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Utah State #18 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
2585 ft.
Intersection I-15 by Riverside Dr;
Intersection of Interstate Highway #15 at St. George, Utah, a city located in the southwestern part of the state of Utah, This is where Utah State Route #18 begins its north/northwesterly journey from, and traverses Snow Canyon State Park, Dixie National Forest and Wide Canyon before terminating its run at a junction with State Route #56 north of Enterprise, Utah, a city in Washington County, Utah.
2779 ft.
Junction State Route #34 : St. George, UT

2904 ft.
State Route #8 : Santa Clara, UT
State Route #8/W Sunset Boulevard, to Santa Clara, Utah, a city in Washington County, Utah, Sanata Clara City Park, Santa Clara Library, Jacob Hamblin Home, Red Mountains sit just south of the city of Santa Clara, Utah.
3028 ft.
Snow Canyon Pkwy : Irvins, UT
Red Hills Parkway, Snow Canyon Parkway to Irvins, Utah, Irvins Reservoir, Tuacahn Amphitheatre and Center for the Arts, a nonprofit arts organization, completed in 1995, located at the entrance to Padre Canyon, next to Snow Canyon State Park. The center also presents The Festival of Lights with Live Nativity during the holiday season as well as a spring and fall concert series.
4111 ft.
State Route #300
State Route #300, Snow Canyon State Park, a designated state park, in Washington County, Utah. A canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone Red Mountains near Ivins, Utah is located within the boundaries of the state park.
4491 ft.
W Diamond Valley Drive : Volcano
W Diamond Valley Drive, Santa Clara Volcano, a volcanic field and lava flow in southwest Utah, Two cinder cones that rise above Snow Canyon are the main features of the Santa Clara Volcano.
4695 ft.
Red Mountain Trail : Canyon Overlook spot
Red Mountain Trail, to a spot where Snow Canyon Overlook offers a spectacular view.
4600 ft.
Diamond Valley Drive : Dammeron Valley, UT
Diamond Valley Drive, Dammeron Valley, Utah, a community in Washington County, Utah, Upper Sand Cove Reservoir, a reservoir located along Lower Sand Cove Road nearby.
4600 ft.
Lower Sand Cove Rd : Reservoir
Lower Sand Cove Road, Upper Sand Cove Reservoir, Lower Sand Cove Reservoir, Gunlock Reservoir, Gunlock State Park, a state park lies around Gunlock Reservoir, southwest off State Highway #18.
4465 ft.
Center Street : Veyo, UT
Center Street, Veyo, a community in western Washington County, Utah, on the edge of the Dixie National Forest.
5059 ft.
Baker Lake Rd : Reservoir
Baker Lake Road, Baker Reservoir, Baker Reservoir Recreation Area, located near Dixie National Forest,
5210 ft.
Pine Valley Hwy :
Pine Valley Highway, Central, Utah, a community in northwestern Washington County, Utah, located along Utah State Route #18.
5873 ft.
Access Road : A Monument
Access Road, to Mountain Meadows, an area in present-day Washington County Utah, It is a place of rest and grazing used by migrants on the Old Spanish Trail on their way overland to California, located within Dixie National Forest, Mountain Meadows Massacre Monument, a historic massacre, that took place on September 11, 1857.
5361 ft.
Main St. :
Main Street/State Route #219, Enterprise, Utah, a city in Washington County, Utah, Enterprise Library, Hebron, Utah, a ghost town located east of Enterprise, Utah, on Shoal Creek in Washington County in southwestern Utah,
5184 ft.
Junction : Northern Terminus
Junction of Utah State Route #18 with State Route #56, west of Newcastle, Utah, a community in southwestern Iron County, Utah, This is where Utah State Route #18 ends its journey (at its northern terminus). Beryl Junction Airport, a small public airport lies nearby. - ND10 -