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Pennsylvania Interstate #99 Highway Guide

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Exit 1
Business Route US highway #220, Interstate Highway #76, Bedford Airport, Bedford Memorial Gardens, Community of Bedford, Pennsylvania, Community of Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, Bedford Springs Golf Course, Community of Wolfsburg, Pennsylvania, Community of Napier, Pennsylvania, Communities of Chalybeat, Pennsylvania - Penn Wood, Pennsylvania - Hartley, Pennsylvania - Lutzville, Pennsylvania - Ashcom, Pennsylvania,
Exit 3
State Highway #56, Business Route US Highway#220, Community of Yount, Pennsylvania, Bedford County Airport, Community of Cessna, Pennsylvania, Communities of Imlertown, Pennsylvania - Dutch Corner, Pennsylvania, Communities of Springhope, Pennsylvania - Springmeadow, Pennsylvania - Reynoldsdale, Pennsylvania,
Exit 7
Lumber Street, Main Street, State Highway #869, Community of Oppenheimer, Pennsylvania, Communities of St. Clairsville, Pennsylvania - Churchville, Pennsylvania - Osterburg, Pennsylvania - Weyant, Pennsylvania - Pavia, Pennsylvania, Blue Knob State Park, Communities of Lafayetteville, Pennsylvania - New Enterprise, Pennsylvania,
Exit 10
Sarah Furnace Road, William Penn Road, Mountain Road, Community of Imler, Pennsylvania,
Exit 15
State Highway #3013, State Highway #2024, Community of Cotton Town, Pennsylvania, Community of Claysburg, Pennsylvania, Communities of Friesville, Pennsylvania - Queen, Pennsylvania - Stiefler Corner, Pennsylvania - Klahr, Pennsylvania - Musselman Grove, Pennsylvania - Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, Blue Knob State Park, Communities of Bakers Summit, Pennsylvania - Maria, Pennsylvania - Ore Hill, Pennsylvania, Iron Masters Country Club,
Exit 23
Dunnings Highway, State Highway #36, State Highway #164, Community of East Freedom, Pennsylvania, Communities of McKee, Pennsylvania - Vicksburg, Pennsylvania - Leamersville, Pennsylvania, Community of Newry, Pennsylvania, Blue Knob Valley Airport, Communities of Smithtown, Pennsylvania - Puzzletown, Pennsylvania, Community of Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, Taylor Park, Bare Memorial Fountain, Roaring Spring Community Library, Nason Hospital, Communities of East Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania - Martinsburg Junction, Pennsylvania - Martinsburg, Pennsylvania - Clover Creek, Pennsylvania, Altoona Blair County Airport,
Exit 28
United States Highway #22, State Highway #764, Spring Meadow Road, Community of Duncansville, Pennsylvania, Communities of Sunbrook, Pennsylvania - Foot Ten, Pennsylvania, Communities of Tunnelhill, Pennsylvania - Gallitzin, Pennsylvania - Sankertown, Pennsylvania - Cresson, Pennsylvania - Dysertown, Pennsylvania, Mount Aloysious College, Blair Gap, Allegheny Portage Historic Site, Community of Cross Keys, Pennsylvania, Community of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Sacred Music, Hollidaysburg Area Public Library, Communities of Gaysport, Pennsylvania - Reservoir, Pennsylvania - Loop, Pennsylvania - Fort Fetter, Pennsylvania - Sylvan Hills, Pennsylvania - Frankstown, Pennsylvania - Upper Reese, Pennsylvania,
Exit 31
W Plank Road, Charlotte Lane, Park Hills Golf Club, Community of Canan, Pennsylvania, Community of Eldorado, Pennsylvania,
Exit 32
Frankstown Road, Union Avenue, State Highway #36, Blair County BallPark, Community of Frankstown, Pennsylvania, Communities of Upper Reese, Pennsylvania - Linds Crossing, Pennsylvania, Communities Llyswen, Pennsylvania - South Lakemont, Pennsylvania - South Altoona, Pennsylvania - Mill Run, Pennsylvania - Westmont, Pennsylvania - Coburn, Pennsylvania, Mansion Park, Mansion Park Stadium, Baker Mansion, Community of Allegheny Furnace, Pennsylvania,
Exit 33
17th Street, Buckhom Road, State Highway #36, Community of Altoona, Pennsylvania, Altoona Hospital, Communities of Hileman Heights, Pennsylvania - Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania - Calvert Hills, Pennsylvania - Beverly Hills, Pennsylvania - Newburg, Pennsylvania - Alta Manor, Pennsylvania - Wehnwood, Pennsylvania - Juniata, Pennsylvania - East End, Pennsylvania - Homer Gap, Pennsylvania - Orners Corners, Pennsylvania, Penn State Altoona,
Exit 39
State Highway #764, Sabbath Rest Road, Communities of Sickles Corner, Pennsylvania, Community of Pinecroft, Pennsylvania, Community of East Altoona, Pennsylvania,
Exit 41
State Highway #865, E Logan Street, Community of Bellwood, Pennsylvania, Bellwood-Antis Public Library, Communities of Reightown, Pennsylvania - Roots, Pennsylvania - Fostoria, Pennsylvania - Skelp, Pennsylvania - Culp, Pennsylvania, Sinking Valley Country Club,
Exit 45
Community of Charlottesville, Pennsylvania, Community of Tipton, Pennsylvania, Communities of Grazierville, Pennsylvania - Gray, Pennsylvania,
Exit 48
State Highway #453, State Highway #4027, State Highway #45, Community of Tyrone, Pennsylvania, Gardner's Candy Museu, Tyrone-Snyder Public Library, Community of Northwood, Pennsylvania, Community of Birmingham, Pennsylvania, Communities of Nealimont, Pennsylvania - Ironville, Pennsylvania - Shoenberger, Pennsylvania - Pemberton, Pennsylvania - Union Furnace, Pennsylvania - Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania, Communities of Stover, Pennsylvania - Eyer, Pennsylvania - Pennington, Pennsylvania,