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Ontario #401 Highway Guide

Miles Kms Item Summary
Junction Highway #3, City of Windsor, Ontario. 'City of Roses'
Northwest on highway #3 to Ambassador Bridge, ON access to Canada/USA border and the city of Detroit, Michigan. Attractions in and around Windsor, ON: - The Windsor Wood Carving Museum, this is the only Wood Carving Museum in Ontario. - Windsor Community Museum, ON; This museum is located in an early house built in 1812 (designated as a National Historic Site). - Odette Sculpture Park, ON. The park is located on the shores of the Detroit River and is part of the Ambassador and Centennial Parks. Within the park are 31 large-scale sculptures. - Winder Riverfront Bike Trail, a 8.0 km (5 miles) travels from the foot of the Ambassador Bridge to Wyandotte Street. - John Freeman Walls Historic Site and Underground Railroad Museum. The Underground Railroad was the first great freedom movement in the Americas. The Museum exhibits shows the history of the Underground Railway. - The Queen Elizabeth II sunken gardens located at Jackson Park, Windsor, also shows A World War II era Avro Lancaster a mounted Spitfire replica and a Hurricane replica. - Sandwich First Baptist Church National Historic Site built in 1851 features history of Black refugee slaves fleeing the United States. - The Annual Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, features a gigantic fireworks display celebrating Canada Day and US Independence Day. - The Art Gallery of Windsor, shows Ontario’s most significant collections of Canadian art. South access via Ontario highway #3 to Kingsville, Ontario, attractions in Kingsville, ON. - The Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village, the village features 20 heritage buildings from the late 1700s up to 1920s. also within the Village is the South Western Ontario Emergency Medical Services Museum, showing ambulances and other emergency medical vehicles from the 1950's. - Kingsville, ON, Annual Migration Festival held on the third weekend of each October, celebrating the annual waterfowl migration.
Exit 13, Junction Highway #3B
Access to Gateway Mall, ON and a block North East is the larger Devonshire Mall, ON. South to communities of Oldcastle, Ontario, Maidstone, Ontario.
Exit #14, Junction Highway #46
Northwest a couple blocks is an entertainment centre with Silvercity Movies, ON.
Exit #21 Junction Manning Road Highway #19
North to communities of Tecumseh, Ontario, St. Clair Beach, Ontario. Attractions in and around Tecumseh, Ontario: The Annual Tecumseh Corn Fest, a four-day festival held in August. -
Rest Area - South Side
Rest Area on South side of highway. Paved with washrooms.
Belle River
Crossing Belle River, ON.
French Line Road - Junction of Ontario Highway #31
Access to communities of Joachim, ON, and Deerbrook, ON. North of highway.
Exit #48 Junction of Ontario Highway #77
South to community of Comber, Ontario. - Attractions in and around Comber, Ontario. - The annual Comber Fair, Ontario. - Comber and District Historical Society Museum, features artifacts and history of the area surrounding Comber, Ontario - North to communities of Haycroft, ON, and Stoney Point, ON.
Exit #58 - Mill Street Road
Access to community of Tilbury, Ontario, Wheatley, ON, Point Pelee National Park, Ontario. South of highway. Point Pelee, Park is a 10-kilometre long sand spit. The point is a staging area corridor for birds and butterfly migration, prior to flying across Lake Erie.
Exit #63 - Junction of Ontario Highway #2 - Queens Line
North to Chatham, Ontario. Attractions in and around Chatham, Ontario - Chatham-Kent Museum, ON; shows the early history of the Chatham- Kent, Ontario area.
Exit #81 - Junction of Ontario Highway #27 - Bloofield Road
Accesss to Chatham, Ontario, north of highway. South access to communities of North Buxton, ON, Charing Cross, ON, Cedar Springs, ON, Erie Beach, ON, Erieau, ON, Dealtown, ON. Attractions in Buxton, ON. The Buxton National Historic Site and Museum. The museum shows the early history of the Under Ground Railway and of the Black American slaves, fleeing from the United States to seek refuge in Canada.
