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  • camping (46)
  • museum (51)
  • bandb (54)
  • golf (28)
  • art (3)
  • historichouse (3)
  • nature (2)
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New York Interstate #81 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
Exit 1
United States Highway #11, State Route #209, State Route #20, Community of Kirkwood, New York, Communities of Riverside, New York - Langdon, New York - Corbertsville, New York - Edson, New York - West Windsor, New York - Conklin Forks, New York - Lester, New York - Flowers, New York - Hawleyton, New York, Community of Conklin Center, New York, Aqua Terra Park, Jackson Park, Grange Hall Park, Conklin Forks Park, Schmurbush Park, Conklin Town Hall,
Exit 2E
State Highway #17, North Sunset Drive,
Exit 2
United States Highway #11, State Highway #17, State Route #181, Community of Fivemile Point, New York, Kirkwood Valley Park, Kirkwood Town Hall,
Exit 2W
State Highway #17, Communities of West Windsor, New York - Occanum, New York - Damascus, New York, Community of Windsor, New York, Windsor Village Hall, Klumpp Park,
Exit 3
State Route #185, State Route #2, State Route #177, Community of Kirkwood, New York, Communities of Sanitaria Springs, New York - Popes Ravine, New York - Dunbar, New York, Julius Rogers Park, Boland Park,
Exit 4N-S
State Highway #17, Broad Avenue, Boland Park,
Exit 4S
State Highway #363, State Highway #7, Chenango Street, Communities of Binghamton, New York - Johnson City, New York - Willow Point, New York - Westover, New York, Cheri a Lindsey Memorial Park, Nyseg Stadium, Columbus Park, Binghamton Town Hall, Broome County Veterans Meorial Arena, Art Mission, Broome County Family Court, Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, Broome County Public Library, Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center, Bae Systems, William H Hill Park, C Fred Johnson Park, Your Home Public Library,
Exit 4N
State Highway #363, State Highway #7, Community of Park Terrace, New York, Ross Park, Binghamton General Hospital, Veterans Park, Webster Street Park, Lourdes Hospital, Community of Port Dickinson, New York, Jeanne and John D Wilfley Park,
Exit 5
Interstate Highway #88, United States Highway #11, State Route #145, Community of Endwell, New York, Virginia Avenue Park, IBM, George W Johnson Park, Northside Park, Oakdale Mall, Highland Park, Endicott Village Hall, Endicott Village Court, Union Town Hall, Union Town Court, Otsiningo Park, Bagsai Softball Complex, Dickinson Town Hall,
Exit 6
Interstate Highway #88, United States Highway #11, State Route #72, Community of Port Dickinson, New York, Wolf Park, Community of Chenango Bridge, New York, Communities of Hinmans Corners, New York - Glen Castle, New York - New Ireland, New York - Newmans Corner, New York - Kattellville, New York - Choconut Center, New York - Sanitaria Springs, New York, Community of Port Crane, New York, Fenton Town Hall,
Exit 7
United States Highway #11, State Route #132, Castle Creek Road, Community of Chenango Forks, New York, Communities of Castle Creek, New York - West Chenango, New York - East Maine, New York - Tunnel, New York - New Ohio, New York - Fickles Corner, New York - Page Brook, New York - Glen Aubrey, New York - Quinneville, New York - North Colesville, New York - Pleasant Hill, New York, Community of Maine, New York, Greater Binghamton Airport, Chenango Valley Park, Town of Maine Park, Maine Town Hall, Barker Town Hall, Castle Creek Park,
Exit 8
United States Highway #11, State Highway #79, Communities of Lisle, New York - Triangle, New York - Greene, New York - Nanticoke, New York, Communities of Hydeville, New York - Itaska, New York - Lower Genegantslet Corner, New York - Ketchumville, New York - East Berkshire, New York - Manningville, New York - Center Lisle, New York - Wilson Creek, New York - Upper Lisle, New York - Genegantslet, New York - New Connecticut, New York, Greenwood Park, New York, Nanticoke Town Hall, Lisle Town Hall, Whitney Point Village Hall, Mary L Wilcox Memorial Library, Dorchester Park,
