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Tennessee United States #11 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
682 ft.
Tennessee/Georgia State Line
Tennessee/Georgia State Line, Few miles southwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee, enters US Route #11 into Tennessee and starts its journey through Chattanooga, Tennessee, Cleveland, Tennessee, Athens, Tennessee, and Knoxville, Tennessee, where it splits into two US #11W and US #11E.
696 ft.
Wauhatchie Pike : Battle of Wauhatchie
Wauhatchie Pike, The site of the Battle of Wauhatchie, fought October 28�29, 1863, in Hamilton and Marion Counties, Tennessee, lies nearby.
722 ft.
Junction : US Rte #64/US #72
Junction US Route #64/US Route #72/Tennessee Highway #2, to Raccon Mountain, Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reservoir, Cummings Lake, Nickajack Lake are lakes located on Tennessee River.
666 ft.
Browns Ferry Rd : Brown's Ferry
Browns Ferry Road, Brown's Ferry, Tennessee an historical crossing point over the Tennessee River between Lookout Valley and Moccasin Bend in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lookout Valley Ball Fields, Lake Lookout, Raccoon Mountain Reservation,
830 ft.
TN Hwy #148 : Ruby Falls
Tennessee Highway #148/Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway, Ruby Falls, Tennessee, an underground waterfall located within Lookout Mountain, The Battle of Lookout Mountain, fought as a part of Chattanooga Campaign of the American Civil War, Battles For Chattanooga Museum, Chickamauga & Chattanooga, Point Park, Cravens House, Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, an inclined plane railway located along the side of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
676 ft.
W 37th Street : St. Elmo Historic Dist.
W 37th Street, W 38th Street, The St. Elmo Historic District, a neighborhood in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hundreds of Buildings in the neighborhood are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Richmond Neighborhood, Spencer McCallie, Oak Hill Nighborhood, St. Elmo Improvement League, Piney Woods, East Lake Neighborhood are neighborhoods located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
673 ft.
Junction : US #27/I-24
Junction US Route #27/Interstate Hwy #24, Both Highways traverses the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee
673 ft.
Martin Luther King Blvd : Chattanooga, TN
Martin Luther King Boulevard, Market Street/George Avenue, 
702 ft.
McCallie Avenue : Parkridge Medical Center
McCallie Avenue, Glenwood Drive, Parkridge Medical Center, Healthsouth Chattanooga Rehab. Hospital, Chattanooga Parks & Recreation, Memorial Healthcare Systems, DeLong Reservation, Community of Ridgedale, Glenwood, Avondale, Grass Farms Historic District, North Brainerd, Curtis Street, Gaylon Heights are neighborhoods located in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
686 ft.
Spring Creek Rd : East Ridge, TN
Spring Creek Road, to East Ridge, Tennessee, a city in Hamilton County, Tennessee, Park Ridge East Hospital, Virginia College, ITT Technical Institute, Eastgate Mall, an enclosed, commercial complex in Chattanooga, TN, US Remote Encoding Center, Eastgate Library, Bethel College Success, Camp Jordan Park, Elise Chapin Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon Acres located southeast of this junction near Tennessee/Georgia State Line.
745 ft.
Intersection : TN Hwy #153
Intersection TN Highway #153, connects with US Route #74/Interstate Hwy #75 just southeast of this Intersection, To the north/northwest, lies Lovell Field/Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, a public airport located east of the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Miller-Motte Technical College, The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, a railroad museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Chickamauga Boat Harbor, Chickamauga Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Wilkes T. Thrasher Bridge, a bridge spans the Tennessee River carrying Tennessee Highway #153 across.
774 ft.
Bonny Oaks Dr. : Tyner, TN
Bonny Oaks Drive/TN Highway #317, Near this Junction, US Route #11 starts concurrency with Interstate Highway #75/US #74, Community of Tyner, Tennessee, a populated place in Hamilton County, Tennessee, is now a neighborhood of Chattanooga, TN. Washington Hills Beighborhood, Lake Hills Area Neighborhood, Booker T. Washington State Park, a state park situated on the shores of Chickamauga Lake along TN Route #58, northwest of this junction.
