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Ontario #401 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
Exit #375- Junction of Ontario Highway #404 - The Don Valley Parkway
This Free RV Highway Map Itinerary is presently under construction. NOTE: For highway travel west via Ontario Highway #401 - See Section 1 - Free RV Road Map highway Itinerary - Windsor, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario for driving directions. --- Access to the City of Toronto, Ontario. North to Communities of Markham, Ontario, attractions 'Markham Museum & Historic Village' featuring 30 buildings depicting Markham, Ontario, as a early rural village - 'Markham Village Annual Music Festival', held in June. - 'Markham Jazz Festival' - 'Markham Ribfest & Music Festival' - North to Gormley, Ontario, attractions 'The 'Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON. Museum' The museum features 5 restored early historical buildings. - Stouffville, Ontario, Whitchurch, Ontario, attractions - Newmarket, Ontario, attractions - 'Elman W Campbell Museum'. The museum features displays of artifacts and history of the early settlers. NOTE: For highway travel East of Toronto, Ontario - See Free RV Highway Itinerary - Toronto to Windsor, Ontario for driving directions.

Exit #376 - Victoria Park Ave
South access to Parkway Mall
Exit #378 - Warden Ave
North access to Bridlewood Mall.
Exit #379 - Kennedy Road
North to communities of Unionville, Ontario, attractions in Unionville 'The Varley Art Gallery', 'The Unionville Festival' - North to Markham, Ontario: Attractions in Markham - 'Markham Museum',ON; features 30 historical buildings and artifacts of the Markham, area. - Annual events held in Markham, 'The Markham Village Music Festival', 'THe Markham Jazz Festival,', 'The Markham Ribfest & Music Festival' - North access to 'Agincourt Mall' - 'The Tam Oshanter Golf Course', ON.
Exit #380 - Brimley Road
North to communities of Milliken, Ontario - South access to Scarborough, Town Center, ON.
Exit - #381 - McCowan Road - Scarborough, Ontario
South to Scarborough Town Center - Scarborough General Hospital. Attractions in Scarborough, Ontario: - Scarborough Historical Museum, features historic buildings and artifacts of the early days. - Scarborough Bluffs, stretch for about 14km along the shores, of Lake Ontario with the highest point 65 metres (210 ft).
Exit #383 - Markam Road
North to communities of Ringwood, Ontario, Ballantrae, Ontario. South to Scarboro Golf and Country Club, ON.
Point of information
Crossing East Highland Creek, ON.
Exit #385 - Neilson Road
North access to Malvern Town Center, ON.
Exit #387 - Morningside Ave
North access to Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club, ON. - Parkview Golf Course, ON. - South access to Rouge Valley Health System Centenary Health Center - Scarborough Centenary Hospital.
Exit #389 - Meadowvale Road
North access to 'The Metro Toronto Zoo'. Located on the Ontario Rouge River the Ontario, Toronto Metro Zoo is one of the larger zoos in North America. The Metro Zoo has over 5,000 animals, including fish and invertebrates.
Exit #390 (East bound traffic) Junction of Ontario Highway #2
Access to Kingston Road. South access to Rouge Hill Beach park.
Exit #392 - East Sheppard Ave North side - Port Union Rd , south side
South access to Port Union Community Center.
Point of information
Crossing the Ontario Rouge River. The Rouge River is part of the Ontario's Rouge Park the largest urban park in North America.
Exit #394 - Junction of Ontario Highway #38 - Whites Road
South access to Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Facilities 12 picnic sites, 1.5-acre supervised swimming pool, waterfront Trail.
Exit #397- West Bound Traffic - Junction of Ontario Highway #29 - Liverpool Road
Access to Pickering, Ontario - North access to Supercenter Mall, Pickering Town Center, ON.
Exit #399 - Brock Road
City of Pickering, Ontario. - South access to 'The Pickering Generating Station', ON. Attractions in and around Pickering, ON - 'Pickering Museum Village,'ON; the museum features 15 restored buildings depicting a early Pioneer Village with interpreters in costume. - 'The Pickering Market' - 'Pickering Waterfront Trail, ON.
Point of information
Crossing Ontario Duffins Creek
Exit #401 - Junction of Ontario Highway #31 - Westney Road South
North to communities of Greenwood, Ontario, Brougham, Ontario. - South access to Annandale Golf and Country Club, ON.
Exit #404 - Salem Rd S - South side - Pickering Beach Rd - N side
Town of Ajax, Ontario, attractions - 'Ajax Festival of the Arts', held in May.
Point of Information
Crossing Ontario Lynde Creek.
Exit #410 - Junction of Ontario Highway #10 - Brock St South
Access to the Town of Whitby, Ontario. Attractions in Whitby, ON. - 'Whitby's Harvest Festival' - '# Whitby Harbour Days' - 'Whitby Sports Hall of Fame' - ' Whitby History Museum & Children's Center', shows the history of Whitby, ON, and the Durham, ON, Region. North access to communities of Brooklin, Ontario, Myrtle, Ontario, Ashburn, Ontario, Myrtle Station, Ontario, Manchester, Ontario
EXit #412 - Junction of Ontario Highway #26 - Thickson Road
South access to 'Heydenshore Kiwanis Park'. Located on Lake Ontario with Whitby Shores Waterfront hiking trail Trail. North access to 'Durham College-Whitby'
Exit #416 - Stevenson Rd South - Regional Rd #53 North side
South access to 'Lynde Shore Conservation Area', ON.