Exit #90 - Junction of Ontario Highway #11 and Highway #40 - Communication Road
South via highway #11 to communities of Blenheim, ON, Shrewsbury, ON, - North via highway 340 to communities of tohatham, ON, Wallaceburg, ON. Located on the banks of the Ontario, Sydenham River,- Attractions in and around Wallaceburg, Ontario - Wallaceburg & District Museum, ON. He museum shows the very early history of the Wallaceberg and surrounding area of southern Ontario area. - 'WAMBO (Wallaceburg, Ontario, annual Antique Motor and Boat Outing.' - Wallaceburg Hiking Trails, (Part of the Trans Canada Trail system.) - Selkirk History Faire, features a Re-enactment/Rendevous showing life as it was in the frontier Encampment from 1775-1840 - Boot Hill Jamboree, features Country Music held Civic day.
Exit #101 - Junction of Highway #15 - Kent Bridge Road
South to community of Eatonville, ON. North to community of McKay's Corner, ON; Kent Bridge, ON; Dresden, ON. - Attractions in Dresden, Ontario: - Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site shows history of Rev. Josiah Henson and his contributions to the abolition movement and for his work in the Underground Railroad, helping the runaway American Slaves seeking refuge in Canada. - Trillium Trail in Dresden, ON; 2.4km hiking portion of the Trans Canada Trail.
Exit #109 - Junction of Highways #21 and #17
North via highway #21 to communities of Thamesville, Ontario. - Attractions in and around Thamesville, 'The Annual Threshing Festival,' Wabash, Ontario. South via highway 317 to communities of Ridgetown, Ontario, Attractions in Ridgetown, Ontario,' Ridge House Musuem' - 'Festival of Porches and Verandahs' held July - 'The Rotary Antique Car Show,held July' - South to Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario. Facilities: Rondeau has numerous picnic areas, some facing Lake Erie or Rondeau Bay. - Camping facilities: 262 camp sites, 152 with electrical hook up. Two group sites, comfort stations equipped with flush toilets, showers, laundromat, 2 play areas, boat launching site, park store. Fishing, for Crappie, Catfish, Perch, Salmon, Bass and Pike. There is a sandy swimming beach. There are 6 hiking trails rated easy, three biking trails ranging from 8 to 16 km in length. Museum/Interpretive Visitor Center.
Exit #117 - Orford Road
South to communities of Highgate, Ontario, Palmyra, Ontario. North of highway to Bothwell, Ontario. Attraction in Bothwell, ON: Fairfield Museum and National Historic Site
Exit #129 Junction of Highway # 103 - Furnival Road
South to communities of Rodney, Ontario, New Glasgow, Ontario, Port Glasgow, Ontario. North to Wardsville, Ontario, Newbury, Ontario.
Exit #137 - Junction of Highway #76 - Graham Road
South to communities of West Lorne, Ontario, Eagle, Ontario. North to communities of Strathburn, Ontario, Glencoe, Ontario, Alvinston, Ontario.
Roadside Highway Turnout Rest Area
South side of highway East bound traffic. Toilets, picnic area
Roadside Highway Turnout Rest Area
North side of highway west bound traffic. Toilets, picnic area
Exit #149 - Junction of highway #8 - Currie, Road
South access to communities of Dutton, Ontario, Wallacetown, Ontario, South to John E Pearce Provincial Park, ON, no camping facilities. The John E Pearce Ontario Provincial Park is located along the shores of Lake Erie, it is a day use picnic park. The park has a 1.5 km hiking trail passing through centuries old hardwood forest. The trail has 15 interpretive stops along the way. Other attractions in the park 'Backus Page Museum (circa 1850)' - North to community of Appin, Ontario.
Exit #157 - Junction of highways #14 and #9 - Iona Road
North via highways #9 and #14 to communities of Melbourne, Ontario, Cairngorm, Ontario, Strathroy, Ontario. South via highway #14 to communities of Iona Stn, Ontario, Iona, Ontario.
