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    Turnoff from Highway 200 to Troncones
    The turnoff from Highway 200 is between the 30 Km and 31 Km markers on the highway. The road is well marked northbound, but tricky to see if approaching southbound. The paved road to Troncones is curving, but easy to drive.
    Bocote trees in blossom
    The mid section of this 3.6 km. road features bocote trees that blossom in October and November. The flower is called Flor de Muertos because its appearance coincides with the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.
    Entering 'downtown' Troncones
    This area includes several small restaurants and several tiendas (convenience stores). Drive slowly, watching out for children and animals on the road. Also, watch out for the tope (speed bump) near the building supplies depot on the north side of the street.
    T- Intersection (Entronque)
    Approaching this intersection, especially in the afternoon, provides a nice view of Playa Troncones. The taxi stand is to the south as is Tropic of Cancer Beach Club (200 m.) and El Burro Borracho Restaurant (600 m.) Turn to the north to follow this drive. From this point the road is unpaved, but in good repair except during the worst of the rainy season.
    Puente Milagro - Restaurant Costa Brava
    The 'miracle bridge' was replaced in 2000. (The miracle was that it stayed up so long.) To the east is a small lagoon and to the west is the Pacific Ocean and a large Mexican village restaurant.
    Restaurant Esmeralda
    This is a much smaller, simpler restaurant, owned by the same family that has Costa Brava. Good chilies rellenos when they have them.
    Turnoff to Punta Troncones
    This is the first possible turnoff since the entronque. To the west are several private houses and Punta Troncones, a popular surfing point. Stay to the eastern fork for this drive.
    Restaurant Manzanillo
    This beachfront restaurant features seafood and chicken dishes. It has good pulpo (octopus) in several styles. They often have fresh oysters on the half-shell at around US$5/dozen.
    Restaurant La Cocina del Sol at Posada Eden
    La Cocina del Sol serves the most elegent meals in Troncones. Only fresh ingredients are used. Meals sometimes include baked goods made on-site that day. Posada Eden and La Cocina del Sol are seasonal (November to April).
    The House of Tropical Dreams
    This beachfront rental home has some of the best views in Troncones.
    90 Degree Turn At Edge of La Majahua
    There is a sharp turn at the edge of the small village of La Majahua. Majahua is just beginning to develop some tourist-based business, but for the most part is unchanged for the past 10 years.
    Restaurants Las Brisas and Los Angeles
    These two restaurants serve mostly fish dishes, with lobster when it is in season. The food is simple and good. You can see that the view from these restaurants is spectacular.
    Primary School
    On the south side of the road is Majahua's one-room primary school. Students have to go to Lagunillas (10 km.) or to Zihuatanejo (40 km.) for secondary school.
    Turnoff For Kandahar Surf Club
    This turnoff to the north will take you to Kandahar Surf Club. Further along is the Rio Lagunillas. During the dry season it is sometimes possible to ford the almost dry river bed and drive to Playa Saladitas for more surfing. Otherwise, return to the scenic drive to Hwy 200.
    Hilly Section with Views
    The drive from Majahua to Hwy 200 is mostly treed (providing shade) and winding through hills. There are some nice views of the grazing and farming valleys through to the Pacific Ocean.
    Return to Hwy 200
    This scenic drive ends at Highway 200, about 2 kilometers north of where you entered from Highway 200.