Exit 9
United States Highway #11State Highway #221, State Route #116, Cortland Street, Community of Marathon, New York, Communities of Killawog, New York - Hunts Corners, New York - Penelope, New York - Lakeville, New York - Smithville Center, New York - Harford Mills, New York - Lapeer, New York - Willet, New York - East Virgil, New York - Messengerville, New York - Texas Valley, New York - Virgil, New York - Smithville Flats, New York - Galatia, New York - Freetown Corners, New York,
Exit 10
State Highway #41, United States Highway #11, Commuity of McGraw, New York, Communities of Pokeville, New York - Blodgett Mills, New York - Maybury Mills, New York - Solon, New York - East Freetown, New York - Taylor Valley, New York,
Exit 11
State Highway #13, State Route #113, Community of Cortland, New York, Community of Munsons Corners, New York, Communities of Loring Crossing, New York - Red Mills, New York - Lacy Corners, New York - South Cortland, New York - Willow Glen, New York - Gracie, New York, State University New York at Cortland, Cortland County-Chase Field Airport, Tompkins Cortland Community College, Community of Dryden, New York, Southworth Library, Dryden Town Hall,
Exit 12
United States Highway #11, State Route #112B, State Route #113, Community of Homer, New York, Communities of Loring Crossing, New York - Halls Corner, New York - Groton City, New York - Summer Hill, New York,
Exit 13
State Highway #281, Currie Road, State Route #104, Community of Preble, New York, Communities of Baltimore, New York - East Scott, New York - Slab City, New York - Little York, New York - Pratt Corners, New York - Assembly Park, New York - Grout Mill, New York - Montville, New York - Dresserville, New York - Sempronius, New York - Scott, New York - Tripoli, New York - Cuyler, New York
Exit 14
State Highway #80, State Highway #281, United States Highway #11, Community of Tully, New York, Communities of Cummings Crossing, New York - Assembly Park, New York - Tully Lake Park, New York - Bromley, New York - Spafford Landing, New York - Glen Haven, New York - Keeney, New York - Cowles Settlement, New York - Apulia Station, New York - Apulia, New York, Community of Fabius, New York, Tully Town Hall, Fabius Town Hall,
Exit 15
United States Highway #20, United States Highway #11, Community of Lafayette, New York, Communities of Onativia, New York - Big Bend, New York - Collingwood, New York - Maple Grove, New York - Berwyn, New York - Swift Corner, New York - Navarina, New York - Joshua, New York - Griffins Corners, New York - South Onondaga, New York - Ironsides, New York - Cardiff, New York - Baileys Settlement, New York, Lafayette Town Hall, Fred Stafford Memorial Park,
Exit 16
United States Highway #11, State Route #174, Graham Road, Community of Nedrow, New York, Community of Onondaga Castle, New York, Communities of Sentinel Heights, New York - Indian Village, New York - Nichols Corners, New York - Cedarvale, New York - Salem Corner, New York - Watervale, New York, Onondage Indian Reservation, Jamesville Beach County Park,
Exit 16A
Interstate Highway #481, Communities of Southwood, New York - Onondaga Hill, New York - Jamesville, New York - Fillmore Corner, New York - Buellville, New York - Cards Corner, New York - Eagle Village, New York - Peck Hill, New York - Oran, New York - Howlett Hill, New York - Kellys Corners, New York, Onondaga Community College, Manlius Village Hall, Community General Hospital, Cecile Community Center, Meachem Field, Community of Manlius, New York, Onandaga Town Hall,
Exit 17