Exit #164 - Junction of Highway #20 - Union Road
South to communities of Shedden, Ontario, known as 'The Rhubarb Capital of Ontario' Attractions: The annual 'Rosy Rhubarb Festival' held in June - Fingal, Ontario, during WW2 RCAF Station Fingal was a major center for air force training. Union, Ontario, Port Stanley, Ontario. Attractions: - The Port Stanley Terminal Rail Train operating tourist railway. The trai operates over a 7 mile track formally the old London to Port Stanley. - The Historical King George the VI lift bridge (the oldest in Ontario) - North to communities of Southwold, Ontario, incorporated in 1852. - Delaware, Ontario; first founded in 1796. Delaware, Ontario straddles the Ontario, Thames River. Attractions in Delaware, ON. The Delaware Speedway, a half-mile paved race track one of the oldest in Canada.
Exit #177A - Exit #177B - Junction of Highway #4 - Colonel Talbot Road
South to communities of Talbotville, Ontario, Lynhurst, Ontario, St. Thomas, Ontario 'Railway Capital of Canada.' Attractions in and around St. Thomas, ON. - St. Thomas railway station, built between 1871 and 1873 - North America Railway Hall of Fame, ON. shows the railway heritage in St. Thomas, and southern Ontario. - The annual St. Thomas, 'Iron Horse Festival' celebrating the rich railway past of the St. Thomas. - St. Thomas Fire Muster Days - The Statue of Jumbo the Elephant, who died here in 1885, when a locomotive crashed into him. - Elgin County Races - Elgin County Pioneer Museum Elgin County Pioneer Museum - North access to the city of London, Ontario. -
Exit #183
Ontario highway #402 merges with the Ontario #401
Exit #186 - Wellington Road South

Exit #189 - Junction of Ontario Highway #126 - #30 ( Highbury Ave South)
North access to City of London, Ontario, via highway #126. South via highway #30, to St. Thomas, Ontario, 'Railway Capital of Canada.'. South access to Westminster Trails Golf Course, ON. - Attractions in and around St. Thomas, Ontario - North America Railway Hall of Fame, railway heritage in St. Thomas and Southern Ontario, areas. Port Burwell Marine Museum & Lighthouse, ON, this 1840 wooden structure shows marine heritage & local history. - Port Stanley Terminal Rail, ON, offers scenic train rides along Lake Erie's North Shore - The Annual Iron Horse Festival, celebrates the rich railway past of the community, held in August. - The Statue of Jumbo, the elephant Struck by a train in 1885. - Elgin County Museum, shoes the early history of the area. - Elgin Military Museum preserving the military history of the area.
Exit #194 - Junction of Veterans Memorial Parkway
North access to the city of London Ontario.
Exit #195 - Junction of Highway #74 - (Westchester Boume)
South to communities of Belmont, Ontario, Attractions in Belmont, ON: - Belmont Corn Maze, five Kms of twists and turns, on a 10-acres. - Mapleton, Ontario, New Sarum, Ontario, Sparta, Ontario, Copenhagen, Ontario.
Exit #199 - Junction of Highway #34 - (Dorchester Road)
North access to Dorchester, Ontario; Attractions in Dorchester, ON. - The Annual Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance Competition, held on The Civic weekend. This event brings fiddlers and steppers from all over Ontario and the North Eastern United States. Thorndale, Ontario.
Exit #203 - Junction of Ontario Highway #73 - (Elgin Road)
North to Pine Knot Golf & Country Club, ON. - South to communities of Mossley, Ontario, Harrietsville, Ontario, Lyons, Ontario, Alymer, Ontario. Attractions in and around Alymer, ON: Aylmer & District Museum Association, Alymer Farmers and Flea Market, ON,(the largest in South western Ontario) Copenhagen, Ontario, Port Bruce, located at the mouth of Catfish Creek,ON. Access to Ontario Provincial Park Day picnic park: Facilities; Picnic tables, washrooms, swimming, (sandy beach),boating, playground, fishing. The park is located on the shores of Lake Erie.
