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  • camping (34)
  • museum (37)
  • bandb (35)
  • golf (25)
  • historichouse (3)
  • nature (2)
  • zoo (1)
  • science (1)
  • beach (6)

New York Interstate #390 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
Exit 1
Michigan Hollow Road, State Highway #415, Community of Avoca, New York, Communities of Kanona, New York - Marshalls, New York - Wheeler, New York - Buck Settlement, New York - Bloomerville, New York - Greenville, New York - Wallace, New York - Haskinville, New York, ,
Exit 2
State Route #121, Loon Lake Road, State Highway #415, Community of Cohocton, New York, Community of Atlanta, New York, Communities of North Cohocton, New York - Kirkwood, New York,
Exit 3
State Highway #21, State Highway #415, Patchinville Road, Community of Patchinville, New York, Perkinsville, New York, Community of Wayland, New York, Wayland Park, Wayland Free Library, Community of Springwater, New York, Community of Libertypole, New York,
Exit 4
State Highway #36 Clara Barton Street, Jefferson Street, Brae Burn, Nicholas H Noyes Memorial Hospital, Community of Dansville, New York, Stony Brook State Park, Community of Rogersville, New York, Community of South Dansville, New York, Community of Beachville, New York,
Exit 5
State Highway #36 Dansville Mount Morris Road, Airport Road, State Highway #436, Dansville Municipal Airport, Community of Dansville, New York, Dansville Public Library, Community of Reed Corners, New York, Community of Cumminsville, New York, Community of Woodsville, New York, Communities of Westview, New York - Byersville, New York - Barkertown, New York,
Exit 6
State Highway #36 Sonyea Road, Flats Road, Communities of Kysorville, New York - Sonyea, New York, Community of Groveland, New York, Community of West Sparta, New York, Community of Scottsburg, New York, Community of Groveland Corners, New York,
Exit 7
State Highway #408, State Highway #63, State Route #45, Community of Shaker Crossing, New York Community of Mount Morris, New York, Bellamy Park, Mills Mansion, Mount Morris Library, Letchworth State Park, Community of Ridge, New York, Community of Brooks Grove, New York, Communities of East Groveland, New York - Union Corners, New York - Conesus, New York,
Exit 8
Lakeville Road United States Highway #20A, Community of Lakeville, New York, Communities of Pebble Beach, New York - Sand Point, New York - Cluny Point, New York - Gray Shores, New York - Sleggs Landing, New York - Eagle Point, New York - Wadsworth Cove, New York - Long Point Cove, New york - Cotton Wood Cove, New York - Maple Beach, New York - Walkleys Landing, New York - Excelsior Springs, New York - Sunny Shores, new York - Hartsun Point, New York - Mcpherson Point, New York - McPherson Cove, New York - Old Orchard Cove, New York, Communities of Livonia Center, New York - Bosley Corner, New York - Denison Corner, New York - Hemlock, New York - Glenville, New York, Hemlock Lake Park, Community of Geneseo, New York, Livington County Historical Society Museum, State University of New York at Geneseo, Community of Leicester, New York, Communities of Cuylerville, New York - Teed Corners, New York,
Exit 9
Lakeville Road State Highway #15, Agar Road, United States Highway #20A, Community of Conesus Lake Junction, New York, Community of South Lima, New York, Community of South Avon, New York
Exit 10
United States Highway #20, State Highway #5, Community of Avon, New York, Avon Free Library, Communities of East Avon, New York - North Avon, New York - Canawaugus, New York - Ashatee, New York - Toggletown, New York - Fraser, New York - Baker, New York - Menzie Crossing, New York - Taylor, New York - Mumford, New York - Meadow Wood, New York, Community of Caledonia, New York, Caledonia Country Club, Community of Lima, New York, Community of West Bloomfield, New York,
Exit 11
Rush Scottsville Road State Highway #251, State Highway #15, Community of Manns Corner, New York, Rush Town Justice Court, Rush Public Library, Wildwood Country Club, Communities of Sibleyville, New York - Cedar Swamp, New York - Rochester Junction, New York - Moran Corner, New York - Dann Corner, New York - North Bloomfield, New York, Community of Honeoye Falls, New York, Mendon Public Library, Honeoye Village Hall, Mendon Ponds Park, Community of Scottsville, New York, Johnson Park, Wheatland Town Justice Court, Scottsville Free Library Communities of North Rush, New York - Martin, New York - Maxwell, New York - West Rush, New York - Garbutt, New York, Community of Wheatland Center, New York, Oatka Park,
Exit 12
Interstate Highway #90, State Highway #253 Lehigh Station Road, Community of Henrieta, New York, Henrietta Plaza, Isaac Gordon Nature, Community of Fenner, New York,
Exit 12B
Interstate Highway #90, Community of West Hanrietta, New York, Communities of Severance, New York - Mile of Woods, New York - South Chili, New York - Clifton, New York, Black Creek Park, Mendon Ponds Park,
Exit 12A