Point of information
Crossing Oshawa Creek, ON. Oshawa Creek has fall and spring trout and salmon runs.
Exit #417 - Junction of Ontario Highway #2 - Simcoe St. South
North access to communities of Taunton, Ontario, Columbus, Ontario, Prince Albert, Ontario, Port Perry, Ontario; Attractions in and around Port Perry, Ontario; - Scugog Shores Historical Museum, ON. The Scugog Shores Museum is located on Scugog Island. The museum features, 12 restored buildings in the historic village, flower and vegetable gardens, also the Ojibway Heritage Interpretive Lands. - Scugog Island Cruises, where one can tour Lake Scugog, on a 100-passenger vessel. - Port Perry Waterfront Trail; This trail follows along Ontario's; Lake Scugog, access to beaches. - Mississauga First Nation Pow Wow - North to Lake Scugog, Ontario. NOTE: For highway travel north via Ontario Highway #2 - See Free RV Road Map Itinerary - Junction of Highway #4 (Taunton Road) to Junction of Highway #7 The Trans Canada Highway (Central Ontario Route) for driving directions.

Exit #418 - Drew Street North side
City of Oshawa, Ontario. Attractions in and around Oshawa, Ontario: - 'The Canadian Automotive Museum' shows the history of Canada's automobile history from it's start to the future and beyond. - 'The Oshawa Community Museum and Archives', features 3 restored buildings, with artifacts and displays of the early pioneer days of Oshawa, Ontario and Area. - 'Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum' shows the largest collection of running and operational military equipment in Canada. - 'Parkwood, The R.S. McLaughlin Estate' National Historic Site, features a 1920�s and 1930 Grand Mansion, showing the history of auto baron R. Samuel McLaughlin, the founder of General Motors of Canada. - 'The Ontario Regiment (RCAC) Regimental Museum' Features the history, displays, artifacts, vehicles used by the Ontario Regiment. - 'Oshawa Zoological Park' - 'The Robert McLaughlin Gallery's' features exhibits of Canadian Artists including Canada's Group of Seven. - 'Oshawa Annual Fiesta Week', a week long event held the 3rd week in June. - The Camp-X Museum. Canada's Spy Museum, features equipment used by agents also history and displays of WWI & 2 aircraft history.
Exit #419 - Junction of Ontario Highway #22 - Bloor Street East
Access to 'Harmony Creek Golf Center', ON. - 'Harmony Creek Vally Park', ON.
Exit #425 - Junction of Ontario Highway #34 - Courtice Road
South access to Darlington Ontario Provincial Park. Camping Facilities: 315 campsites, 135 of with electrical service, drinking water, toilets, fireplace, picnic table, two group camping sites, 3 day-use areas, showers, laundromat, play Area, boat launch, canoes, paddleboat rentals. Fishing for lake trout and salmon and panfish. Darlington Park has 4 hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate. North access to communities of Courtice, Ontario,
Exit #428 - Holt Road
South access to Darlington Generating Station, ON.
Exit # 431 - Junction of Ontario Highway #57 - Waverly Road
North to communities of Solina, Ontario, Hampton, Ontario, Enniskillen, Ontario, attractions 'Enniskillen Conservation Area, ON.', hiking, picnicking. - Burketon, Ontario, Blackstock, Ontario. North to Lake Scugog, Ontario, Fishing for Walleye, Bass and Perch.
Point of Information
Crossing Bowanville Creek, Ontario.
Exit #432 - Junction of Ontario Highway #14 - Duke Street, north side
South access to 'Bowmanville Harbor Conservation Area', ON. numerous parks and trails, boat launch, parking, access to waterfront. North access to 'Bowmanville Valley Conservation Area', ON. Access to city of'Bowmanville Vally Conservation Area', ON. - Access to Bowmanville, Ontario. Attractions in and around Bowmanville 'The Mosport International Raceway', ON, located 25 km north of 'Bowmanville - 'The Bowmanville Zoo';, ON; the oldest private zoo in Canada.
Exit #435 - Bennett Road
North access to Ontario Highway #2.
Exit #436 - Junction of Ontario Highways # 35 & #115
North via highway #35 to communities if Newcastle Village, Ontario, Orono, Ontario, attractions 'The Durham Central Fair' and the Ontario Rodeo Finals', 'The Jungle Cat World', features exotic animals, - Kirby, Ontario, Lindsay, Ontario, Attractions 'The Trent-Severn Waterway'. Communities via highway #115 Cavan, Ontario, Peterborough, Ontario, attractions in Peterborough, ON; - 'The Peterborough Lift Lock, world's largest hydraulic lift lock. The lock rises 65 feet (19.8 m)The lock is part of the 'Trent-Severn Waterway' on The Ontario Otonabee River. - 'Peterborough Folk Festival' a three day event held in August. - 'Peterborough Museum and Archives' features the heritage/culture of the Peterborough area. North to the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
Exit #440 - Regional Road #17 north side - Mill St S, south side
North access to Newcastle, Ontario. Incorporated in 1856. Attractions - 'Docville Wild West Park' a constructed wild west town. Movies are made here, it is open for visitors.