787 ft.
Old Lee Hwy: Collegedale, TN
Intersection of TN Hwy #317/Old Lee Highway
879 ft.
Volkswagen Dr. : Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant
Volkswagen Drive, to Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant, Still Hollow Loop Road, to Community of Harrison, Tennessee, a census-designated place in Hamilton County, Tennessee, Harrison Bay State Park, the Hamilton County Landfill, Bear Trace Golf Course, and Skull Island, a recreational area are all located nearby in Harrison, Tennessee.
745 ft.
Co Hwy 2205 : Harrison Bay State Park
County Highway 2205/Hunter Road, to Harrison Bay State Park, a demonstration park TVA built in the 1930s on the shores of Chickamauga Lake, at the Harrison Bay, Popular Outdoor Recreational activities in the state park are Camping, Fishing, Biking, Boating, Hiking, and Swimming.
771 ft.
Main Street : Ooltewah, TN
Ooltewah Georgetown Road, Main Street, to Community of Ooltewah, Tennessee, a census-designated place in Hamilton County, Tennessee, Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee located nearby along Tennessee Highway #317.
804 ft.
Franklin Lane : South Cleveland, TN
Franklin Lane, Community of South Cleveland, Tennessee, a census-designated place in Bradley County, Tennessee,
774 ft.
Appalachian Hwy : Wildwood Lake, TN
Appalachian Highway/US Route #64/74, to Community of Wildwood Lake, Tennessee, a census-designated place in Bradley County, Tennessee, lies just south of Cleveland, Tennessee, In the east lies Ocoee Dam Number 1, a hydroelectric dam on the Ocoee River in Polk County in Tennessee, Parksville Reservoir, created by the dam, located along US Route #64 & 74.
820 ft.
Inman Street W : Cleveland, TN
Junction of TN State Highway 312
797 ft.
25th Street NW : Cleveland State Comm. College
25th Street NW/Tennessee Highway #60, to Cleveland State Community College, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Community of Hopewell, Tennessee, Community of Hopewell Estates, Tennessee, an unincorporated community in Bradley County, Tennessee,
827 ft.
Airport Rd : Hardwick Field
Airport Road to, Hardwick Field, also known as Cleveland Municipal Airport, a public airport located northeast of Cleveland, Tennessee just off US Route #11. Tomlinson College, Bentley Park Home Owners Associates, are located nearby, access is through Cromwell Circle, and Bentley Park Drive NW.
758 ft.
Junction : TN Hwy #308
Junction Tennessee Highway #308/Lauderdale Memorial Highway, Candies Creek Wildlife Management Area, Agency Creek Recreation Area, McKenzie Windmill, an historic windmill, built, located along Tennessee Highway #58 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
732 ft.
Cass Street : Charleston, TN
Cass Street, Charleston, Minnesota, a city in Bradley County, Tennessee, Charleston Cumberland Presbyterian Church, a historic church built in 1860, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, lies here on Railroad Street. Fort Cass, established in 1835, was an important encampment site during the Cherokee removal,
682 ft.
Bridge on Hiwassee River
A bridge spans Hiwassee River carrying US Route #11/TN Hwy #2, across,
725 ft.
Etowah Rd : Calhoun, TN / Lost Corral
Tennessee Highway #163, Etowah Road, to Calhoun, Tennessee, a town in McMinn County, Tennessee, Rogers Creek Wildlife Management Area, lies in the northwest. The Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park is a 23-mile stretch of river, the first such to be designated by the State Scenic River Program. Designated in 1975, the Gee Creek Wilderness is a 2493 acre wilderness area within Polk County in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Its elevation is 2560 ft above sea level.[ref name="lat-long"][/ref] Gee Creek Wilderness is the smallest wilderness in the Cherokee National Forest.
725 ft.
Etowah Rd : Calhoun, TN / Lost Corral Rec. Area
Tennessee Highway #163, Etowah Road, to Calhoun, Tennessee, a town in McMinn County, Tennessee, The Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park, a stretch of river designated as a scenic river state park, The Gee Creek Wilderness, a wilderness area within Polk County in Tennessee lies southeast of Calhoun, Tennessee, It is the smallest wilderness in the Cherokee National Forest.
