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Florida State #26 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
30 ft.
Junction of US Highway #19/27/98/State Route #55 : Fanning Springs
Community of Fanning Springs, Florida - Attractions: Fanning Springs State Park.

36 ft.
SW 85th Lane/SW 87th PI: Wilcox,FL
SW 85th Lane/SW 87th PI, Community of Wilcox, Florida, The City of Hawkinsville, a paddle steamer constructed in Georgia in 1886. It was abandoned in the middle of the Suwannee River, and opened to the public in 1992, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as CITY OF HAWKINSVILLE (shipwreck), lies west of here on Suwanee River.
39 ft.
SW County Rd 341
SW County Road 341, to Wannee Conservation Area, located on Suwanee River. Community of Lottleville, Florida, is nearby.
56 ft.
Co Rd 49: Trenton, FL
County Road 49, U.S.Route #129, Trenton, Florida, a city in Gilchrist County, Florida, Trenton State Park, Trenton High School Football Stadium, Bell, Florida, a town in Gilchrist County, Florida, lies north on U.S. Route #129, Three Mile Lake, Four Mile Lake,
85 ft.
SE 80th Avenue: Thames, FL
SE 80th Avenue, Community of Thames, Florida, Christmas Lake, Waters Lake, Community of Waters Lake, Florida,
82 ft.
SW 266 Street/Boundry Avenue
SW 266 Street, Boundry Avenue, Horseshoe Pond, Watermelon Pond, Bronson, Florida, a town in Levy County, Florida, Bronson Recreation Park, located south off State Route #26.
75 ft.
Main Street/NW 250 Street:
Main Street/NW 250 Street, U.S.Route #27/41/State Route #45, Newberry, Florida, a city located on the west side of Alachua County, Florida, West Park, Newberry High School Football Stadium. Archer, Florida, a city in Alachua County, Florida, lies south on United States Highway #27/41, On the north lies High Springs, Florida, a city in Alachua County, Florida,
69 ft.
State Highway #235: Haile, FL
State Highway #235, connects with U.S.Route #441 on the northeast, Community of Haile, Florida, Limestone Quarry,
105 ft.
Dudley Farm Historic State Park
The Dudley Farm, also known as Dudley Farm Historic State Park, a historic district and museum park located in Newberry, Florida along State Highway #26, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, This farm features a visitor center, a picnic area and nature trails.
95 ft.
NW 170 Street : Jonesville, FL
NW 170 Street, Jonesville, Florida, a community in Alachua County, Florida, Flying Ten Airport, Community of Pinesville, Florida,
89 ft.
NW 143rd Street/County Road 241
NW 143rd Street, County Road 241, West Hills Memorial Gardens, University of Florida Experimental Farm, Community of Los Trancos Woods, Florida, Alachua, Florida, a city in Alachua County, Florida, The City of Alachua Downtown Historic District, a U.S. historic district, contains 102 historic buildings.
131 ft.
NW 98th Street: Pine Hill Estates, FL
NW 98th Street, Community of Pine Hill Estates, Florida, Meadow Brook Ridge,
161 ft.
NW 91st Street: Shannon Woods, FL
NW 91st Street, Community of Shannon Woods, Florida, Haile Plantation, a community and New Urbanism planned development, a 2,600 household development of regional impact southwest of the City of Gainesville, Florida, within Alachua County, Florida, The Haile Homestead, also known as Haile Plantation House or Kanapaha, a historic site and museum in Gainesville, Florida, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
89 ft.
Intersection I-75
Intersection Interstate Highway #75, Newberry Crossing Shopping Center, Town Center Shopping Center, Skate Station Funworks, Santa Fe Community College, Shands Homecare, Shands Rehabilitation Hospital,
105 ft.
Access : Oaks Mall / Medical Center
Access to, The Oaks Mall, a shopping center located in Gainesville, Florida, a super-regional shopping center, located at 6419 W. Newberry Rd., Gainesville, Florida. North Florida Regional Medical Center,
115 ft.
NW 43rd Street: State Park
NW 43rd Street, Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park, a Florida State Park located north off State Highway #26, northwest of Gainesville, Florida, The Park is near the San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park. Communities of Landmark Woods, Florida, Westmoreland, Florida, Suburban Heights, Florida, Northwest Estates, Florida, Forest Meadows Memorial Park, Hunters Crossing Shopping Center, Kensington Park, Millhopper Square Shopping Center, Clear Lake, a small lake located just off State Highway #26,
75 ft.