Ontario Highway Service Center - West Bound traffic only - North side of highway
Esso Fuel Gasoline and Diesel available. Food: - Mr. Sub, - Wendy' - Tim Hortons. There is a Picnic area, washrooms.
Exit #448 - Junction of Ontario Highway #18 - Newtonville Road
Access to Newtonville, Ontario, north of highway. Newtonville, ON, is located in the municipality of Clarington, Ontario. North to community of Kendal, Ontario.
Ontario Highway Service Center - East Bound traffic only - south side of highway
Shell, Fuel Gasoline and Diesel available. Food: - Tim Hortons, - Mr. Sub, - Wendy's. Picnic area, washrooms.
Exit #456 - Morris Church Road
Access from highway
Exit #461 - Junction of Ontario Highways #2 & #10 - Toronto Road
South to Port Hope, Ontario.Attractions in and around Port Hope, ON: - 'Port Hope's All-Canadian Jazz Festival,' September. - 'Port Hope Historic House Tour' features tours of heritage buildings, private homes, public buildings held in October - 'Port Hope Olde Tyme Christmas' - 'Port Hope Fall Fair,' features a midway, tractor shows, antique car show, horse shows, demolition derby, dog agility trials, blacksmithing, milking demonstrations, held in September. - 'Port Hope Farmers' Market and Arts Festival' - 'Estival', Entertainment, Food and Culture - 'Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny' A race floating 10 kms down the Ontario's Ganaraska River, held in April. - Other attractions in Port Hope - 'The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum' features exhibits and history of fire fighting vehicles and equipment. - 'Dorothy�s House Museum' a restored 1800's building with exhibits and artifacts of the early pioneer days. South access to Port Hope Golf and Country Club, ON. - North access to Sylvan Glen Conservation Area.
Point of information
Crossing Ganaraska River, Ontario. The Ganaraska River flows into Lake Ontario. The river provides fishing for Chinook Salmon, Steelhead Trout. The Ontario record for the largest Steelhead Trout was caught in this river, over 29, lbs.
Exit #464 - Junction of Ontario Highway #28 - Ontario Street
North to communities of Bewdley, Ontario, Bailieboro, Ontario, Springville, Ontario, Peterborough, Ontario. North to Rice Lake, Ontario. Rice lake is part of the Ontario, Trent-Severn Waterway. 32 km in length and 5 km wide makes this lake one of the largest of the Ontario Kawartha lakes, chain. Fishing for Bass, Sunfish, Perch, Muskie Walleye. Rice lake is one of Ontario's most productive fishing lakes.
Point of information
Crossing Cage Creek, Ontario.
Exit #472 - Junction of Ontario Highway #18 - Bumham Street
South to Cobourg, Ontario. Attractions in Cobourg, Ontario. Lake Ontario's Beaches. Cobourg is located right on Lake Ontario. - Cobourg's hiking trails. 'Canada�s Waterfront Trail' - 'Cobourg's annual Waterfront Festival'. - 'Cobourg Highland Games' in June.
Point of information
Crossing Cobourg Creek, Ontario.
Exit #474 - Junction of Ontario Highway #45
North to communities of Baltimore, Ontario, Fenalla, Ontario, Alderville, Ontario, Roseneath, Ontario, Hastings, Ontario. South to Cobourg, Ontario.
Exit #487 - Junction of Ontario Highway #23
North to community of Centreton, Ontario. South to Grafton, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Shelter Valley Creek, Ontario
Exit #497 - Junction of Ontario Highway #25 - Percy Street
South access to community of Colborne, Ontario, Attractions 'The Big Apple,' height of 10.7 metres and diameter of 11.6 metres, said to be the biggest apple in the world. - North to communities of Castleton, Ontario, Morganston, Ontario, Norham, Ontario.