709 ft.
Tennessee 163 : Wildlife Mgmt Area
Tennessee 163, to Rogers Creek Wildlife Management Area, a wildlife area located west off US Route #11 and Interstate Highway #75 on the Hiwassee River.
827 ft.
US #11 Business Rte : Riceville, TN
US #11 Business Route, Community of Riceville, Tennessee, a community in McMinn County, Tennessee, Riceville-Decatur Road connects US #11 with Interstate Highway #75.
896 ft.
TN Hwy #30: Athens, TN
Junction of Tennessee Highway #30
912 ft.
Intersection : Tennessee Highway #305
Intersection Tennessee Highway #305, Cleveland State Community College, Overniter RV Park,
978 ft.
Burn Rd : Niota, TN
Burn Road, to Niota, Tennessee, a city in McMinn County, Tennessee, Niota United Methodist Church,
965 ft.
Co Rd 323 : Airpark
County Road 323, to West Wind Airpark, Head of Creek Road, Cub Haven, an airstrip nearby.
932 ft.
Intersection : TN Hwy #68
Intersection Tennessee Highway #68, Craighead Caverns, an extensive cave system located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, contains the United States' largest and World's second largest underground lake, Crystal Clusters, and a waterfall also located here along Tennessee Highway #68 southeast of Sweetwater, Tennessee, Madisonville, Tennessee, a city in and the county seat of Monroe County, Tennessee, lies nearby, Monroe County Airport, a public-use airport, nearby. Watts Bar Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Tennessee River in Meigs County and Rhea County, Tennessee, lies about 20 miles west Tn Highway #68, across Tennessee River.
912 ft.
North Street : Sweetwater, TN
Sweetwater Vonore Road, North Street, Sweetwater, Tennessee, a city in Monroe and McMinn counties in Tennessee, Sweetwater Hospital Association, First Presbyterian Church, a historic church, built in 1887, in Sweetwater, Tennessee, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Sweetwater Public Library, Sweetwater City of Food Services, Engleman Park,
902 ft.
Oakland Rd/TN #322 : State Park
Oakland Road/Tennessee Highway #322, Fort Loudoun State Park, a state park in Monroe County in Tennessee, consists of Fort Loudoun, an interpretive center and a recreation area, located in the east along TN #33/US #411.
876 ft.
Christian St. : Philadelphia, TN
Christian Street, Fork Creek Road, Philadelphia, Tennessee, a city in Loudon County, Tennessee, Philadelphia Public Library, Philadelphia Community Park,
876 ft.
Intersection : Tennessee Hwy #72
Intersection Tennessee Highway #72, Tellico Village, a planned community on the western shore of Tellico Reservoir in Loudon County, Tennessee, lies east of this intersection, on Tellico Parkway.
840 ft.
West Street : Loudon, TN
West Street, Loudon, Tennessee, a city in and the county seat of Loudon County, Tennessee, located on the Tennessee River, Loudon Public Library, Loundon County Health Dept.,
741 ft.
Bridge on Tennessee River
A road bridge on Tennessee River in Loudon, Tennessee, carries US Route #11 across,
758 ft.
Blair Bend Rd : Loudon Marine Park
Blair Bend Road provides access to, Loudon Marine Park, a park located just off US Route #11 on the eastern bank of the Tennessee River.
932 ft.
Sugarlimb Rd : Loudon County Jail
Sugarlimb Road/TN Hwy #324, Loudon Ridge Road, Loudon County Jail, Loundon County Volunteer Fire & Rescue,
794 ft.
Old Hwy 95 : Lenoir City, TN
Old Highway 95, Lenoir City, Tennessee, a city in Loudon County, Tennessee, Roane State Community College, Lenoir City Recreation Dept., Rock Springs Park, Sixth Avenue Church of God, Lenoir City Area Recreation Complex, Loudon County Convenience Center, lies on Halls Ferry Road.
820 ft.
