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California State #119 Highway Guide

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938 ft.
Junction: at Taft, CA
Junction California State Route #119 with California State Route #33 at Taft, California, a city in the foothills at San Joaquin Valley, located at an elevation of 955 feet. This is where California State Highway #119 starts its northerly/easterly run to terminate at a junction with State Highway #99 south of Bakersfield, California. South Taft, California, a community in Kern County, lies on Wood Street, Community of Taft Heights, California.
919 ft.
CA State Highway 33
CA State Highway 33 departs CA State Highway 119; goes north-west to the city of Taft, CA. Taft City Park (E Kern St). Civic Center Park (Ford St).
892 ft.
Airport Road
Goes to Taft Airport, also known as Taft-Kern County Airport, a public airport located east of Taft, California, A skydive area is close by.
846 ft.
Ford City, CA
Community of Ford City, California, located along California State Route #119, north of Taft, California. Ford City Park (Cedar St & Polk St). Franklin Field (E Cedar St & Mary St).
804 ft.
Wallace Center, CA
West of highway. Community of Wallace Center, CA. Limited services.
725 ft.
Midway Road
West to Fellows, California, a community located at an altitude of 1316 feet, east of California State Highway #119. Midway-Sunset Oil Field, the third largest U.S. oil field, surrounds Fellows, California on all sides. Fellows Park (Broadway/Mocal Rd).
423 ft.
Valley Acres, CA
Community of Valley Acres, California, located on State Highway #119. Valley Acres Park (Maple Street).
374 ft.
Dustin Acres, CA
Community of Dustin Acres, CA; lies on California State Highway #119.
404 ft.
Golf Course Road: Lake
East to Buena Vista Park, Buena Vista Golf Course.
436 ft.
N Access Road
North to the community of Tupman, CA.
331 ft.
Tupman Road/Golf Course Road
Tupman Road goes northwest to Tupman, California, a community located west-southwest of Bakersfield, California. Tule Elk Reserve State Park, protects a small tule elk herd; interpretive exhibits; auto safari tours; has a picnic area from where one can observe birds from the San Joaquin Valley. To the south, Golf Course Road heads to Buena Vista Golf Course (10256 Golf Course Rd, Taft, CA). Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area can also be accessed from this road by turning Ironbark Road.
308 ft.
California State Highway 43
South to Calders Corner, CA (limited services). To the south, this road becomes Enos Lane and goes to Buenav Vista Aquatic Recreation Area (Bakersfield, CA): a man-made recreational area consisting of Lake Evans (mainly a fishing and sailing lake) and Lake Webb (primarily used for water skiing, motorboating, and jet skiing. Other activities: camping, bicycling, picnicking.
315 ft.
US Interstate Highway 5 (West Side Freeway)
Northwest to the communities of Bowerbank, CA; Kilowatt, CA; and Buttonwillow, CA. South to the communities of Corner, CA; Gulf, CA; Millux, CA; and Kern Lake, CA. Limited services in these communities.
344 ft.
Old River Road/Old River, CA
Community of Old River, CA. Old River Road heads north to Greystone Park (Harris Rd), California State University, Bakersfield, a public university located in Bakersfield, California, lies north off California State Highway #119; Seven Oaks Country Club. Ends at Stockdale Highway. South to the community of Conner, CA. Limited services.
351 ft.
Panama, CA
Community of Panama, CA. Limited services.
351 ft.
California State Highway 99 (Golden State Freeway)
Intersection California State Highway #99, south of Bakersfield, California, This is where California State Highway #119, ends (its eastern terminus). To the north, CA State Highway 99 goes to the communities of Venola, CA; Wible Orchard, CA; and the West Bakersfield Interchange, which connects CA State Highway 99 with CA State Highway 58. To the south, this highway travels to the community of Alameda, CA. Limited services.