Point of interest
Little Lake, Ontario, south of highway. Fishing for Bass; Walleyes; Sunfish; Perch; Catfish. The lake is fed by Biddy Creek
Exit #509 - Junction of Ontario Highway #30
South to Brighton Ontario. Attractions in and around Brighton, ON: - 'Memory Junction Railway Museum' The original station built in 1867, is one of nine left, of first rail system from Montreal to Toronto built in 1856. The museum shows historical artifacts, from the Grand Trunk Railway. The museum also has train running stock, including a 1906 Grand Trunk steam locomotive. - Other attractions, 'Brighton Speedway' Stock car; Lawn Tractor; 4 Wheelers; and Motocross racing. - 'Proctor House Museum', features a restored 19th century mansion. - 'Proctor Simpson Barn Theatre/Agriculture Museum' a 125-seat theatre located on the property of the Proctor House Museum. - North to communities of Hilton, Ontario, Codrington, Ontario, Campbellford, Ontario, attractions - 'The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge' spans 30' above the Ontario, Trent River, 330 ft in length.- 'Westben Arts Festival' - 'Canada's Tooney' a two-dollar coin, a 27 ft high statue. - 'Campbellford annual antique motorbike and car show', - North to Ferris Ontario Provincial Park Campground. Facilities: - 163 campsites, with a firepit and picnic table showers, flush toilets, laundry facilities. There is a day camp area with toilets picnic tables a boat launch. There are 3 interconnecting hiking trails from easy to strenuous. Fishing for Bass, Panfish, Pickerel. - South to 'Ontario Presqu'ile Provincial Park' Camping: Facilities - eight campgrounds, with 394 campsites 71 electrical service sites, group camping, showers, flush toilets, boat launch, sandy beach, lighthouse interpretive centre, nature centre. Park Store, (basic groceries), hiking trails.
Ontario Highway Service Center - West and East Bound traffic - both sides of highway
East bound traffic - Service Centre Facilities: Petro-Canada fuel gas diesel. McDonald's was closed as of Oct 2009. There are washrooms and picnic areas. West bound traffic; Shell Fuel, gas diesel Service Centre Facilities: Tim Hortons, KFC. There are washrooms and picnic areas.
Exit #522 - Wooler Road
South to community of Quinte West, Ontario. Quinte West is located on the shores of the Ontario, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario. Attractions: - 'The Trenton Scottish Irish Festival,' held in September. - 'Trent-Severn Waterway' The southern entrance to the Trent-Severn Waterway termination point is in the City of Quinte West. -
Exit #525 Junction of Ontario Highway #33 - Trenton-Frankford Road
South to Trenton, Ontario. Attractions in and around Trenton Ontario: 'National Air Force Museum of Canada,' The museum shows the history Canada's military forces of world war 1 & 2, with displays of vintage aircraft. - 'The Trent-Severn Waterway,'Trenton, ON; is also the starting point of the Trent-Severn Waterway. - 'Trenton Farmer's Market, (Tues, Thurs, Sat) located in downtown Trenton. - 'The Loyalist Parkway' a 100km parkway running along the shores of Lake Ontario, from Trenton, to Kingston, Ontario. - 'The Murray Canal' this canal system connects Lake Ontario to the Bay of Quinte. - 'Mount Pelion Lookout' a panoramic view of Trenton. - South access via highway #33 to communities of Carrying Place, Ontario, Consecon, Ontario, Rosehall, Ontario, Hillier, Ontario, Wellington, Ontario. South to Ontario Provincial Park North Beach. North beach is a Day Use Picnic Park. Facilities: washrooms, picnic tables, boat launch, swimming area, fishing, wildlife viewing.
Point of information
'The Trent-Severn Waterway,'Trenton, ON; This water way lock system, travels northwest to Peterborough, Ontario continues to Port Severn on Georgian Bay, Ontario.
Exit #526 - Glen Miller Road
South to Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario. South to Trenton Ontario.
Exit #538 - Junction of CR1- Wallbridge-Loyalist Road
North to community of Stirling, Ontario
Exit #534a and #534b - Junction of Ontario Highway #62 - Front Street
South to the city of Belleville, Ontario. There is a large shopping Mall 'The Quinte Mall' just south of the highway. Attractions in and around Belleville, Ontario: - 'Belleville Waterfront & Ethnic Festival,' held in July - 'The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Military Museum' The museum shows the history of the Regiment from 1800 to 1885 with exhibits and artifacts of the period. - 'Glanmore National Historic Site' features a 1800's elegant restored home with period furniture. - North access via highway #62 to communities of Foxboro, Ontario, Centre Hastings, Ontario, Madoc, Ontario, Moira Lake, Ontario.
Exit #544 - Junction of Ontario Highway #37 - Cannifton Road
South to city of Belleville, Ontario. North to communities of Cannifton, Ontario, Corbyville, Ontario, Plainfield, Ontario, Roslin, Ontario. North to Black Bear Ridge Golf Course, ON.
Exit #556 - Shannonville Road - Shannonville Road
South to communities of Shannonville, Ontario, Attractions 'The Shannonville Motorsport Park,' ON. - South to Tyendinaga, Ontario. South to The Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON.
Exit #566 - Junction of Ontario Highway #49, south side of highway
South to communities of Marysville, Ontario, Picton Ontario. South to Lake on the Mountain Ontario Provincial Park. The park is located on Lake Ontario. A Day Use Area park only. No camping. Facilities; washrooms, picnic tables.
Exit #570 - Deseronto Road
South to community of Deseronto, Ontario. Deseronto is located on the Bay of Quinte,ON. Attractions - 'Deseronto Yacht Club fishing derby' - 'The Waterfront Trail' This trail follows along the shore of Lake Ontario,the St. Lawrence River, from Niagara on the Lake, ON; to the Quebec/Ontario Border.