Jn. US #321/TN #73/95 : Fort Loudoun Lake & Dam
Junction US Route #321/Tennessee Highway #73/95, to Fort Loudoun Lake, a reservoir in east Tennessee on the upper Tennessee River, It is a popular recreation destination, activities range from bass fishing, boating, and to birdwatching, Fort Loudoun Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Tennessee River in Loudon County, Tennessee, Fort Loudoun Medical Center, National Guard Armory, The Crosseyed Cricket, Melton Hill Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Clinch River, Melton Hill Dam Recreation Area, located nearby.
994 ft.
US #70 : Dixiee Lee Junction
Dixie Lee Junction, an unincorporated community in Loudon County, Tennessee, Community of Eaton, Tennessee, an unincorporated community in Gibson County, Tennessee, situated on Kingston Pike, Mayor Bob Leonard Park, Cool Sports Home of the Icearium,
922 ft.
S Williamsburg Dr. : Farragut, TN
S Williamsburg Drive, Farragut, Tennessee, a town in Knox and Loudon counties in Tennessee, It is a suburb of nearby Knoxville, Tennessee. The Avery Russell House, a historic home built in 1835, as an inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, located nearby.
886 ft.
Concord Rd : Concord, TN
Concord Road, to Community of Concord, an unincorporated community in Knox County, Tennessee, It is as an historic district on the National Register of Historic Places, Concord Park, River Sports Outfitters, Putt-Putt Golf & Games located in West End Avenue along US Route #11/70.
961 ft.
Lovell Rd. : Hospital
Lovell Road/TN Highway #131, to Baptist Hospital West, Pavilion of Turkey Creek, Strayer University located nearby along Parkside Drive.
968 ft.
Pellissippi Pkwy : Eagleton Village, TN
Pellissippi Parkway/Interstate Highway #140, a short Interstate highway ends at Eagleton village, Tennessee, McGhee Tyson Airport/McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, a joint military facility located at McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa, Tennessee, lies across the Fort Loudoun Lake,
889 ft.
Peters Rd : Parkwest Medical Center
Peters Road, to Parkwest Medical Center, Dead Horse Lake, Zuma Fun Center, Town & Country Commons, Baker Peters House, an antebellum house lies nearby, Ebenezer Mill, a historic structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places lies nearby. Ball Camp Park,
932 ft.
Lyons View Pike: Sequoyah Park

883 ft.
Intersection : US #129/ TN #115
Intersection US Route #129, Tennessee Highway #115, Crosses the Tennessee River, The University of Tennessee Medical Center, an academic medical center located in Knoxville, Tennessee, A body farm, a research facility where human decomposition can be studied in a variety of settings, Candoro Marble Works, Daniel House, a historic home, I C King Park. Tyson Park, Fulton Bottoms Rugby Field, Skate Park are located just off US #129 near the intersection with US #11/70.
915 ft.
Main Street : Knoxville, TN

912 ft.
Summit Hill Dr: Old City
Junction of Tennessee Highway #62/Summit Hill Drive
902 ft.
North Brdwy Street NE : Old North Knoxville
North Broadway Street NE/US Route #441/TN Hwy #33, to Old North Knoxville, Tennessee, a neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee, St. Mary's Medical Center, Select Specialty Hospital, Fourth and Gill, a neighborhood nearby, The Emory Place Historic District, a historic district in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sharp Ridge Memorial Park, Fountain City, a neighborhood in northern Knoxville, Tennessee,
968 ft.
Castle Street : Knoxville Zoological Park
Castle Street, to Knoxville Zoological Park, Knoxville Zoo, a zoo located just off Interstate Highway #40 in Knoxville, Tennessee, the zoo draws about 400,000 visitors annually, Discovery Center, East Tennessee Discovery Center, Chilhowee Park, a residential neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chilhowee Park, Lake Ottosee, East Knoxville Recreation Center, Wilson Castle Park, Claude Walker Park, are located nearby.
951 ft.
Terminus of US #11 in TN
At this Juncture, US Route #11 terminates its journey just northeast of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, (Northeast terminus of US #11). US Route #11 splits into two different arterial routes i.e. US #11E and #11W. -ND11-