Roadside Highway Turnout Rest Area
For east bound traffic. There is also the same facility for west bound traffic on the other side of the highway.
Exit #208 Junction of Ontario Highway #30 - (Putnam Road)
South via highway #30 to the communities of Avon, Ontario, Springfield, Ontario, Summers Corners, Mount Salem, Ontario. - North to communities of Putnam, Ontario, Thamesford, Ontario, Kintore, Ontario, Medina, Ontario, St. Marys, Ontario. Attractions in St. Marys: - Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, ON. - Annual Stonetown Heritage Festival, ON, held in July - St. Marys Horticultural Society Garden Tour - Annual Teddy Bear Reunion, held in August. - South access to Tamarack Ridge Golf Course, ON.
Exit # 216 - Junction of Ontario Highway #10 - (Culloden Line & Culloden Road)
South to communities of Verschoyle, Ontario, Culloden, Ontario, Brownsville, Ontario, Corinth, Ontario, Richmond, Ontario, Calton, Ontario. South to Mt Elgin Golf Club - North to communities of Ingersoll, Ontario, Ingersoll golf and country Club, ON. - Attractions in Ingersoll, Ontario: - The Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum, ON. The museum shows the history of pre-pioneer settlement days. The site consists of a five unique buildings, a replica 20th century Cheese Factory, a working blacksmith shop, the Sherbrooke Barn, Sports Hall of Fame, ON.. The Hall features, displayed 'Miss Canada IV speedboat' winner the world class Harmsworth trophy race in 1948 & 1949. Other events The Ingersoll Annual Canterbury folk festival, ON; a four day music festival held in July - The Ingersoll Harvest Festival held in August.
Exit #218 - Junction of Ontario Highway #19 - (Plank Line)

Exit #222 - Junction of Ontario Highway #6 - (Oxford Road 6) North side of highway
North to communities of Embro, Ontario, attraction in Embro, Ontario; The Embro Highland Games, ON. Highland dancers from Canada and the U.S, Scotland. Canada’s largest tug-of-war event. The oldest Highland Games in Ontario. - Harrington, Ontario, - Stratford, Ontario. Attractions in Stratford, ON. - The Stratford Summer Music Festival, ON. - Stratford Shakespeare Festival,ON. - Factory 163, ON, - The Stratford-Perth Museum. ON - The annual Southwestern Ontario Fiddle and Stepdance Competition. - Stratford, ON, Summer Music. - South to Foldens, Ontario. South access to Trillium Woods Ontario Provincial Park: Provincial Nature Reserve, no campgrounds. 1 km hiking trail. No other facilities.
Exit #223 - Sevice Center - North side of highway
For west bound Highway #401 traffic only. Esso Fuel services at highway. Washrooms; Tim Hortons, Wendy's, Nicholby's Express.
Sevice Center - South side of highway
For east bound Highway #401 traffic only.
Exit #230 - Oxford RD 12 North side - Mill Street South side of highway
Oxford RD 12 North side 0f highway - Mill Street South side of highway. Access to Woodstock, Ontario. North access to Highway #59 & Pittock Lake and Pittock Conservation area.
Exit #232 - Junction of Highway #59 - (Norwich Ave)
North access to Woodstock, Ontario,'The Dairy Capital of Canada'.Attractions in and aroubd Woosstock, ON: - The Woodstock Museum National Historic Site, ON; constructed in 1853. The museum shows the History of Woodstock from 10,000 B.C. to 2001. - Woodstock Peace Lighthouse Huntingford, Ontario, Tavisstock, Ontario, Shakespeare, Ontario. South to communities of Holbrock, Ontario, South access to Long Point Ontario Provincial Park Campground. Located on a 40-kilometre-long sandspit on Lake Erie. Camping facilities: The camp has 256 campsites, 78 of which have electrical hook-ups, showers, flush toilets, laundromat, 3 children's play areas, large Day Use area with beach facilities, park store, boat Launch, sand beach. Long Point Park is recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations as a world-renowned refuge stopover for migrating birds in the spring and fall.
