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Nebraska State #29 Highway Guide

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Intersection: US Highway 26
Nebraska state highway 29 begins at intersection with US Route 26 southern terminus, community of Mitchell, Nebraska, Bluff County Nebraska.
A bridge over the River
The existence of a bridge over the River that carries the Nebraska state highway 29, across. Lewis Lake.
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
Access road to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, NE. Main Features: Valley of the Niobrara River, Fossil found in Carnegie Hill and University Hill. Fossils found on the site, date from 20 million years ago
Fort Laramie-Fort Robinson Trail Historical Marker. Information taken from Nebraska State Historical marker: 'THE FORT PIERRE-FORT LARAMIE TRAIL From about 1837 until 1850, more than a quarter million buffalo robes bought from Indians and 27 tons of fur company trade goods were hauled over the 300 mile long Fort Pierre-Fort Laramie Trail that followed the White River through this area. First used by the American Fur Company, the trail had its origin as part of an earlier Spanish trade route from Santa Fe to the Missouri River in present South Dakota. During the 1840s the Fort Pierre-Fort Laramie Trail was the shortest overland connection between trading posts on the Platte and steamboats plying the Missouri. After the government purchased Fort Laramie in 1849, Colonel Aeneas Mackay and Captain Stewart Van Vliet with ten mounted riflemen traveled the trail to Fort Pierre. General William S. Harney's troops marched over the route in 1855, and the trail was mapped by Lt. G. K. Warren of his staff. Small traders and government freighters continued to use portions of the trail until the 1880s. Ruts from the passage of thousands of carts and wagons can still be seen in several places between Fort Laramie and Fort Robinson'.
Intersection: US Highway 20
Nebraska state highway 29 ends at US Route 20 northern terminus. Community of Harrison, Nebraska, village in Sioux County, Nebraska. Harrison Sky ranch. -e East via US 20 to Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Scotts Bluff National Monument.- This monument was an important landmark on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail. The monument has multiple bluffs (steep hills) located on the Nebraska North Platte River, there is one prominent bluff, called Scotts Bluff over 830 feet (330 m) - Start/Finish of Free Road Map RV Highway Guide - KD10e