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Delaware State #9 Highway Guide

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New Castle City, DE - Delaware St., between 2nd and 3rd
Each year, thousands of visitors come to see New Castle's historic district with its brick sidewalks, cobbled streets, and preserved neighborhoods. North access to the City of Wilmington, DE. Wilmington was the 'last stop to freedom' on the Underground Railroad: Attractions in Wilmington - Christina Riverfront - The Riverfront Market - Winterthur Museum & Country Estate - Hagley Museum - Longwood Gardens - Brandywine River Museum - Delaware Art Museum - Nemours Mansion and Gardens.
New Castle, DE County Courthouse - Photo by Delaware Greenways
New Castle City and the location of the historic New Castle County Courthouse (ca.1732). It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1972 for its historical significance as the seat of governance during the colonial and early statehood eras.
Red Lion Creek
The landscape south of Red Lion Creek and north and west of Delaware City is dominated by Valero Energy Corporation's Delaware City Refinery, which is located on approximately 5,000 acres. In spite of the intense industrial development, this segment still has occasional views of the Delaware River.
Red Lion Creek - Photo by Delaware Greenways
Valero Energy Corporation's Delaware City Refinery
Wrangle Hill Road - Photo by Delaware City
Wrangle Hill Road become 5th Street as it passes through Delaware City. This city has an historic district - listed on the National Register of Historic Places - that covers 68 acres and includes 232 major buildings. Delaware City is also the access point for the ferry service to Fort Delaware State Park.
Wrangle Hill Road
Fort Delaware is one of Delaware's first state parks, created in 1951. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Union fortress dates back to 1859, and once served as a prison for Confederate prisoners of war. It was originally built to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. Here, authentically-clad historic interpreters begin your journey back to the summer of 1863. - Picnic area - tables and grills are provided.
Reedy Point Bridge - Photo by Delaware Greenways
From the vantage point of the Reedy Point Bridge, the traveler appreciates the wide vistas of marshland and open space along the south of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.
Village of Port Penn - Photo by Delaware Greenways
The Village of Port Penn, DE is a well-preserved example of a small nineteenth-century river town. Looking to the east from Port Penn, the traveler sees partial views of the river as well as the landings associated with the houses that once belonged to watermen who plied their trade along the river. Further south are marshes and working farms.
Taylors Bridge Road
Starting just north of Taylor's Bridge Road, many of the farms adjacent to Route 9 have been preserved under Delaware's Agricultural Lands Preservation Program. Farms that are protected are a significant part of the Route 9 corridor landscape.
The two-mile trip from Route 9 via Route 299 to Odessa takes the traveler past the New Castle County's sewage disposal plant and water reclamation area known as Water Farm 1. Suburban developments are located on the opposite side of the plant. Further west is historic Odessa. The section of Odessa which is now zoned historic district has remained almost unchanged for over a century.
Smyrna River, Woodland Beach - Photo Fleming's Landing by Jamie Richie
The area around and south the Smyrna River is characterized by some of the largest farms in Kent County. Expansive farm fields, interspersed with forest, predominate in this segment. South of the Woodland Beach areas is the lands of the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Bombay Hook Geese - Photo by Jaime Richie
Bombay Hook is a focal point for more than 150,000 waterfowl migrating between their northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas and an important stopover for migrating shorebirds that feed to gain strength and the energy to complete their journey northward.
Leipsic - Photo by Delaware Greenways
The Town of Leipsic, DE is a small fishing village with an important crabbing and fishing industry and the last remaining commercial working-waterfront along Route 9. Leipsic's unique charm and historic character attract many visitors.
Dover via S Little Creek Road - Photo Outdoor festival Legislative Mall in Dover
Since the late 1600s, Dover, DE has been the center of Delaware's political, social and mercantile activity because of its position as the seat of Kent County and its location as an important transportation hub at the head of the St. Jones River. In 1777, Dover became Delaware's capital city and remains home to a beautifully preserved capitol complex. This includes two state capitol buildings: the Old State House (1792), now a museum owned by the state's Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, and Legislative Hall, which replaced it as the seat of government in 1933.
Photo - The Old State House - Photo by DelDot
The Old State House (1792), is now a museum
Little Creek Road - Lane's Garden Farm photo by Delaware Greenways
As the traveler approaches Little Creek, agricultural businesses are evident on the landscape. A visitor sees a large grain storage operation and Lane's Garden Farm Fresh Market where Route 8 meets Route 9.
Intersection of Route 9 and Route 113 - Photo Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base
Dominating the Landscape at the end of Route 9 is the Dover, D.E. Air Force Base, the largest military airlift command base in the United States and often the embarkation point for material and troops bound for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Also, at this southern terminus is the John Dickinson Plantation and the 430-acre St. Jones National Estuarine Research Reserve. The St. Jones Reserve, on the other hand, includes a one-mile, self-guided nature trail that includes a quarter-mile boardwalk across the marsh. Visitors can also visit Dover from this intersection. Dover is the Capital of the First State, offering several free museums and historic sites including the First State Heritage Park, Johnson Victrola Museum, Delaware Archeology Museum, Delaware Public Archives and the Biggs Museum of American Art. Stop at the Visitors Center on Federal Street for brochures and tour information.
The John Dickinson Plantation - Photo by Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs
The Dickinson plantation provides a glimpse of colonial plantation life to thousands of tourists who visit there every year.
Intersection of Route 9 and Route 113 # Route1
South to Milford, DE. Note: For highway travel south and north via Delaware Route 1 - See - Road Map Highway Travel Guide, north to Interstate 95, south to Delaware/Maryland State line.