Exit # 235 - Junction of Ontario Highway #403
Lincoln, Ontario, St. Catharines, Ontario, Attractions in St. Catharines, ON: St. Catharines Museum, located by Lock 3 on the Welland Canal, shows history of the St. Lawrence Seaway System.. - Welland Canals Center, view ships that use the Canal to sail between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame 
Exit #236
Oxford Road 15
Exit #238 - Junction of Ontario Highway #2
Access to communities of Eastwood, Ontario, Creditville, Ontario, Gobles, Ontario, Princeton, Ontario, attractions; The Princeton Museum, shows local history of the area and artifact exhibits.
Exit #250 - Junction of Ontario Highway #29 - Oxford Road #29
West to communities of Innerkip, Ontario. East to Drumbo, Ontario, attractions The Drumbo Fair, held in September.
Exit #268 - Junction of Ontario Highway #97 & Highway #8- (Cedar Creek Road)
East to Cambridge, Ontario via highway #97. West to Plattlsville, Ontario, Bright, Ontario, via highway #8.
Exit #275 - Junction of Ontario Highway #28 - (Homer Watson Blvd N side - Fountain St. S side
South access to City of Cambridge, Ontario, Blair, Ontario, North Dumfries, Ontario. - North access to communities of New Dundee, Ontario, Willmot, Ontario. North to City of Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario. Attractions in and around Kitchener, ON: - Doon Heritage Crossroads Museum, ON; features a reconstruction of a 1914 Waterloo County rural village. - Joseph Schneider Haus Museum and Gallery a National Historic Site, shows a 1816 restored homestead with German-Canadian Folk Art - Waterloo Region Children’s Museum. - Walter Bean Grand River Trail, ON; a trail network along the Grand River, ON. - Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, The oldest and largest public art gallery in the region. - The Kitchener Market, 130 years old. - South access to Whistlebear Golf Club, ON. - Grand Valley Golf Club, On. - North to River Edge Golf Course, ON. - Deer Edge Golf Club, ON. Rockway Golf Club, ON.
Exit 278a - Junction of Ontario Highway #8 - (Shantz, Hill Road)
South access to Cambridge, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Grimsby, Ontario, Lincoln, Ontario, St. Catharines, Ontario, Niagara-On-The Lake, Ontario, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Falls, New York. -- North access to City of Kitchener, Ontario, Waterloo, Ontario, Elmira, Ontario.
Exit #278B - Junction of Ontario Highway #8(Shantz Hill Road S side - King Street E N side
North access to City of Kitchener, Ontario, Waterloo, Ontario, Elmira, Ontario. - South access to Cambridge, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Grimsby, Ontario, Lincoln, Ontario, St. Catharines, Ontario, Niagara-On-The Lake, Ontario, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Falls, New York. - Attractions in Cambridge, Ontario, - Cambridge, Fall Apple Festival - Cambridge Farmers' Market, in operation since 1830, held Saturdays. - The Cambridge Fire Museum, shows history, artifacts related to the Fire Services. - South access to Galt Country Club, ON. - Dumfries Conservation Area, ON. - Saginaw Golf Club, ON. - Shade's Mill Conservation Area, ON.
Exit 282 - Junction of Ontario Highway #24 - (Hespeler Road)
South to city of Cambridge, Ontario, Osbourne Cors, Ontario, Branford, Ontario, attractions in Branford, - Bell Homestead National Historic Site. Alexander Graham Bell homestead, ON. The site features tours with staff dressed in 19th century costume. - Myrtleville House Museum, ON. Branford, ON, Canadian Military Heritage Museum, features artifacts from the War of 1812, South African War, World War I and II the Korean Conflict. The museum has a vintage motorcycle exhibit -- North to Guelph, Ontario, Marden, Ontario
Exit #284 - Franklin Blvd
South access to Cambridge, Ontario - North access to Guelph, Ontario. South access to Saginaw Golf Club, ON, - Lion's Can-Amera Park, Shade's Mill Conservation Area.
