Historic Route 66: "The Mother Road"

Route 66 is considered the holy grail of all road trips. The 66 route start is Chicago, Illinois at the Great Lakes and it winds Southwest through several states with the route 66 end at Santa Monica, California.

This site provides several free route 66 highway guides including an google map of the best route 66 path. Some of Route 66 USA is gone but the iconic route 66 is still burned into the consciousness of road trippers since it represents the freedom of the open road.

Official Route 66 Maps

You will not find an official Route 66 map because the historic route 66 was discontinued decades ago.

While Route 66 is now made up of several highways, sections of the historical route 66 still exist and much of our 66 route is on the historic route 66. Route 66 associations have added route 66 signs which help to preserve the memory of Route 66 travel. Old route 66 is still very much alive and as you plan your route 66 road trip, we hope that our Route 66 guides will help enjoy your discovery of America along much of the original route 66.