Exit #579 - Junction of Ontario Highway #41
North to communities of Selby, Ontario, Forest Mils, Ontario, Kaladar, Ontario, Cloyne, Ontario. North to 'Bon Echo Ontario Provincial Park'. Camping facilities: 528 campsites, 132 electric Sites, showers, flush toilets, laundry facilities, boat launching area, park store, equipment rentals, group camping sites. Bon Echo Park is located on Mazinaw Lake, ON; one of the deepest lakes in Ontario. The lake offers swimming, boating, fishing for Walleye, Bass, Musky, Lake Trout, Musky, Pike, Sunfish Perch. The lake other attractions is over 260 native pictographs, the largest collection in Canada. South to Napanee, Ontario, attractions 'Annual Napanee Fair' - 'Scarecrow Festival'
Exit #582 - Junction of Ontario Highway #5 - Palace Road
South to Napanee, Ontario
Ontario Highway Service Center - West Bound traffic only - North side of highway
Facilities: Petro-Canada fuel gas and diesel, McDonald's fast food, washrooms and Picnic areas
Exit #593 - Junction of Ontario Highways #4 and #133
North to communities of Camden East, Ontario, Centreville, Ontario, Tamworth, Ontario. South to communities of Millhaven, Ontario, Stella, Ontario. Bath, Ontario
Point of Information
Crossing Millhaven Creek, Ontario.
Exit #599 - Junction of Ontario Highway #6
South to communities of Odessa, Ontario, Amherstview, Ontario. North to communities of Wilton, Ontario, Yarker, Ontario, Colecrook, Ontario, Moscow, Ontario
Ontario Highway Service Center - East Bound traffic only - south side of highway
Esso - last fuel in Ontario as of Oct 2009 - Tim Hortons, - KFC, Picnic area and washrooms.
Point of Information
Crossing Collins Creek, ON.
Exit #611- Junction of Ontario Highway #38
North to communities of Harrowsmith, Ontario, Hartington, Ontario, Verona, Ontario, attractions, 'The Annual Verona Festival,' held in August, Godfrey, Ontario. North to Sharbot Lake Ontario Provincial Park apx. 70kms Camping facilities in Sharbot Lake Park: 185 campsites, 29 with electricity, drinking water, comfort station with showers, sandy beach and laundry facilities, park store. - Picnics and Day Use with toilets, picnic shelter, playground. Boat launch on Black Lake, ON; and on Sharbot Lake, ON. Fishing for Walleye, Bass, Musky, Lake Trout, Pike, Sunfish , Perch.
Exit #613 - Junction of Ontario Highway #9
North to communities of Elginburg, Ontario, Sydenham, Ontario, attractions 'The Annual canoe/kayak Regatta' held on Sydenham Lake, ON. -- North to Frontenac Ontario Provincial Park. Camping Facilities: Frontenac has 48 back country campsites, tent pads, privy toilets, boat launch. Campsites are reached by canoe, or on foot. There are no beaches. South to communities of Collins Bay, Ontario, Elmwood, Ontario, Amherstview, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Little Cataraqui Creek, Ontario.
Exit #615 - Sir John A MacDonald Blvd.
South to city of Kingston, Ontario. Attractions in and around Kingston, ON: - 'Pump House Steam Museum' shows the history of the cities original steam powered engines of the city waterworks. - 'Fort Henry, ON.' visit a 19th century British military fortress. The Fortress shows Canadian and British arms, military uniforms, armaments, medals, furniture of the 18th and 19th centuries showing conditions how the Soldiers lived. - 'The Kingston Archaeological Centre, ON.' Features the early history with native artifacts over 7000 years old also displays and artifacts of French traders and soldiers during the 17th and 18th centuries. - 'Belleview House National Historic Park,' features the life and memorabilia of Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. - 'International Hockey Museum, ON' - 'Kingston Scout Museum, ON.' - 'The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston,' features marine artifacts, with exhibits and archives, original pumping station and steam engines built in 1891. Also on display is the Icebreaker Ship, 'Alexander Henry', tours available May to Oct. The ship is also used as a bed and breakfast. - 'MacLachlan Woodworking Museum' shows traditional woodworking. - 'Military Communications and Electronics Museum' features, Military communications technology from 1867 to date. - 'The Miller Museum' - 'Royal Military Museum, ON; artifacts, exhibits of the garrison, and naval dockyard and history of the college and graduates. - 'The Kingston Public Market' open Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays, Sundays. - 'The Penitentiary Museum' exhibits, artifacts, history of Ontario's penal system. - Events in Kingston, ON. - 'The annual Kingston Buskers Rendezvous.' held in July. - 'Fanfayr Arts & Craft Show' - 'The 1000 Islands Poker Run and the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston' , August. - 'The Kingston Sheep Dog Trials', August - 'Wolfe Island Music Festival', August - 'The Limestone City Blues Festival', August. - 'The Kingston Jazz Festival.'