EXit #286 - Junction of Ontario Highway # 33 - (Townline Road)
South access to Cambridge, Ontario - South access to The African Lion Safari, ON. - North access to Guelph, Ontario. North access to Puslinch Lake Golf Course, ON. - South access to Puslinch Lake, ON. 'The largest kettle lake in North America' (a kettle lake is depression created by huge buried glacial ice blocks).
Exit #289 - Road side Highway Turnout Rest area Service Area
East bound traffic. Services fuel at highway Petro-Canada - McDonald's Restaurant, Nicholby's Express, picnic area. West bound traffic. Services fuel at highway Petro-Canada - McDonald's Restaurant, Nicholby's Express, picnic area.
Exit #295 - Junction of Ontario Highway #6 - (Hanlon Expy)
North to City of Guelph, Ontario, Attractions in and around Guelph, Ontario - Guelph Civic Museum & Children's Museum, a 1850 three-storey building featuring permanent and changing exhibits of Guelph and the surrounding areas. Hammond Museum of Radio - Guelph Music Hillside Festival. Guelph Jazz Music Festival - Marden, Ontario, Fergus, Ontario, attractions, - The annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games, ON; this event is the largest gathering of the clans in the world, held in August.
Exit #299 - Junction of Ontario Highway #6 - (Queen Street)
South to communities of Morriston, Ontario, Puslinch, Ontario, Freelton, Ontario, Dundas, Ontario, attractions - 'Dundas, ON, Buskerfest' held in early June - 'Dundas Cactus Festival' held in August - South to City of Hamilton, Ontario, Port Dover, Ontario. -- North to Guelph, Ontario. North access to Springfield Golf and Country Club, ON.
Exit #312 - Junction of Ontario Highway #1- (Main St,N south side Guelph Line N side of highway)
South to communities of Campbellville, Ontario; attractions: - 'Crawford Lake Indian Village'. a restored Iroquois village. - Lowville, Ontario, - North to communities of Moffat, Ontario, Brookville, Ontario, Eden Mills, Ontario. North access to the 'Mohawk Racetrack', ON; a harness racing venue. - South access to Turtle Creek Golf Club, ON. - Mountsberg, ON, Conservation Area - 'Crosswinds Golf and Country Club'. ON. - 'Lowville Golf Club', ON. - 'Indian Wells Golf Club', ON. - South access to Burlington, Ontario, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Attractions: - 'The Joseph Brant Museum', features a replica of the house built by Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea, a Mohawk leader. The museum shows Burlington, Ontario's history, also the 'Eileen Collard Gallery of Historic Costumes and Textiles collection', Ontario's 2nd largest collection of historic clothing. - Royal Botanical Gardens - Fine Art and Craft Festival - 'The Annual Sound of Music Festival', features music all Fathers Day weekend. - 'Burlington Kite Festival', held in July. - 'Burlington Annual Canada’s Largest Ribfest' 150,000 lbs of ribs consumed over the weekend, held on the Labour Day Weekend.
Exit #320 - Junction of Ontario Highway #25 (Martin Street)
South to Milton, Ontario, Attractions: - 'The Halton Region Museum, ON.'located in the Kelso Conservation Park the museum features the very early history of the Milton area - Halton County Radial Railway museum - 'Rattlesnake Point Golf Club, ON', 'Saw-Whet Golf Club, ON', 'Deerfield Golf Club, ON', Bronte, Ontario. North to Halton Hills, communities of Speyside, Ontario, Acton, Ontario. North to 'Glencairn Golf Club, ON'. South Access to 'Bronte Ontario Provincial Park Campground': Facilities: 144 electric hookup campsites. Group Camping sites, flush Toilets, showers, nature center, park store, Children’s farm and play barn. The Park has a large Day Use Area with picnic tables, toilets, water. There are 6 hiking trails one of which is a dog off leash trail. Picnics and Day Use
Exit # 324 - Junction of Ontario Highway #4 - (James Snow Pkway)
South access to Milton, Ontario. South access to Trafalgar Golf and Country Club, ON. - Rattlesnake Point Golf and Country Club, ON. - Oakville Executive Golf Club, ON.
