1. Only owners/employees can request changes to a business.

2. Your contact email is never displayed/sold.

3. Businesses must agree to quarterly email updates.

4. All text and photos MUST be unique internet-original content.

Google penalizes websites which use duplicate text or photos. I provide free listings in anticipation that people will enhance my site with fresh content. If people use duplicate or even similar content (changing a few words) it hurts my site. I permanently remove people who do not honour this policy.

See: What is copyscape?

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Who is Welcome to Add/Claim a Business Listing

1. Those adding a tourist business and promise to add only unique text for their business info.

2. Those claiming a business already listed and willing to add unique text for their business info.

3. Those opting in to a biannual "review your info" email.

Who is Not Welcome

1. Spammers. We check every new account, new text, new link. You are wasting your time.

2. People using duplicated text. All text is Copyscaped and offenders permanently removed.

NOTE: We will never ask for money. We never sell informatoin. We operate on an White Hat basis.