : Archdale Station
Exit 4, Nations Ford Road, Archdale Drive, The Archdale station, a light rail station on the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte, North Carolina, Starmount Shopping Center, Park Road Park,
636 ft.
Exit 3 : Starmount
Exit 3, Arrowood Road, to Starmount, a residential neighborhood in the South Charlotte (South Boulevard at Arrowood and Archdale) area. Starmount is the largest established neighborhood in South Charlotte, Shops at Whitehall Commons, Arrowood station, a light rail station on the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Sharon Road West station, a light rail station on the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte, North Carolina, Quail Corners Shopping Center, Old Town Shopping Center, Quail Hollow, a neighborhood in south Charlotte, Quail Hollow Country Club Lake,
587 ft.
Seddon Rusty Goode Freeway: Pineville, NC
Intersection of Interstate Highway #485/Seddon Rusty Goode Freeway
607 ft.
South Carolina State Line : End of US #22 in NC
South Carolina State Line, just south of Charlotte, North Carolina, This is where US Route #21/Interstate Highway #77 combine crosses over to South Carolina ending its journey through North Carolina. The Carolina Cyclone, a roller coaster located at Carowinds near Charlotte, North Carolina lies nearby. -ND11-