Exit #617 - Junction of Ontario Highway #10 - Division Street south side - Perth Road north side
South to Kingston, Ontario. North to communities of Inverary, Ontario, Perth Road, Ontario, Westport, Ontario. Westport is located on Upper 'Rideau Lake, ON.' The town is part of the navigable 'Rideau Canal' system. The canal, first opened in 1832 a 202 KM, (125 mile)system, is classed as a 'World Heritage Site', it connects Kingston, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario. Other attractions in Westport, ON. - 'The Rideau District Museum' The museum is a 1850's carriage and blacksmith shop. The museum shows the early history of the area, with artifacts and exhibits. - 'Trails Foley Mountain Conservation Area,' offers eight hiking trails with 8 km of the Rideau Trail.- North to Perth, Ontario. - Attractions in and around Perth Ontario. - 'The Perth Museum,' a 1840's elegant home, designated as a National Historic Site. The museum shows period furnishings and the lifestyle of the Honourable Roderick Matheson. - Stratford Perth Museum. ON.' shows artifacts and displays of the Perth County areas history. - Events and Festivals in Perth, Ontario.- 'Festival of the Maples,' an annual event held in June, marking the end of the Maple Sap run. - 'Stewart Park Music Festival,'a 3 day event held in July. - 'The Perth Garlic Festival,' - 'Perth Fair,'4 Day Agriculture Fair, held Labour Day weekend. -
Exit #619 - Access to Montreal Street
South to Kingston, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing the Cataraqui River, Ontario. Fishing opportunities for Small and Large mouth Bass, Northern Pike. Muskies, Walleyes, Perch, Salmon, Panfish.
Exit #623 - Junction of Ontario Highway #15
North to communities of Codes Corner, Ontario, Joyceville, Ontario, Seeleys Bay, Ontario, Morton, Ontario, Elgin, Ontario, - North to Murphys Point Ontario Provincial Park, (Apx 73,km). Murphys Point is located on the Historic Rideau Waterway,ON. Camping Facilities: - 160 campsites 27 have electrical service, flush toilets, showers, group campsites 3, laundromat, play area, boat Launch, park store. Picnics and Day Use area with washrooms, sandy beach. Park activities: Hiking Trails, boating, fishing, swimming. -- South access to Canadian Forces Base Kingston, Ontario.
Exit #632 - Joyceville Road
North access to Colonnade Golf and Country Club, ON. North to Joyceville, Ontario. - South to Howe Island, Ontario; Howe Island ferry. Located in the St Lawrence River, Howe Island, Ontario, is part of the Thousand Islands chain.
Point of Information
Crossing Grass Creek, ON.
Point of information
Crossing the Gananoque, River Ontario
Exit #645 - Junction of Ontario Highway #32 - Stone Street N
South access to Gananoque, Ontario. Gananoque is located on the Ontario, St Lawrence River. Attractions: - 'The summer theatre festival of The Thousand Islands Playhouse.' - 'The Thousand Islands - Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve.' - North to communities of Lyndhurst, Ontario, Elgin, Ontario, Crosby, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Stocking Hill Creek, Ontario.
Exit # 648 - Junction of Ontario Highway #2 - Access to
The Thousand Island Parkway follows along the shores of the St. Lawrence River. The parkway extends from, this exit #648 (Gananoque, Ontario,) 45 kilometres to Butternut Bay, near Brockville, Ontario. This route is designated as a Scenic Drive.
Exit #659 - Junction of Ontario Highway #3 - Reynolds Road
North via highway #3 to Charleston Lake, Ontario Provincial Park. Camping Facilities: - The park has 3 campgrounds with 238 campsites, 86 electrical service sites, flush toilets, showers, water, play area, picnic tables, laundry facilities, park store, visitor centre. There is a group camping area with water, vault toilets, (water accessible). The park has a Day Park Picnic area, with picnic tables and charcoal cookers. The park offers swimming, fishing, boat launching site. Canoes, Kayaks can be rented.
Exit #661 - Junction of Ontario Highway #137
South access via highway #137 to St Lawrence Islands National Park. Camping facilities: There are limited camping facilities on 12 of the Park's islands, all sites are primitive and most are only accessible by water craft. The following islands have campsites - Aubrey 8 Beau Rivage 8 - Georgina 2 - Camelot 6 - Cedar 4 - Gordon 2 - Grenadier - Central 17 - Grenadier - East 3 - Grenadier - North 2 - Milton 2 - McDonald 11 - Mulcaster 2 - South access to US/Canada border crossing point connecting with New York US Highway #81.
Exit #675 - Junction of Ontario Highway #5 - Mallorytown Road
North to communities of Mallorytown, Ontario, Athens, Ontario. South to community of Mallorytown Landing, Ontario. South to Mallorytown Landing, St. Lawrence Islands National Park, visitor centre.
Ontario Highway Service Center - West Bound traffic only - North side of highway
Facilities: - Esso gas, diesel. There are picnic areas. Wendy's and Tim Hortons.
Ontario Highway Service Center - East Bound traffic only - south side of highway
Facilities: Esso Gas, diesel, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, Nicholby's Express.
Point of information
Crossing Jones Creek, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Macilhennys Creek, Ontario.
Exit #685 -
Junction of 'The Thousands Islands Parkway' west 45 km to highway #401. Following the shores of the St. Lawrence River, for 45 kilometers, the Thousand Island Parkway connects back with the 401 highway at exit #648. This route is designated as a Scenic Drive.