Roadside highway turnouts paved Car Pool Parking area
For east bound traffic south side of highway. For west bound traffic, north side of highway.
Exit #328 - Junction of Ontario Highway #3 - (Trafalgar Road)
North to Hornby, Ontario, Ashgrove, Ontario, Stewarttown, Ontario, Georgetown, Ontario, attractions - 'Georgetown Crazy Outhouse Race' held in June. - 'Georgetown Highland Games',Scottish traditional celebrations and games. - Georgetown Fall Fair - South access to Royal Ontario, Golf Club, Wyldewood Golf & Country Club, ON; Piper's Health Golf Club, ON. South to Oakville, Ontario. Oakville, ON; is located on Lake Ontario. Attractions in Oakville, ON. - 'Downtown Annual Oakville Jazz Festival'. - 'The Oakville Annual Waterfront Festival' - 'The for the Love of the Arts Annual Festival' - 'Canadian Golf Hall of Fame', - 'Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate', The Museum shows the town’s history and heritage.
Exit #330A South access to Toll Highway #407 ETR
The 407 ETR Highway is 108 kilometers in length. South to Oakville, Ontario.
Exit #330B access to Toll Highway #407
Access to Toll Highway.
Exit #333 - Junction of Ontario Highway #19 (Winston Churchill Blvd)
North to communities of Norval, Ontario, located on the Ontario Credit River - Georgetown, Ontario. - South to community of Clarkson, Ontario. Attractions in Clarkson, Ontario. The Bradley Museum, ON.; features the original farmhouse built in 1830. - The Benares House, features an interpretive gallery. Both the above are National Historic Sites.
Exit # 336 - Junction of (Ontario Highway #1 - Mississauga Road)
South to communities of Streetsville, Ontario, Meadowvale, Ontario, Port Credit Ontario, attractions, The Port Credit Lighthouse - 'The Port Credit Farmers Market', held Saturdays.- North to Huttonville, Ontario. North to Ontario Provincial Park Forks of the Credit Day Picnic Park. - North access to Streetsville Glen Golf Club, ON. - Lionhead Golf and Country Club, ON. South to Mississauga, Ontario. Attractions in Mississauga, ON - Attractions - 'Square One Shopping Center, ON', one of the largest shopping malls in Canada - 'Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame, ON'.
Exit #340 -(Mavis Road)
North to Brampton, Ontario. Attractions in Brampton, ON. - 'Brampton, Ontario Sports Hall of Fame', - 'The Great War Flying Museum, ON.', shows artifacts from the First World War with a collection of full sized flying replicas of First World War fighter planes. - 'The Historic Bovaird House', a 1840 Georgian-type brick farmhouse with historic exhibits and carriage house. - Peel Heritage Complex – Art Gallery and Museum - 'Korea Veterans’ National Wall of Remembrance & Ontario Field of Honour' - North access to Derrydale Golf Course ON, access to toll highway #407. South access to Braeben Golf Course, ON, Credit Valley Golf Course, ON, Mississauga Golf and Country Club, ON.
Exit #342 Junction of Ontario Highway #10 - (Hurontario Street)
North to Brampton, Ontario. Noth access to Brampton Golf Club, Peel Village Golf Course. South to Port Credit, Ontario, Mississauga, Ontario.