United States Highway #11, East Brighton Avenue, East Colvin Street, United States Highway #11, Communities of Split Rock, New York - Loomis Hill, New York, Onondaga Park, Elmwood Park, Kirk Park, Anthony Sanlaro Memorial Park,
Exit 18
Interstate Highway #690, State Highway #92, East Adam Street, East Genesee Street, City of Syracuse, New York, Syracuse City Hall, Onondaga Historical Association Museum, Landmark Theatre, Mulroy Civic Center at Oncenter, War Memorial at Oncenter, Everson Museum of Art, Oncenter Complex, Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse University, City of Dewitt, New York, Crouse Hospital, Thornden Park, Syracuse Stage, Community of Lyndon, New York, Community of Fayetteville, New York, Communities of High Bridge, New York - Taunton, New York - Stanley Manor, New York - Sherwood Knolls, New York - Windcrest, New York - Parson Farms, New York - Orchard Village, New York - Camillus, New York, Shoppingtown Mall, Lemoyne College, Fayetteville Free Library, Old Erie Canal State Park, Cedar Bay Park, Fayetteville Village Hall, Burnet Park, Manlius Town Hall, DeWitt Town Hall,
Exit 19
Interstate Highway #690, Butternut Street, Community of Eastwood, New York, Community of East Syracuse, New York, East Syracuse Village Hall,
Exit 20
Butternut Street, Community of Solvay, New York, Solvay Village Hall, Gertrude Park, Communities of Fairmount, New York - Westvale, New York, Onondaga Lake Park, St.Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Mask and Puppet Museum, Ner-a-Car Museum of Syracuse, sunnycrest Park, Lincoln Park,
Exit 21
State Highway #298, West Court Street, Genant Drive, Sunset Avenue,
Exit 22
United States Highway #11, State Highway #298, Sunset Avenue, Schiller Park,
Exit 23-24
Hiawatha Boulevard East, Lodi Street,
Exit 23A
State Highway #370, Hiawatha Boulevard, Lodi Street, Carousel Center, Carousel Center, Onondage Lake Park, McChesney Recreation Center,
Exit 23B-22
State Route #137, State Route #48, Onondaga Lake Park,
Exit 23A-B-22
State Highway #370, State Route #137, State Route #48, Buckey Road,
Exit 24
State Highway #370, State Route #137, Alliance Bank Stadium, Onondaga Lake Park, Community of Franklin Park, New York, Community of Minoa, New York, Community of Snyder Crossing, New York, Minoa Village Hall,
Exit 25
Interstate Highway #90, State Route #45, Communities of Galeville, New York - Polkville, New York, Community of Liverpool, New York, Griffin Stadium, Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool Willow Museum, Liverpool Public Library,
Exit 25A
Interstate Highway #90, Community of Mattydale, New York, Usmc Reserve Training Center, Communities of Long Branch, New York - Lindbergh Lawns, New York - Stiles, New York, Duerr Park,
Exit 26
United States Highway #11, Brewerton Road, Community of Hinsdale, New York, Hopkins County Road, Park, Richard E Burnham Jr Park, Communities of Collamer, New York - Schepps Corners, New York, Usmc Reserve Training Center,
Exit 27-28
United States Highway #11, State Route #208, Brewerton Road,
Exit 27
Community of Pitcher Hill, New York, Syracuse Hancock International Airport,
Exit 27-26
State Route #78, Col Eileen Collins Boulevard,
Exit 28
State Highway #19, East Taft Road, Clay Park South, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Hancock Field Usaf Base, US Army, Maxwell Park, Skyway Park,
Exit 29S
Interstate Highway #481, Church Street, Community of North Syracuse, New York, Clay Park Central, Communities of Bayberry, New York - Woodard, New York - Elmcrest, New York - Cold Springs, New York, Heritage Park, Toll Road Park, JFK Memorial Park,
Exit 29N
Interstate Highway #481, State Highway #481, State Route #208, Communities of Rodger Corner, New York - Weaver Corner, New York - Eaton Corners, New York, Gateway Park, Community of Bridgeport, New York, Penn Can Mall, Mike Harms Park, Cherry Heights Park,