LeHigh Station Road, State Highway #253, State Highway #15 W Henrietta Road, Community of Fenner, New York, Community of Henrietta, New York, Isaac Gordon Nature Park,
Exit 13
State Route #263 Hylan Drive, Kolbe Window and Door Gallery, Scutti Plaza, Marketplace Mall, Southtown Plaza, Henrietta Public Library, Henrietta Town Hall, Henrietta Memorial Park,
Exit 14
E Henrietta Road State Highway #15A, Jefferson Road State Highway #252, Marketplace Mall, Southtown Plaza, Rochester Institute of Technology, Community of Bailey, New York, Communities of Brookdale, New York - Whites, New York, Amateur Sports Park,
Exit 14A-B
State Highway #252, Jefferson Road, E Henrietta Road, State Highway #15A, Locust Hill Country Club, Community of Pittsford, New York, Historic Pittsford Museum, Pittsford Town Hall, Roselawn Galleries, Sam Patch Tour Boat, Great Embankment Park, Nazareth College, Nazareth College Library,
Exit 15
Interstate Highway #590, Clinton Avenue S, State Route #100, Brighton Town Park, Town Park, Community of Brighton, New York, Community of Twelve Corners, New York,
Exit 16
E Henrietta Road, State Highway #15A, Westfall Road, Strong Memorial Hospital,
Exit 16B
State Highway #15A, E Henrietta Road, Monroe Community College, Community of Ridgeland, New York,
Exit 16A
E River Road, State Route #84, State Highway #15, University of Rochester-South Campus, Community of Mortimer, New York, Marketplace Mall, Southtown Plaza, Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Park, Genesee Gateway Park, City of Rochester, New York
Exit 17
Scottsville Road, State Highway #383, Greater Rocheter International Airport, Community of Genesee Junction, New York, Genesee Valley Park, University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, Adams Street Center, Landmark Center, Campbell-Whittlesey House,
Exit 18A
State Highway #204 Brooks Avenue, Genesee Street, S Plymouth Avenue,
Exit 18B
State Highway #204 Brooks Avenue, Greater Rochester International Airport,
Exit 19
State Highway #33A, Chili Avenue, Community of Tressmar, New York, Howard Road, Community of Gates Center, New York, Town Hall Park, Brook Lee Country Club, Community of Chili Center, New York, Chili Town Hall, Chili Town Justice Court, Davis Park, Community of West Chili, New York, Black Creek Park, Gardiner Park, Community of Lincoln Park, New York, Community of Arnett, New York,
Exit 20A
Junction Interstate Highway #490, Itt Automotive Clerical Systems, Campbell Street Recreation Center, Frontier Field, Center at High Falls, City of Rochester, New York,
Exit 20B
Junction Interstate Highway #490, State Highway #531, Eastman Kodak Company, Community of Spencerport, New York, Community of Ogden Center, New York,
Exit 21
Lyell Road, State Highway #31, Spencerport Road, Community of North Gates, New York, Lions Park, Community of Elmgrove, New York, Community of Spencerport, New York, Spencerport Town Hall, Pineway Ponds Park, Itt Automotive Clerical Systems, Lyell Branch Library, Brown Square Park, Jones Square Park,
Exit 22
Lexington Avenue, Lee Road State Route #154, Kodak Distribution Center, General Motors, Sebastian Park, Paul Bianchi Memorial Park, Edgerton Park, Edgerton Recreation Center, Maplewood Park,
Exit 23
Ridgeway Avenue, Latona Road State Route #152, Long Pond Road, Park Ridge Hospital, Community of South Greece, New York, Greece Canal County Park, Kodak Distribution Center,
Exit 24A
W Ridge Road, State Highway #104, Stoneridge Plaza, Kodak Distribution Center, PS 41 Kodak Park, Community of Uptonville, New York, Maplewood Park, Seneca Park, Rochester General Hospital, Irondequoit Mall,
Exit 24B
State Highway #104, W Ridge Road, The Mall at Greece Ridge Center, Greece Town Hall, Greece Chamber of Commerce, Carter Park, Laser Quest, Ridgemont Plaza, Adventure Landing, Elmridge Plaza, Ridgemont Country Club, Greece Canal County Park, Community of Parma Corners, New York
Exit 24
State Highway #104, W Ridge Road, Fetzner Road, State Route #152, Mt. Read Boulevard, Stone Road,
Exit 25
Vintage Lane State Route #267, Mt. Read Boulevard, Fetzner Road, Basil a Marcella Park, Community of Greece, New York, Barnard Park, Community of Barnard, New York,
Exit 26
Latta Road State Highway #18, Community of Mount Read, New York, George W Badgerow Park, Communities of Summerville, New York - White City, New York - Windsor Beach, New York - Sea Breeze, New York - German Village, New York, Durand Eastman Park, Community of Irondequoit, New York, Beikirch veterans Park, Community of North Greece, New York, Community of West Greece, New York, Parma Town Park, Parma Town Hall, Parma Town Justice Court,
Exit 27A
Lake Ontario State Parkway, Island Cottage Road, Edgemere Drive, Communities of Island Cottage Beach, New York - Crescent Beach, New York - Grand View Beach, New York - Grand View Heights, New York - Manitou Beach, New York - Braddock Heights, New York - Rigney Bluff, New York - Ontario Beach, New York, Ontario Beach Park, Braddock Bay State Park,