Exit #344 - Access to Ontario Highways #410 #403
Access to Brampton, Ontario, north of highway. Access to Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario
Access to Dixie Road - Junction of Highway #4
North to Brampton, Ontario, South to Port Credit, Ontario, Mississauga, Ontario
Exit #348 East bound Access to highway #427
Access to Renforth Drive.
Exit #350
Access to Ontario Highway #427
Exit #351 Junction of Ontario Kings Highway #27 Collector
Access to the 'Ontario Woodbine Racetrack - 'The Royal Woodbine Golf Club, ON.' North Mimico Valley Park, - Etobicoke, Ontario. Cloverdale Mall. North access to 'Toronto Pearson International Airport'
Exit #354 - (Dixon Road)
Access from highway.
Exit #356 - (Islington Ave)
South to Etobicoke, Ontario. South to Weston Golf and Country Club, ON. - St Georges Golf and Country Club, ON.
Exit #357 - (Weston Road)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario. South to Toronto's High Park.
Exit #359 Access to Ontario Highway #400 - (Black Creek Drive)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario - North to Barrie, Ontario, Lake Simcoe, ON. Orillia, Ontario - Oakdale Golf and Country Club. ON
Exit #362 - (Keele Street)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario. North access to Downsview Dells Park, ON.
Exit #365 - (William R Allen Road)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario. The Yorkdale Shopping Center. North access to The Downsview Airport, ON.
Exit #367 - (Ave Road)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario
Point of information
Crossing the Ontario, Don River.
Exit #369 (Yonge Street)
South access to the City Of Toronto, Ontario. Younge Street, ON. is a national historic siteand is designated as the longest street in the world at 1896 km. Toronto's Yonge Street close to many attractions in Toronto. -- Attractions and Festivals in Toronto, Ontario - 'Toronto Royal Ontario Museum', one of the top 10 museums in the world and Canada's largest museum. - 'Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario', (Oldest in Canada) - 'Toronto Ontario Science Center' - 'The Toronto Zoo', shows 5,000 animals in their natural suroundings. - 'The Toronto's Waterfront' - one of North America's largest recreational waterfronts. - 'The CN Tower', the world's tallest building and free standing structure. - 'Toronto's Scotiabank Caribana Festival, the largest cultural festival of its kind in North America. - 'Toronto International Film Festival' - 'Canada's Wonderland ', 200 attractions and more than 65 rides, Canada's largest theme park, 'Canadian National Exhibition' - Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - 'Ontario Place, Toronto', - 'Ontario Science Center' - 'The St. Lawrence Market', located in historic Old Town Toronto, features the 200 year old Saturday Farmers' Market and Antique Market on Sunday.
Exit #371 - (Bayview Ave)
North access to North York, Ontario, Thornhill, Ontario - Thornhill Golf and Country Club, ON. - Uplands Golf Club, ON. - South to Toronto, Ontario.
Exit #373 - (Leslle Street)
North to Richmond Hill, Ontario, attractions ' David Dunlap Observatory', 'The Richmond Hill Heritage Center', a restored 1840's cottage,features the history of the area. - North access to North York General Hospital, The East Don Parkland. South access to Moatfield Farm Park, city of Toronto, ON.
Exit #375- Junction of Ontario Highway #404 - The Don Valley Parkway
North to Communities of Markham, Ontario, attractions 'Markham Museum & Historic Village' featuring 30 buildings depicting Markham, Ontario, as a early rural village - 'Markham Village Annual Music Festival', held in June. - 'Markham Jazz Festival' - 'Markham Ribfest & Music Festival' - North to Gormley, Ontario, attractions 'The 'Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON. Museum' The museum features 5 restored early historical buildings. - Stouffville, Ontario, Whitchurch, Ontario, attractions - Newmarket, Ontario, attractions - 'Elman W Campbell Museum'. The museum features displays of artifacts and history of the early settlers. ---NOTE: For highway travel east via Ontario Highway #401 - See Section 2 - Free RV Road Map highway Itinerary - Toronto, Ontario to the Quebec/Ontario border, for driving directions. -e9

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