Exit 30
State Highway #31, United States Highway #11, Lakeshore Road, Community of Cicero, New York, Communities of Sandy Bay, New York - Cicero Center, New York - Brown Center, New York - Euclid, New York - Moyers Corners, New York - Belgium, New York - Lower South Bay, New York, Valentines Beach, New York, Central Park, Meltzer Park, Cherry Estates Park, Community of Clay, New York, Community of Lysander New Community, New York, Great Northern Mall, Clay Park North, Michael Santaro Memorial Park, Clay Town Hall, Clay Justice Court,
Exit 31
State Route #37, State Route #166, Brewerton Road, Swamp Road, Community of Brewerton, New York, Communities of Big Bay, New York - Toad Harbor, New York - Doris Park, New York - West Phoenix, New York, Oneida Shores County Park, Plank Road, Park, Community of Phoenix, New York, Riverfront Park,
Exit 32
State Highway #49, Communities of Central Square, New York - West Monroe, New York - Constantia, New York - Bernhards Bay, New York, Communities of Mud Settlement, New York - Hastings Center, New York - Caughdenoy, New York - Gulf Bridge, New York - Roosevelt Corners, New York - Gilbert Mills, New York - Pennellville, New York - Kraus Landing, New York - Ingalls Crossing, New York - Dutch Settlement, New York - Union Settlement, New York - Gayville, New York - Mallory, New York - Little France, New York - East Palermo, New York,
Exit 33
State Highway #69, State Route #26, West Main Street, Communities of Parish, New York - Hastings, New York - Palermo, New York - Amboy Center, New York - Williamstown, New York, Communities of Garley Mills, New York - Morse, New York - Upson Corners, New York - Russ Mills, New York - Murgers Corners, New York - Clifford, New York - Loomis Corner, New York - North Volney, New York -Cribbs Corner, New York - Parish Center, New York - West Amboy, New York - Mud Hill, New York - North Amboy, New York - Colosse, New York - Red Mill, New York - Wellwood, New York - Mungers Corners, New York - Vermilion, New York,
Exit 34
State Highway #104, Communities of Dug Way, New York - Maple View, New York - Graftons Square, New York - Howardville, New York - Prattham, New York - Happy Valley, New York - Kasaog, New York - Community of Mexico, New York, Mexico Public Library, Mexico Museum,
Exit 35
State Route #28, Petrie Road, Tinker Tavern Road, Community of Albion Center, New York, Communities of Fernwood, New York - Tinker Tavern Corner, New York - Tylers Corner, New York - Ramona Beach, New York - Daysville, New York - Port Ontario, New York - Arthur, New York - Texas, New York - Demster Grove, New York - Hickory Beach, New York - Demster, New York,
Exit 36
State Highway #13, State Route #2, Richland Road, Jefferson Street, Community of Pulaski, New York - Richland, New York - Orwell, New York - Redfield, New York, Communities of Farmers Corner, New York - Centerville, New York - Pekin, New York - Chateaugay, New York - Stillwater, New York - Beecherville, New York - Little America, New York - Noble Shores, New York - New Scriba, New York, Selkirk Shores State Park,
Exit 37
State Route #15, State Route #22A, State Route #22, Smartville Road, Communities of Lacona, New York - Sandy Creek, New York - Boylston Center, New York, Communities of Sandy Pond, New York - Smartville, New York - Platz Corners, New York - Greenboro, New York,
Exit 38
United States Highway #11, State Highway #122, Communities of Boylston, New York - The Elms, New York - Montario Point, New York - East Boylston, New York,
Exit 39
State Route #90, State Route #89, Community of Mannsville, New York, Community of Winona, New York, Mansville Free Library,
Exit 40