Exit #687 - Junction of Ontario Highway #2
East to city of Brockville, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Grants Creek, Ontario.
Exit #696 - Junction of Ontario Highway #29 - Stewart Blvd.
North to communities of Tincap, Ontario, Forthton, Ontario, Addison, Ontario Frankville, Ontario Smith Falls, Ontario. - Attractions in and around Smith Falls, ON: - Heritage House Museum, a 1867 restored Victorian home - 'Rideau Canal Museum, ON.', offers five floors of artifacts, displays, paintings, history of the Rideau Canal from here you can walk to the Rideau Canal, boat locks.- 'Smith Falls Railway Museum'. features steam and diesel locomotives, railroad history and artifacts. - �Life Along the Rideau� Music Series - South to Brockville, Ontario. Located on the shores St. Lawrence River. Brockville, Ontario, is one of the oldest cities in the province of Ontario. The United Empire Loyalists settled here in 1776 during the American War of Independence. - Attractions in and around Brockville, ON.- 'The Maritime Discovery Centre' - 'Riverfest' a annual festival, held in the summer. - 'Brockville Ontario Speedway,' stock car racing. - 'Brockville Museum,' shows, exhibits featuring the agricultural, industrial, and early pioneer history of the Brockville area. - 'Fulford Place Museum' shows a 1899, fine Edwardian mansion with its original furnishings.
Point of Information
Crossing Buells Creek, Ontario
Exit #698 - N. Augusta Road - Access to Highway #6
South to Brockville, Ontario.
Point of information
Crossing Butler Creek, Ontario.
Exit #705 - Junction of Ontario Highway #15 - Church Street
North to communities of Algonquin, Ontario, North Augusta, Ontario, Merrickville, Ontario, attractions 'The Rideau Canal locks.' There are 3 locks that lift water craft 25 ft. There is also 'Merrickville Blockhouse', a restored Block House (National Historic Site) The museum shows, artifacts history. Free admission. Fishing allowed off the locks for perch and sunfish. South to Maitland, Ontario.
Exit #716 - Junction of Ontario Highway #18 - Edward Street
North to communities of Domville, Ontario, Roebuck, Ontario, Bishops Mills, Ontario. South to community of Prescott, Ontario. Attractions around Prescott: 'Fort Wellington National Historic Site of Canada'. The fort was originally constructed in 1812, to defend Canada from American aggression. Costumed staff depict the lives of members of the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment, stationed there in the 1840s. Other attractions 'St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival' features Shakespeare's works from a outdoor amphitheatre on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. - 'The Fort Town Concert Association' - 'Forwarders' Museum and Visitor Information Center' - 'Prescott�s Farmers� Market' open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, downtown.
Point of information
Crossing Doran Creek, Ontario.
Exit #721a - Junction of Ontario Highways #416 & #16 - East Bound Traffic only
Ontario Highway #416 is called 'The Veteran's Highway' - North to cities of Napeen, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Hull, Quebec. - North to Rideau River, Ontario, Provincial Park: Camping facilities: - 184 campsites, 46 electrical service sites, 2 barrier free sites. 9 group campsites that accommodate 50 to 125 people. Two comfort stations with showers ,drinking water and flush/vault toilets. Two large day-use areas with barbecue grills, playground, toilets. The park has a laundromat and boat launching area, canoe rentals, sandy beaches. There is a 3 km hiking trail that follows along the Rideau River. One can also fish in the Rideau River for Northern Pike, muskellunge, perch, large and small mouth bass, sauger, and walleyes.
Exit #721 - Junction of Ontario Highways #416 & #16
North to Nepean, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Hull, Ontario. - South to community of Johnstown, Ontario.- South access to Canada/United States border crossing point. South to Ogdensburg, New York
Exit #730 - Junction of Ontario Highway #22 - Shanly Road
North to communities of Pittston, Ontario, Shanly, Ontario, Heckston, Ontario. - South to Cardinal, Ontario.
Exit #738 - Junction of Ontario Highway #1 - Carman Road
South access to community of Iroquois, Ontario, south to Iroquois, Golf Course, Ontario. - North to communities of South Mountain, Ontario, Hallville, Ontario, Osgoode, Ontario.
Point of Information
Crossing Flagg Creek, Ontario.
Exit #750 - Junction of Ontario Highway #31
North to communities of Glen Becker, Ontario, Williamsburg, Ontario, Winchester Springs, Ontario, Vernon, Ontario. North access to Ottawa, Ontario. - South to community of Morrisburg, Ontario, Attractions in and around Morrisburg, ON: - 'Upper Canada Village, ON.'
Point of information
Crossing Hoasic Creek, Ontario
Ontario Highway Service Center - East Bound traffic only - south side of highway
Gas, diesel, food, picnic area.
