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Kansas United States #77 Highway Guide

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1207 ft.
Junction at Deer Creek Cemetery
Deer Creek Cemetery. Limited services
1178 ft.
Marysville, Kansas
Marysville is a city in Marshall County, Kansas, United States. It is the county seat of Marshall County. Pony Express Highway. Pony Museum. Historic Place.
1319 ft.
Junction at Sunflower Rd
Sunflower road on either side of the Kasas Highway. Limited services
1145 ft.
Junction at Blue Rapids Police Station
railroad St, Raymond st. and Marshall st.Lincoln, Pomeroy St. Cooley situated on the sides of the road. It has a Riverside Park
1191 ft.
Junction at Waterville, Kansas
Waterville is a city in Marshall County, Kansas, United States.Golf course
1427 ft.
Junction at Cottage Hill Cementery
Cottage Hill Cemetery. limited services
1270 ft.
Junction at Fancy Creek Randolph Cementery
Junction at Fancy Creek Randolph Cemetery. Limited services
1217 ft.
Junction at Randolph, Kansas Highway
Randolph is a city in Riley County, Kansas, United States. Limited services
1306 ft.
Junction at Riley, Kansas Highway
Riley is a city in Riley County, Kansas, United States. United Methodist Church.
1198 ft.
Junction at Milford, Kansas
Milford is a city in Geary County, Kansas, in the United States. Parks, Post office.
1257 ft.
Highway of Junction City, Kansas
Junction City is a city in Geary County, Kansas, United States. The population was 18,886 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Geary County. Fort Riley, a major U.S. Army post, is nearby. There are many facilities like Golf course ground, fishing sports, shopping centers and various parks
1181 ft.
Junction at Wreford, Kansas
Wreford is an unincorporated community in Geary County, Kansas, United States. It is part of the Manhattan, Kansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. The place is rich for recreation and enjoyment.
1381 ft.
Junction at Herington, Kansas
Herington is a city in Dickinson and Morris counties in the U.S. state of Kansas. Rich in railroads. It also has a hub of highlands like Rock Island, the Cotton Belt Route, Southern Pacific etc....
1414 ft.
Lincolnville, Kansas
Lincolnville is a city in Marion County, Kansas, United States. Has cemetery
1316 ft.
Junction at Florence, Kansas
Florence is a city in Marion County, Kansas, United States. Moses Memorial park and Grand view park on the left side
1493 ft.
Junction at Burns, Kansas
Burns is a city in Marion County, Kansas, United States. Post office and various restaurants.
1427 ft.
Junction at Lincoln Township, Butler County, Kansas and Eldorado
Lincoln Township is a township in Butler County, Kansas, USA. Eldorado park comes after some kms of travel on the left side of the Road. El Dorado Lake is a reservoir in Butler County, Kansas, northeast of El Dorado. Airport facilities
1283 ft.
Junction at W. 9th Ave.
Forest Park is located at the intersection of W.9th Ave and US 7. The park offers the place for weddings, retreats, and meetings, Camping in the park is allowed. Tent camping available with fire pits in designated areas at $2 per person. RV electrical hookups (elec. & water, no a/c, no dump station) is at $10 per day and bathhouses are available. Park amenities includes 3 trails, playgrounds and indoor games, picnic tables, commercial size kitchen and refrigerators, tv and dvd. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not allowed in the area.
1293 ft.
Junction at E. Central Ave.
There are three parks located at the junction of US 77 and E. Central Ave. East Park has softball diamonds, playground equipment, picnic facilities. Home of Davis Landing pond. Immediately east of the Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum, in the 400 block of East Central. This is the south end of the City Bike Path which connects to El Dorado Lake. Central Park is home of McDonald Stadium, the El Dorado Baseball Hall of Fame, youth league baseball fields, tennis courts, public restrooms. Surrounds Central Cinema 6 Movie Theater, the Butler County Community Building and county fairgrounds. Riverview park has playground equipment, picnic facilities, fishing area along the Walnut River spillway and adjacent to the City Bike Path.
1342 ft.
Junction at SE 30th St.
Captain Jack Thomas or The El Dorado Airport is located at the junction of US 77 and SE 30th St. it can also be accessed through US 77 and SE 40th St. Captain Jack Thomas/El Dorado Airport is a public airport located three miles (5 km) southeast of El Dorado, KS, the central business district.
1230 ft.
Augusta, Kansas
Augusta, KS is a community in Butler County. It has museums, parks, malls, playgrounds, and historic landmarks. Augusta City Lake offers a fun filled day of fishing, sailboating and picnicking. Fishing license is required. Garvin Park just beside the lake is place where you can enjoy a baseball game with your friends or family, there are picnic tables and playground as well as restrooms available.
1211 ft.
Douglas City, KS.
The city of Douglas, KS is accessible through US 77 and E.1st St or E.8th St. It has business centers, churches, public libraries,schools and a municipal court. Limited service.
1122 ft.
Junction at Island Park
Island Park is located at the junction of US 77 and W. 4th St.The site of the original hunting grounds of the Chautauquas in Winfield, today the park is used by families for picnics and recreation. The park is at the North end of Main Street surrounded by the Timber Creek Lagoon.
1122 ft.
Junction at Main St., KS.
Black Creek Park accessed through the junction of US Route 77 and US Route 360 at 19th and Wheat Road. Offers a pavilion. skating rink, softball field, tennis volleyball and restrooms. North of Black Creek Park are Cherry Street Park and Albright Park. Both offers playgrounds, picnic areas. restrooms. tennis, baseball, and basketball.
1148 ft.
Junction at Pike Road, KS.
Strother Field is a public airport located in Cowley County, Kansas, five miles (8 km) southwest of Winfield and north of Arkansas City. This airport is jointly owned by both cities. Limited service.
1175 ft.
Junction at Valley View Drive, KS.
Spring Hill Park located at the junction of Valley View Drive and Route 77. Limited service.
1073 ft.
US 77 Bypass
Using US Route 77 and US 77 Bypass road and E.Jackson Ave and following S. M St. will lead you to Kaw Wildlife Area. If you love outdoors and wildlife watching this is the place for you. At Kaw you will enjoy hiking while looking at the beautiful scenery however the trails are underdeveloped. Camping is also allowed and there are boat ramps available for use.
1171 ft.
Exit at 332nd Road
Exit way. Kansas- Oklahoma border.