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    Mexico State #200L Highway Guide

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    Rio Balsas - Guerrero-Michoacan State Border
    The dam over the Rio Balsas forms part of Highway 200 and marks the state border with Guerrero on the south and Michoacan on the north.
    Roadside Map of Michoacan
    There is a roadside roadmap of Michoacan for northbound vehicles. NOTE: The first 3 km. of Highway 200 in Michoacan is very curvy. Southbound drivers may think they have gotten off of Highway 200 somehow. Northbound drivers need to be alert.
    Difficult Intersection
    There is a peculiar intersection for northbound drivers at about this distance. (Southbound drivers won't notice it.) It appears that the highway splits into two or three arms. Northbound drivers should stay to the extreme right. (There is a better way, but it is complicated to describe, so stay to the extreme right.)
    Town of Guacamayas
    Northbound traffic will experience a congested area here. The road marker indicates KM 107.
    Railway Crossing
    Northbound traffic should be alert for traffic entering from the west and U-turn traffic, both just about at the railroad tracks.
    Confusing Northbound Signs
    Just before the turnoff for Lazaro Cardenas, northbound traffic has a confusing combination of road signs. The first sign directs M-37 traffic to Lazaro Cardenas straight and M-37 traffic to Playa Azul and Uruapan to the right. Immediately after that is a sign that shows M-200 to Lazaro Cardenas straight and M-200 to La Mira to the right. Just take the curve to the right for this route.
    Northbound Warning
    Immediately upon taking the curve to the right there is a tope that creates congested traffic. Take the curve carefully, then anticipate congestion.
    Preventive Police Station on East
    There is a PFP (federal preventive police) station at this location.
    Railway Overpass
    There is a railway overpass marked FFCC at this location.
    Pemex Station on East Side
    The highway marker reads KM 120 at this location.
    Northbound Sign to Enter La Mira
    Southbound drivers will exit La Mira easily. Northbound drivers need to pay attention for the junction of Highway 200 and Highway 37. As you enter La Mira, watch for a gentle curve to the right.
    Important Northbound Highway Sign
    There is only one sign for this junction. See the photo for the sign. The junction is 0.2 km. after the sign. In the photo, the green and white VW van is following the route to Highway 200 north.
    Junction of Highway 200 and Highway 37
    Northbound drivers have a difficult time with this junction. Here is the most detailed description I can offer. Immediately after the sign at 159.3 km. is a tope. Immediately after the tope, a small street joins on an angle from the west. Immediately after the small street joins, Highway 200 starts to curve to the east. At this point, look for a small traffic island with a few trees in the middle of the road. This is the junction. As Highway 200 curves to the west, it becomes Highway 37. Stay to the right of the red truck in the photo. Hwy 200 northbound traffic goes to the right of the blue van and to the left of the treed area in the photo. If you miss the left turn, you'll have to go about 0.5 to 1.0 km. to find a place to turn around. Southbound drivers should be aware that Highway 200 between La Mira and Petacalco has many topes. Topes are common in settled areas, but are more common on this portion of Highway 200