Exit #758 - Junction of Ontario Highway #41 - Upper Canada Road
South access to 'Upper Canada Village Heritage Park, Ontario' The Upper Canada Village, is a is a active 1860 village with participants in 1860 period costumes. There are 20 buildings on site. There are 1 and 2 hour tours of the village and buildings that range from the woolen shop, blacksmith shop, bakery, shop, Sawmill, a steam powered flour mill, the broom maker and cabinet makers shops, Tavern and livery, a 1837 Church, Tin makers shop, a cheese factory, and a hotel were you can have a meal served by staff in 1860 period costume. There are other farm type buildings and original houses. A great place to visit.
Ontario Highway Service Center - West Bound traffic only -
North side of highway, Gas, diesel, food, picnic area.
Exit #770 - Junction of Ontario Highway #14 - Dickson Drive Road
North to communities of Osnabruck Center, Ontario, Finch, Ontario, Berwick, Ontario, Crysler, Ontario. - South to community of Ingleside, Ontario. Attractions 'The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary' - South to the Long Sault Parkway, Park, a series of 11 islands. Camping facilities along the Parkway: McLaren Campsite, 141 camping sites, 21 electrical Hook Ups, 44 water & electricity sites. - Mille Roches Campsite' 170 camping sites, 28 electrical sites, 17 water and electrical sites - Woodlands Campsite. Facilities: 118 camp sites, 30 elec, 30 with water and elec. - All campsites have - comfort Station, showers, trailer dumping station, picnic tables. There is a boat launching site and a park store. There are day use areas. Activities: - Swimming, play grounds, interpretive Programs, self-Guided Trails. The parks are operated by The St Lawrence Park Commission Province of Ontario. * Woodlands Day Use Area * Mille Roches Day Use Area
Point of information
Crossing Hoople Creek, Ontario.
Exit #778 - Junction of Ontario Highway #35 - Moulinette Road
South to community of Long Sault, Ontario. South to Long Sault Parkway.
Exit #786 - East Bound Traffic only - Junction of Ontario Highway #33 - Nine Mile Road
North to communities of St. Andrews, Ontario, Harrisons Corner, Ontario. - South to Lakeview Heights
Exit #789 - Junction of Ontario Highway #138 - Brookdale Ave
North to communities of St Andrews, Ontario, Bonville, Ontario, Monkland, Ontario, Gravel Hill, Ontario, Warina, Ontario. - South to city of Cornwall, Ontario. - Attractions in Cornwall, Ontario: - 'Glengarry Highland Games' largest festival performance of massed pipe bands in North America. - 'Cornwall Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off Festival' hot air balloons and music festival. 'Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame' - 'Cornwall Community Museum,' the 200 year house, museum shows artifacts and history of the Loyalist days.
Point of information
Crossing the South Raisin River, Ontario
Exit #792 - Junction of Ontario Highway #42 - McConnell Ave
South to city of Cornwall, Ontario. South to Hotel Dieu Hospital, ON. - North to Summerheights Golf Course, ON.
Exit #796 - Boundary Road
South to Raisin Region Conservation Area, ON. - North to community of Martintown, Ontario
Exit #804 - Junction of Ontario Highway #27
North to communities of Summerstown Station, Ontario, Martintown, Ontario, Apple Hill, Ontario. - South to community of Summerstown, Ontario, Glen Walter, Ontario. South access to Cornwall Regional Airport, ON.
Point of information
Crossing the Ontario, Raisin River. The rivers name came from the French word "raisin" (grape)- Fishing for Pickerel, Bass, Perch, Northern Pike Rock Bass.
Exit #814 - Junction of Ontario Highways - #2 & #34 #17 - Military Road South
North to communities of South Glengarry, Ontario, Williamstown, Ontario, attractions' Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum, ON.' The museum shows, the history with artifacts, of the early fur trading era, as well as the history with displays of 'United Empire Loyalist's' who settled here in 1784 fleeing from the American Revolution. - 'The Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame,ON.' features relevant memorabilia of Celtic culture and music - Other attractions 'The Annual Great Raisin Raisin River Foot Race,' held in August. - Green Valley, Ontario, Alexandria, Ontario. - South to communities of South Lancaster, Ontario, Lancaster, Ontario. South access via highway # 34 to Glengarry Park Campground, ON. The park is run by the Ontario St. Lawrence Park Commission. Camping facilities: - 119 camping sites, 38 electrical sites, 27 27RV sites (water & electricity), Showers, comfort station, trailer dumping station, boat launching site There is a day use picnic area. The park offers swimming, fishing, self guiding hiking trails. Cycling on the St. Lawrence Recreation Trail.
Exit #825 - Junction of Ontario Highway #23 - 4th Line Road
North to communities of North Lancaster, Ontario, Bainsville, Ontario, Dalhousie Mills, Ontario, Glen Robertson, Ontario. Start/Finish of Free RV Highway map Itinerary. -e9
Ontario Highway Service Center - North side of highway
Fuel, Husky, gas, diesel, washrooms - Picnic area.
Quebec/Ontario Provincial Boundary
Ontario Highway #401 'The MacDonald-Cartier Fwy' becomes Quebec Highway #20 'Autoroute du Souvenir' - East of this point. East to the city of Montreal, Quebec. -- Start Finish of Free RV Highway Itinerary. -e9