State Highway #193, State Route #91, Community of Ellisburg, New York, Communities of Cobbtown, New York - Pierrepont Manor, New York - Wardwell, New York - Saxe Corner, New York - North Landing, New York - Woodville, New York - Belleville, New York - Worth Center, New York - Jefferson Park, New York, Southwick Beach State Park,
Exit 41
State Highway #178, State Route #69, Community of Adams, New York, Adams Free Library, Community of Lorraine, New York, Community of Henderson, New York, Communities of Allendale, New York - Thomas Settlement, New York - Gidingsville, New York - Taylor Settlement, New York - Roberts Corner, New York - Rural Hill, New York - Butterville, New York,
Exit 42
State Highway #177, State Route #66, Community of Adams Center, New York, Community of Rodman, New York, Communities of Green Settlement - Lyon Corner, New York - Honeyville, New York - Zoar, New York - Smithville, New York - Babbitt Corner, New York - Henderson Harbor, New York - East Rodman, New York,
Exit 43
United States Highway #11, North Harbor Road, Communities of North Adams, New York - Dillen, New York - Tylersville, New York,
Exit 44
State Highway #232, State Route #62, Sulphur Springs Road, Communities of Rices, New York - Alverson, New York - Sulphur Springs, New York - Camp Mills, New York - Fields Settlement, New York - Boultons Beach, New York - Watertown Center, New York - Burr Mills, New York,
Exit 45
State Highway #3, Arsenal Street, Communities of East Hounsfield, New York - Baggs Corner, New York - Jewettville, New York - Huntingtonville, New York - East Watertown, New York - Sackets, New York, Sacketts Harbor Battlefield, Community of Rutland Center, New York, Thompson Park, City of Watertown, New York, Supreme Court Library, Roswell P Flower Memorial Library, Empire State College-Suny, Jefferson County Historical Society, Sci-Tech Center of North New York,
Exit 46
State Highway #12F, Coffeen Street, Community of Brownville, New York, Communities of Paddy Hill, New York - Pillar Point, New York, Watertown International Airport, Community of Black River, New York, Community of Calcium, New York,
Exit 47
State Highway #12, Community of Glen Park, New York - Brownville, New York - Paddy Hill, New York - Dexter, New York, Adams Recreation Field,
Exit 48
State Highway #342, State Highway #12, Community of Calcium, New York, Fort Drum Military Reservation, Communities of Limerick, New York - Deferiet, New York - Great Bend, New York - Felts Mills, New York - Noseville, New York, Wheeler-Sack AAF,
Exit 49
State Highway #411, Creek Road, Community of Orleans Four Corners, New York, Community of Theresa, New York, Community of La Fargaville, New York, Communities of Stroughs Crossing, New York - Douglas Crossing, New York - Rivergate, New York - Halls Corner, New York - Bentleys Corners, New York - Clayton Center, New York - Plessis, New York - Bartletts Corner, New York,
Exit 50N
State Highway #12, Ledgers Road, Communities of Omar, New York - Frontenac, New York - Godfreys Corner, New York - Browns Corners, New York - Bean Hill Crossing, New York - Point Vivian, New York, Community of Alexandria Center, New York, Community of Redwood, New York, Community of Clayton, New York,
Exit 50S
State Highway #12, Communities of St.Lawrence Park, New York - Fishers Landing, New York - Edgewood Park, New York - Alexandria Bay, New York - Goose Bay, New York, Keewaydin State Park, Grass Point State Park,
Exit 51
State Route #100, State Route #191, Communities of Moore Landing, New York - Collings Landing, New York - Fineview, New York - Grenell, New York - Thousand Island Park, New York - Grindstone, New York - Wellesley Island State Park, Waterson Pointe State Park,
Exit 52
State Route #191, Wellesley Island State Park, Communities of Grandview Park, New York - Westmister Park, New York - Schermerhorn Landing, New York, Kring Point State Park, Waterson Pointe State Park, Keewaydin State Park, Thousand Islands CC-Old Course,