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Kansas United States #81 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
1624 ft.
Nebraska State Line
Terminus of Kansas highway guide at Nebraska State Line. The Nebraska state border is at County Road A.
1532 ft.
Belleville, Kansas
Community of Belleville, Kansas. Some services.
1503 ft.
Junction US 36
West to Scandia, Kansas; Montrose, Kansas. East to Cuba, Kansas; Washington, Kansas.

1427 ft.
Junction of Kansas route #148
West to Norway, Kansas; Kackley, Kansas. East to Wayne, Kansas.

1345 ft.
Bridge over the Republican River, KS.
1444 ft.
Concordia, Kansas
Intersection of US 81 and Airport Park is the Blosser Municipal Airport, a city owned airport. To the East is Lincoln Township. There are many historic sites in Concordia worth taking a look. Hood Park is located on E.14th St. North of the airport and is surrounded with trees and grass.
1289 ft.
Intesection at Hambargar Road, KS.
Wary Lake. KS. To get to Wary Lake one have to turn to Hambargar Road a path intersecting US 81. This path meets with N. Gerard Rd. that will lead you to Wary Lake if you go northward. Wary Lake is a reservoir located just 7.8 miles from Salina, in the state of Kansas. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including smelt, sunfish and bigmouth buffalo here. Fishing permit is required.
1224 ft.
Intersection at W.Watkins Road. KS.
Saline County state Lake on the intersection of W.Watkins Rd. and US 81. The Saline County State Lake boasts of inns you can stay whether for a weekend trip or for the rest of the summer.Salina KOA Kampground is a great site to camp nearby. You can take a little tour to Saline County State Lake Dam or enjoy fishing on the lake or enjoy a line of outdoor activities like golf at the Salina Municipal Golf Course. These a haven for those who love outdoor activities.
1227 ft.
Intesection at W. State St., KS.
The junction at W. State St. and US 81 is an entry way to Salina's two most famous parks. The Lakewood Park and Indian Rock. You could also access other parks via this path like Thomas Park and Oakdale Park which are both surrounded by trees.
1240 ft.
Salina, KS.
Take the junction at W. Magnolia Road and US 81 and you will enter the city of Salina, KS. The city boasts of historical landmarks, football stadiums, baseball parks, schools and recreational parks. Explore an urban nature area of woodlands, prairie, and water at Lakewood Park. There are several hiking trails. A short distance south of Lakewood Park is Indian Rock Park. Perched on the bank of the Smoky Hill River, this site has a unique blend of human and natural history.
1460 ft.
Quivera Road, KS.
Junction at US 81 and Quivera Rd, KS. Leads to Alliance Acres Park which is a wide grassy land surrounded with trees. Limited service.
1460 ft.
Newton, KS.
On the interstate of US 81 and a small path leading to US 50 to the west is the Newton City-County Airport. Newton is the county seat of Harvey County. There are parks surrounded by trees that are all over the place, there are malls and hospitals around the city. Limited service.
1306 ft.
Intersection at E.13th St. North, KS.
McAdams Park on the intersection of US 81 and E. 13th St. North.This is a wooded park located near the downtown area, formerly referred to as McKinley Park, and renamed in 1966 to honor Emerson McAdams, a long-time recreation employee. This is a football field. There are bleachers available and parking at the back for $30 per hour.
1283 ft.
Junction at E.Mt. Vernon St. KS.
Junction of E. Mt. Vernon St. and US 81 to the east is the Linwood Park which is used as a football stadium. To the west side of this intersection is Clapp Memorial Park which is a golf course.
1270 ft.
Northwest Road, KS.
Along US 81 on Northwest Road is Wellington Municipal Airport a city-owned public-use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) north of the central business district of Wellington, a city in Sumner County, Kansas
1220 ft.
Wellington, KS.
Intersection at US 81 (NG ST) and US 160 ( W. 8th St.) is Woods Park in the city of Wellington,KS. This is used as a golf course and there are shelter housesand restrooms all around the place. Wellington City has hospitals, malls and other historical landmarks you might want to visit.
1135 ft.
Junction at W.175th St. South, KS
Caldwell Municipal Airport located at the junction of US 81 W. 175th St. and Chickaskia St.
1188 ft.
US 81 Exit
Kansas-Oklahoma Border.