Intersection State Hwy #121
Intersection State Highway #121 / NW 34th Street, University Golf Course, Lake Alice, Southwest Recreational Center Soccer Fields, Katie Seashole Pressy Softball Stadium, University Village South Field, The Florida Museum of Natural History, Florida's official state-sponsored and chartered natural history museum. Its main facilities are located on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, an art museum at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Orthopaedics Lawn, McGure Center for Lepidophtera Research. Westside Recreation Center, lies on the north along State Route #121.
167 ft.
SW 13th Street/State Hwy #24/25
SW 13th Street, State Highway #24/25, Shands Children's Hospital at the University of Florida, Plaza of the Americas, Anderson Hall, a historic building in Gainesville, Florida, in the northeastern section of the University of Florida campus, Library East (now known as Smathers Library), a historic library, Bryan Hall, a historic Building, Rolfs Hall (also known as the Horticulture Sciences Building), an historic building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, Carleton Auditorium, Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center,
177 ft.
Junction ofFlorida Route #329/#20 - Gainesville
Community of Gainesville, Florida
157 ft.
Junction State Hwy #331/24
Junction State Highway #331/24, State Highway #24 ends overlapping at this junction and takes a diversion towards northeast. The Boulware Springs Water Works, a historic site in Gainesville, Florida, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Prairie Creek, a Florida State Park, located south of Gainesville, Florida, in Micanopy. It is a U.S. National Natural Landmark. Communities of Northeast Neighbors, Florida, Greater Northeast Community, Cedar Grove, Florida, Duval Eagle Eyes Crime Watch,
125 ft.
Access : Living History Farm
Access to, Oroba Pahama, an education Center, Visitors Center, An 1840's Hogan Log Cabin located here which was originally near Cross Creek, Heirloom Garden, Morningside Nature Center's Living History Farm,
102 ft.
E University Ave: State Park
E University Avenue, Sunland Center State Park, Newmans Lake Home Estates, Florida, located on the western shore of Newmans Lake, Newnan's Lake, located off State Route #26/20, east of Gainesville, Florida. The lakeside area has sheltered pavilions, a playground, and barbecue grills. A boat dock for launching boats and fishing, park benches for bird watching and relaxing, and a boardwalk are on the Lake.
72 ft.
NE 27 Avenue : Copeland Settlement, FL
NE 27 Avenue, Community of Copeland Settlement, Florida, Community of Lamp Lighter, Florida, Gainesville Regional Airport, a public airport located northeast of Gainesville, Florida,
69 ft.
Junction State Hwy #222
Junction State Highway #222, connects with State Hwy #24, U.S.Route #441, Gainesville Regional Airport,
79 ft.
Access Road : Newmans Lake Conserv. Area
Access Road to, Newmans Lake Conservation Area, The Lake Pithlachocco Canoe Site (also known as Newman's Lake Canoe Site), a historic site located east of Gainesville, Florida, on the northeast shore of Newnan's Lake, off State Route #26. listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Remains of numerous prehistoric canoes were discovered, many dating from the late Archaic period here.
105 ft.
Co Rd 234 : Windsor, FL
County Road 234, Windsor, Florida, a community in Alachua County, Florida, The Neilson House, a historic home in Windsor, Florida, located on State Route #325, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
135 ft.
Intersection US Route #301/State Hwy #200
Intersection of State Highway #200/U.S.Route #301
174 ft.
Co Rd 1469/State Hwy 200A
County Road 1469/State Highway #200A, Lake Elizabeth, Community of Beckhamtown, Florida, Orange Creek Camp Lake, located south off State Highway #26, On the north lies Community of Earleton, Florida, Lake Santa Fe, a spring-fed lake in northeastern Alachua County, Florida.
154 ft.
Melrose, FL
Melrose, Florida, a community in Alachua, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam counties in Florida, located on State Highway #26 near the Juction with State Route #21. Melrose Bay, Melrose Public Library, Santa Fe Park, The Melrose Historic District, a U.S. historic district located in Melrose, Florida. Lake Santa Fe, a spring-fed lake in northeastern Alachua County, Florida, Lake Santa Fe, one of the largest lakes in Florida, offers abundant wildlife, excellent fishing and recreational boating.
164 ft.
State Highway #219 : Lakes
State Highway #219/County Hwy 219, connects with State Highway #10 near Oldfield Pond. Swan Lake, Lake Lily,
125 ft.
Mason Road : Lake Rosa
Mason Road, to Lake Rosa, Twinkle Pond, located just off State Highway #26,
118 ft.
Lake Serena Drive : Lake Serena
Lake Serena Drive, Lake Serena, Half Moon Trail, Half Moon Lake, located along State Route #26.
98 ft.
Junction State Hwy #100
Junction State Highway #100, near Putnam Hall, Florida, a community in Putnam County, Florida, This is where State Route #26 ends.